Bars gone and tax topic gone

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    Chris J

    Today my bars disappeared and it said: “ your tax return is still being processed. The refund date will be provided when available. “ Does anyone know what’s going on?

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    I had tax topic 152 disappear. Does that mean my refund will be coming soon?



    Filed 2/22 CTC EITC Self employment. Checked this morning and
    My bars and tax topic are gone, refund amount is still there. Message “Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available”
    This is exhausting!



    My coworker filed 2/9 with both credits, got the “being processed and refund date will be provided msg a week ago, just now at 4:06 pm CT got her deposit. WMR not updated. she normally gets deposits the day before they are set to arrive. Just thought id let yall know. I however am still waiting.


    Denise schultz

    My bars are gone and my tax refund amount is gone its saids my taxes are being processed and a refund date isn’t available ye what does this mean



    @TurboTax you guys emailed me and told me my federal was excepted on 2/2/18…. When I spoke to the IRS yesterday, I was informed that it hadn’t been accepted until 2/8/18… How does this happen?? I’m getting the tt 152, but was told my taxes are being processed! Turbo Tax is this a problem steming from your software?



    Path message is gone and there are no bars just the message it is processing. Looked at account transcript and it has code 846 with 2/22 as date!! Woohoo!!



    Don’t know if anyone is looking but just checked and got approved last night with date of 2/21 for DD. This is the longest i ever waited. When i sent in mail i had refund in 21 days. Wonder what the holdup is? I am done on here for now just wanted to update my progress.

    Later Pudgi



    Filed and accepted 2/10. Today bars disappeared and message now says “we are still processing your return and a refund date will be provided”. Still has the Topic 152 message. I have a tax payment due from last year but was getting a refund this year. Could that be the reason? Also, I have never updated in the middle the week before.



    Checked today and still processing but lost my amount and went to tax topic 152. Does this change mean anything. Very simple return with w2 and 1099. I guess no news is bad news.


    William Michael Dolan

    filled on the 22 excepted on the 26 had one bar and then after a week the bar went away with refund amount just the tax topic and eic message??? its now feb 14th and no change?



    Checked WMR this morning and no change (just processing message with amout ,ss status. MY sons girlfriend filed on 1/29 and never checked WMR and got her refund 2/13/2018 in afternoon. Turbo tax is useless. There website has answers from years ago. They don’t want to talk to you. Smell that 12C letter soon like happen with my 2015 return. Had to send all my W2’s along with letter. Took a while but got my refund. No more Turbo Tax for me. Does anyone know if Turbo Tax has you verified with the irs. I gave Turbo my drivers lic number while doing return.



    My return was accepted 1/24 and as of Monday , I lost bars and only have info on left, “still processing message” and tax topic 152. I just called thinking that I would be able to get some info and my agent “Mr Sweeney” informed me that it hasn’t been 21 days yet and that everyone’s 21st day will be Tuesday..regardless of when you filed because it counts from the 29th (even though the website clearly says 21 days from when you receiver the email notification saying your return was accepted).

    He said a lot of people’s bars are missing and to just keep checking.

    That’s all fine a dandy except the part where people on here have clearly been able to call and get information about their return.

    I’m annoyed and honestly don’t even want to call back and get another lazy agent.



    Hi Everyone I’m a newbie here I filed 1/25 accepted same day. Lost bars and amount for a week or so but this morning I checked my amount came back and I still had tt152 my 21 days will be 2/15 Does anyone know when I will see a update ? Filed actc and eic any advice would be greatly appreciated should I give irs a call ??



    Well..looks like today was some peoples ddd but it’s my 21st day since filing. Still no bars. Just tax topic 152. Will definitely be calling later in the morning.



    Hi Chris J, what happened? Did you get your refund?



    My Tax Preparer told Me after My taxes were Prepared that Money would not be issued early if EIC was claimed, which I claimed My Daughter, last Year (2017) My refund was issued 7 days later, this Year is taking longer. If the status Bar disappear don’t panic,, check after or on the 16th of Feb.



    Ok so I’m in the same situation. I filed 1/18 and accepted 1/19. No bars, no tax topic, only my info on the left hand side. Generic: your refund is being processed, a date will be provided when available.
    I tried calling the IRS twice and nobody would even open my file. I gave it another week (still no update, I’m a weekly) so I called again and told the rep that on WMR it told me I needed to call in and gave me a code but I couldnt remember what code it said, just that I needed to call in. She put me on hold for about 7 minutes and said I had been flagged for ID verify. She couldnt tell me if a letter had been mailed or any other info. I looked up the ID verify number and told them I received a letter a few days ago but seem to have misplaced it. The guy was really nice, looked up my information, asked me some personal questions (mothers maiden name, what my AGI was for 2016, and my fathers full name) and then said he was mailing out my ID verify letter that same day. He said just to call back again when I get the letter. He said it should be about 7-10 days.



    Not many posts on here in last few days. Still bars gone from last Friday. No letters in mail yet. Hope some good news soon. Please post if you get your refund and if you had bars or just the processing message with SS Amount File Status



    Well, I talked w two different agents today and both said it’s standard for the message of “Still Processing” “A refund date will be pro died when available” to include all my info being on the left hand side of the screen.

    They both stated a code will be provided if there was an issue.

    We will see how accurate they are and I do feel a little better. I did explain I was a non PATH (No eic or ctc) and they stated it was still standard.

    Ill keep checking…



    I had th8s message but recieved notice today from the irs that I will need to submit forms 1095a and 8962.

    Thus is because I had one month of marketplace insurance. Even though I was ensured the entire year, because I recieved some sort of credit the year before, I have to include it.

    Hope that helps



    What do you need help with? Thats normal @Red



    Bars gone just the path message I have both credits Plz Help



    Yall just hold tight until at least the 16th. Last year my WMR updated on the 16th to an approved message this year will likely be the same on the 16th through the 18th. IRS is saying mid to late February so it could really by anytime after the 16th.
    This IRS does not give out a specific date to everyone because they know there could be something that delays it and they don’t want to piss people off by giving a specific date but not delivering on their promise of that date.
    IRS always gives a range of dates just to cover their butts.



    Ok, I called and was able to speak with someone. I filled 1/22 and my bars went missing 1/27 and have been since. Called (800) 829-0582 ext. 652 and was put right through to a person. Said I received code 1542 (that was a lie). She reviewed my account.

    Said I was selected for further review and that I should receive a letter or update on WMR by 2/19. I am currently in Chapter 13 bankruptcy and she did mention that it usually goes to that department before the refund is released, so I’m hoping THAT’S the only further review she is referring to. I’m stressing ya’ll!



    I filed 2/20..rejected 2/21 because I honestly didn’t feel like looking for my correct AGI and had to resubmit 2/22

    Accepted 2/24
    Had one bar along with Tax topic 152 up until ten minutes ago.

    Now I just see the “your refund is still being processed. A date will be posted when available blah blah blah” No tax topic or anything. I didn’t claim EIC or ACTC

    And now I have no bars.

    What the hell is going on?



    @AN, same here filed and accepted 2/1 had one bar until Thursday when I lost bars and it says still being processed. Filed married joint. I have no idea, last year this happened to me because I had a name change and I had to verify identity. I wouldn’t think I’d have to do that again. Nothing else has changed. Last year it wouldn’t let me even order transcripts. This year it did. I have no clue, but it’s so frustrating.



    Filed Jan 31, accepted Jan 31. Had bar until Friday where I have the “Tax return still being processed, a refund date will be provided when available and no topic (code)” but all info still on the left. No eic or ctc & filed head of household.

    Anyone in this category and if so, any further details?



    I’m happy for you brandy!

    Congratulations! ❤️❤️



    No I did not have any credits.



    I agree Aaron



    Accpeted on 1/30 bars went away on 2/10 to just a generic path act message with tax topic 152 and no refund amount but does have all my othe info. First year this has happened to me. I was on turbotax forum and it has happened to numerous people on there as well. Same message and pretty much the same day. My tax software has ID by using my AGIand pin froml last year so I shouldnt need to ID anyuthing. I never have had to and I have used the same tax software for 5 years with no problems so I think this is just an updating glitch to allus path act people.



    @brandy do you have any credits?



    Check out the Missing Bars Forum:



    I also filed with turbo tax.



    I filed on 1/27 got accepted on 1/29 I had 1 bar up until this past Monday then I just had the processing message with tt152 and no refund amount. Yesterday I woke up to a ddd of 1/14. This has happened to me 2 years now.



    File Turbo Tax 1/18/18 and accepted 1/19 Had i bar till 2/9 then the processing message with SS and refund amount. Not hearing from people that have this same problem. Not sure if they are getting their refunds and forgetting about us.


    Samantha G.

    Wmr was showing the first bar. Disappeared sometime after, now it says processing. I’m going through a eviction I need this money Bad!!



    I got the path act message today and my bars are missing. I have tht tt 152 tho. I files early I got accepted on 1/21. Does any1 know what that means



    @samantha – Are you claiming EIC or other credits?



    I checked my refund status yesterday and received the same message/bars missing. I filed my return on 2/1, so I was expecting my refund by 2/13. The bars have not reappeared in WMR, but I accessed my transcripts and my refund will be sent on 2/14.



    I checked for my income earned and it shows 2017…which means my file must have been processed already. Just waiting for path time to go by now. ✔



    Last year I had my bars disappear after I already had 1 bar, when everyone else updated to PATH. After the first group updated to bars returned and started seeing approved and Ddds, I got PATH. A couple days later my bars came back. And shortly after I was approved and I got my refund and all was well. It was no problems. I had both path credits.

    I personally believe there’s a dept. That’s handling the path group of people and are sometimes asked to put their work aside and lend a hand with non-path simple returns, because those path refunds aren’t going any further that day anyways… and come back to them when the overflow is reduced. That’s what I believe.

    Just remain calm, unless you hear from the IRS that there is a problem, getting a message of “were still processing” is not reason enough to sound the alarm just yet, in my opinion.



    I agree with Craig if it has to do with the Path WMR would update with the Path message. The disappearing bars has to do with your refund processing being put on hold for whatever reason, I have read 3 people on here today post that bars had come back. So just be patient and hopefully whatever the reason is they fix it without delaying your return. Keep checking & everyone keep each other updated



    I think on 2/17 we should all check in with each other to see what’s happening. I know I’m having mad anxiety over wondering if something is wrong or not!



    Thankfully the 15th isn’t that far away.



    I like your answer the best. My bars are gone but I still have tt 152. I can’t stop thinking what if something wrong on my return!



    i called my tax lady to ask her since the same thing happen to me, she said if you claimed any eic or ctc its going to stay like that it wont be processing till after feb.15. she said its world wide



    Per the IRS, the WMR tracker graphic may disappear or not be shown if your return falls under IRS review after it is received (Status Bar 1: Return Received) because additional information is needed for your return. An explanation or instructions will be provided depending on the situation. This can happen even if you previously checked WMR and it showed the status as “Return Received.” The IRS still has your return but things are essentially on hold until the IRS gets the additional information from you to continue processing your return . You will either get directions on WMR or IRS2Go or the IRS will contact you by mail.



    My bars are gone as of this morning as well as my amount.

    Just says still processing and tax topic 152



    Me too. Mine still says tt152 though



    Same thing happened to me today. I hope it’s because I have the actc and not that I have to ID verify. But there’s no path message so I’m not sure that’s the case.



    My refund amount is gone too.



    I lost my bars too, but still have tt152.




    Same problem and transcripts are not ready. No credits


    Dirty Uncle Ernie

    Dee that is normal. You most likely won’t receive a direct deposit date until after the 15th.



    Can somebody help. Filed 1/29 accepted 1/31. I do have credits but when I am on the app I don’t have a status bar. I just have the path message and tax topic. When do you get the bar?



    This happened to me last year. It was for ID verification. Had to wait the 21 days to call and find out because they won’t tell you anything before that. The rep sent out the letter when I was on the phone with her it took 10 days to get it. I then had to call the number listed on the paper and make an appointment to go in and verify. I filed 1/23 last year and didn’t get my refund until mid March. Some people can verify over the phone it just depends on whether or not there is enough info on your credit report that they can ask you questions. Hope this helps!



    Filed 1/27/18 Accepted 1/29/19
    On both the WMR website and app it Showed 1 bar on the 30th with TT152 but then it all went away on the 2nd of Feb, still no bar
    Still processing…refund date when available message….

    Only on the WMR website it does show my Refund amout on the left with that message but no TT152 or any other code.

    In the app, nothing but the simple message still processing…refund date when available etc…

    EIC 2dep
    Head of household



    Same here. No codes not tax topic but amounts and information still showing on the left. Filed 1/22 and approved on same day. Never seen this before but according to forums this has been an ongoing occurance this tax year.



    Same here Tiffany, status bar gone, but no codes.



    Has anyone researched the second government shutdown, that is supposedly taking place on the 8th? Whatever is going on with all of that I pray that it does not affect us PATHers or any one else.


    Keri Fields

    Mines the same. Amount still there, everything else is gone



    @Tiffinay yes I filed EIC no CTC



    My bars and refund amount disappeared Tuesday, but I do still have tax topic 152. I’m really hoping it is because I filled early and have both ECTC and CTC and I’ll see movement after the 15th!



    @nona, same here! Did you claim any credits?



    Same here! Mine change to this message last Saturday and it is still their today. I look at my online Transcripts for account and it’s all zeros and states tax return not filed



    @chrisj, did you claim any credits? Also, did you happen to check your transcripts yet to see if there was anything on them?



    Same here. My refund amount is still showing, however. No tax topic, no code, no number to call either.

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