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Bank of America accounts with fees

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    Does anyone with a BOA account recall what happened last year when SBTPG took fees out? Was the funds deposited the same day or did we have to wait?

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    I really hope it goes this way this year. I already have things i need to do with it lol.


    Last year, I used H&R Block online to file my return. I also had H&R Block take my filing fees directly out of my return. The date that the WMR tool said my refund would direct deposit, it was credited to my account at approximately 1:00AM that morning, despite having to hit H&R Block Bank first. I experienced no delays and I bank with BOA.


    BOA has not held our deposits for the last couple years… Here’s to hoping its the same this year!

    Wmr updated for me showing that I’ll have my return Friday!


    Good question! I am also with BOA first year ever and I’m not sure either.

    I did read somewhere here that someone else post that no BOA doesn’t hold deposit. I am hopeful that is the case.

    Good luck everyone! I hate the waiting game, but thank the Lord for giving me hope.


    Yes. I’m hoping someone remembers and can help us.


    That is a good question, considering the fact that I switched from Wells Fargo to Bank Of America.

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