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      I recently worked at a bank and to be honest it all depends on who the teller is in regards to releasing your money. I have seen people come into the bank and get the deposit pushed through while others had to wait 24-72 hours. Last year my girlfriend went to BOA to get her money and the teller told her she had to wait for her money to clear. She then went to another one 10 minutes away and got the money off without a problem. Some tellers take their job TOO serious like the money is coming out their pocket. Try different branches. Most of the times you can get half off at one location and the other half at another. Hope this helps!!!

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          @Personal banker. Your comment is not all the way correct. I have been in the banking business for over 30 years and while tellers are not informed, there is always a loophole. Depending on your level and/or status will ultimately determine whethere or not an individual funds can be cleared. For many years I have dealt with wealthy clients who with a phone call money would be cleared. It simply depends on who you are.

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            It may be best to get some rest. The anticipation is driving me insane.

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            personal banker

              I have seen accounts updated @ 6am – 10am – and even noon . Do not give up . If you do not see anything in the AM . Try to visit a branch and see a banker to see if anything is pending .

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                Sbbt says my funds have been released to my bank and I called BOA this morning and even though there was nothing pending I was told it would post at midnight. We reviewed my routing and account numbers to make sure the information was correct and it was. It is after 1am and still no deposit. This Is So Frustrating!!!

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                personal banker

                  This is false information. Tellers do not have the power to hold your money ( unless you are depositing a personal or non payroll check ) . A tax refund is considered a ACH credit ( google for definition if needed ) . The bank nor the teller have any control over when the fund will be released . It does not matter how many branches you go. The funds will be available at any branch once it posts to your account !

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