Bars gone and tt152 is still there. Told under review. Help.

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    OK so supposedly I’m under review according to the highly skilled IRS agent… (Morons) but the thing is that’s confusing is that she said I have been under review since 1/27 which is the day after I filed. No letters. No codes. No help. No hope. This is ridiculous. Please help with any knowledge possible.

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    Filed and accepted the 21st but was told by IRS I was really accepted the 25th (during my 2/17 call). Bars left the 9th with TT still there. I called the 11th to be told no issues, no codes, no flags, just wait 1-2 more weeks for processing. I can order account transcript, which were sent to me with a balance of $0 on the form, but still no return transcript available. I called the 17th and was told I am under review and to call on Monday the 22nd for more answers.



    I’m in the same boat as most of you it seems. Accepted 1/25 and still nothing bars are gone I order an account transcript on 2/5 and was never able to get a refund transcript. I called 2/17 and was told I was randomly selected for further review What I’d like to know is how many of you have either changed your address this year, got a health credit, or changed your filing status? All 3 of those apply to me this year so I won’t be surprised if I get audited but it does surprise me to see so many other 1/25 people in the same boat.



    Something fishy is going on with these refunds this year I’m under review for id verify. I called irs and the lady kept giving me the runaround and not giving straight answers she wasn’t making sense. I verified online before I even received the id verify letter. She claimed she can’t see anything on my account… BS . Then she tells me to go in person and verify because she can’t see that I verified online . Wtf the games they play



    Filed 1/22 but according to IRS I wasn’t accepted until 1/25.. Account transcripts ordered 2/5,return ordered 2/6,and then Monday around 6pm I get “the your return is still being processed a refund date will be provided when available” with tt152 turns out I’m under review & will be getting a letter sent out.. They said it was sent last week.. How long does it take for them to get to me?? I’m mental exhausted just worrying about this



    Yeah I feel all of your pains people. Guess we just have to wait and see. O wonder how they would feel of we told them they are under review and they have to wait.



    Same story here. Filed 1/20 and accepted an hour later. Called 2/5 told no problems, just processing. 2/7 bars disappeared and generic message return still processing w/ tt152. Called 2/10 told I’m “under review” but couldn’t give reason and said a letter might be mailed out. Finally able to order return transcript on 2/12. Called 2/12 and the lady told me there was no change since I called 2/10 and stated “still processing” and to check back in a week. So, I might be “under review”, I might get a letter, I might be still processing…can’t get a straight answer!! So frustrating.



    I filed 1/12/16, accepted same day. Lost WMR bars on 1/30, have tt 152. Called IRS today. No letters, no flags, no id verify, nothing. Just stated I wasn’t accepted until 1/25 and was pushed back for 2-3 weeks for refund. Said early filers got squashed out because they were overloaded! We SHOULD have something (DDD) by 2/22. Hang tight!



    Hey everyone. I’m really sorry to hear this is happening to all of you also. We called again today and a man was more helpful. He said yes I am under review but that the processing is almost done and that a few more things are being patched up and that I don’t have error codes so it can be fixed on their end. He said to just keep checking and that it shouldn’t be much longer. Good news bit still sucks. He couldn’t tell me what exactly it is they are still working on but he did say that its almost done processing.



    I’m under review too….filed 1/7 accepted 1/12 with h&r block… bars no codes ….only tt152…and generic msg… own long will this take????



    @Sickandtired I know that feeling. Try this one on for size

    Filed: 1/27
    Accepted: 1/27
    RETURN SEIZED FOR OBAMACARE: 1/30 (TurboTax has had more seizures this year for Obamacare than any other tax company) and paid them for their services as well…stupid me
    Found out return was seized on 2/15 only after tax topic 152 and bars disappeared
    Idiots sent IRS letter to address I havent lived at in over a year. Now gotta wait 5-10 business days to get that and verify I am exempt for the umpteenth time.

    So I got screwed both ways from Sunday



    Same deal but i have not called… Filed and accepted 1/28 ordered return transcripts with new address 02/12 and then message 02/14 return is still being processed and a dare will be provided when available and now today same message but now all bars gone… Sigh… Another long wait… I am not even going to bother checking… Took me until August to verify and then got refund after all…



    yes… I was told the same thing.. I filed with TT 1/25/16 able to order refund transcript 2/12/16 as well bars left 2/13/16… I called the IRS 2/17/16 and spoke to a lady… she asked me if I see any codes on WMR or if I had received any letter.. which I have not… then she places me on hold for about 7 mins comes back and says .. she see the credit sitting there but no date and that im under additional review and that I will receive a letter in the next 30 days … I asked her for a date that the letter would be sent nothing… I asked her if she sees any codes nothing… at this point I just want to know whats going on … the money will come eventually… I hope


    me too

    I was told the same thing and was also told I would receive a letter blah blah blah. I filed 1/19 and have been “under review” since 1/25 no help no codes and tt152 still there. I still have not received any letters and was able to order return transcript on 2/12. So I understand and have no idea what to do at this point either!



    How can they do this.

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