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BANK OF America anyone? DDD 2/4

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    I have B of A, anyone else have experience with them in relation to if the money ever post sooner or not?

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    BOA filed with HRB fees taken from return. Deposit posted in account 2/4 (0400-0600) DDD ON wMar was 2/4. Not a problem. Just not early like those crafty netspenders!


    Refund posted somewhere between 11:40 pm and 11:57 pm. Good luck!


    I talked to a representative today, she told me nothing was pending as far as deposits go. I asked her how refunds work, she straight up said once they recieve a deposit, it automatically goes into your account. Here is to receiving it in the morning!! I will post once I get an acknowledgement of deposit. I hope everyone posts when they recieve theirs!


    They say they don’t see it pending either, is that normal too? It’ll just pop up tomorrow morning?


    I have BoA and last year it posted at about 3am the morning of my DDD


    I have Bank of America now and in my experience with direct deposits, they’re always credited to the account before business day, the day of the deposit. I don’t believe they process deposits after the start of the business day, until the following AM. I may be incorrect, but thats what I’ve experienced.


    I also have BOA and in my experience they’ve always posted day of right around 4:00 am EST.


    I think last year, I got mine’s a day before the DDD. However I can’t verify that.


    BoA will not release until DDD


    They say they do not see anything pending… Even though my DDD IS 2/4. Idk if they are being honest or not.


    I have BOA and they have always deposited on the exact DDD after 3am EST. I don’t have a DDD yet for this year, but if anyone gets it sooner this year, let us know.


    I have Bank Of America as well as 2/4 DDD. I just recently joined BOA, I will post when and what time I recieve mine. I hope others can post their experience with DDD’s and BOA.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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