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      When looking at your Blank Transcript Check the As of Date, this date will let you know your refund will be issued a week prior to that date. So if it says 02/16/2015 you will be processed and refunded on 02/09/2015. This is a Fact!

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          Does anyone know what it actually means?

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            It figures! I wish people wouldn’t post things stating they are a fact, when they have no clue what they are talking about.

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              My as of is Feb 23 and my ddd is 2/13 fri if this helps

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                I disagree as well…I have an as of date of 2/16/2015…still no refund.

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                  I have to disagree, the as of date means nothing. It has no bearing on your refund.

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                    Not sure how accurate that info is because my as of date changed according to the date I ordered the transcript. My refund had been sent when I pulled it the second time.

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                      I sure hope so! Mine is the 23…..I really need this money. Can anyone else confirm this?

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                        I seen a person posted on here they had a As of date Feb. 23, 2015

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                          Yup mine shows Feb. 16, 2015. It has said that since the 28th or 29th. I hope you are correct

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                            I’ve been doing taxes for 15 years…everyone’s will not have the same As of Date. This date is generated once the IRS begins processing your tax return for the season.

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                              I believe everybody’s says feb 16th haven’t seen one yet that says anything else. Are you sure about this. ? My processing day is Friday and I think my deposit date will be Wednesday the 10th or Thursday the 11th due to being on an 05 cycle.

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