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      What does this mean this is the first progress I have had since I got accepted on 1/21

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        2/4 accepted
        I’m an 05 so weekly update on Thursday’s so I seen a code 570 and 971 I’m assuming it’s because they got my refund less then what I had thought $700 less so I’m thinking that’s what the letter going say. I’m thinking I may still call tomorrow just to see but I believe I’ll should have a date this Thursday.


          I had my daughter 10/29/21 so I didn’t recieve the 300$ for Nov-Dec for her. I have the 570 code but all my number are correct and I know for sure I added her on my taxes but I’m not seeing her on my transcripts. Only me and my boys. But yet it states 5 dependents which is correct if my daughter is added. I believe it’s a mistake on their end and I can’t get in touch with anyone!


            Accepted 1/25 transcript as of date 2/14 2/28 now as of date is 3/14 570 code letter 4464c if the as of date we are under review if the as of date stop pushing we will update and receive a refund or a deduction


              i had the same thing so yesterday i called and sat on hold for 2 hours but they told me what the 570 was for and asked if i agreed to it and i said yes woke up this morning with 571 issue resolved and DDD 3/2 she said if i wouldnt have called to resolve it over the phone i would of had to wait 4-6 weeks to get my refund from the date next to 570 code so call in now if you have 971 or 570 code

              This is how i got through 1-866-682-7451 ext. 569


                Same here! Filed on 2/4 accepted next day. I have code 570 with an as of date of 3/14. Been on hold so far for two hours! I had a baby last year and didn’t receive the 3rd stimulus. I’m hoping they are just verifying the new dependent.


                  I am in same boat.

                  Used TT and I am HOH and a PATHer. I’ve had code 570 since the first day my transcripts were available. My as of date keeps pushing back. It went from 2/28, to 3/7, and now 3/14.

                  This is ridiculous. All I have is one w2 and my kids.

                  I’ve tried everything to get a live person every morning at the IRS and have had no luck at all.


                    I filed and was accepted on 1/24/22. Got 570 code on 2/3/22 as of date was 2/28/22.

                    Transcripts just updated now my as of date is 3/14/22 and the 570 code still there no 571 or 971 either. This is extremely frustrating.


                      I received the same codes today and the same date they adjusted my amount $500 less than what I thought I was getting. Other than that there’s nothing else there so I guess that will be my date.


                        its a hold, most likely an error


                          its a hold, most likely an error

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