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“AS OF” Date Change: Am I getting closer?

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    I filed 2/27, accepted an hour later. Lost bars and went into “still processing” a couple weeks later. One day I temporarily had an “as of” date change near stimulus time. Overnight last night, my tax return changed my “as of” date to May 10th, 2021. Am I getting closer to getting my refund? Has this been a pattern for those getting refunds? My other transcripts still say N/A. No other changes… I called last week, and I am not in Ers, etc.

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    I dont believe that the as of date has anything to do with anything to be honest. My as of date has been mar 22nd and were in May now. Havent seen my refund. So I wouldnt go off of that for anything. Sorry.

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    filed on 3/1/2021 accepted same day following week everything disappeared no TT152 ,no bars, transcript still says “N/A” just message about processing. One of my transcript updated with As of” date of 5/10. She stated that’s the date when the IRS should have your refund out of the errors department and will be put back into the system for re-sequence and the 21 days start over again. She said I should see something by the end of May.

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    I had to amend due to not receiving my actc or eitc due to unemployment . I just amended 4/30 my account transcript just updated with an as of date of 5/24 ( it sss initially 5/10, snd my amended return is showing received on my transcript

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    Unfortunately, As Of Date means nothing
    Mine changed to April 26 on April 15th and absolutely nothing happened. No change. This is ridiculous.

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    Anyone with updates?
    I filed 3/10 and wmr bars went away around 3/29 but still shows refund amount. Been checking transcripts for a while and finally updated with an as of date of 5-24. It used to say 1-18

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    Accepted 3/1.

    As of date 5/10

    Nothing has changed

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    Anyone updated today with ddd? I updated on 4/23 with new as of date 5/10. However no update today..

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    My As of Date is, changed to April 26th, thats the 2nd time its changed Still havent received anything, so that date mean nothing to me.

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    Sounds like it’s the stimulus letter.

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    I’m in the same boat. I filed and was accepted on 2/25. No update on wmr and N/a on return 2020 top transcripts but my as of date changed to 5/10. Nothing has changed on my transcript other than that date. I’m hoping this means something.

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    I’m hoping that we are correct. I know I had one issue with my marketplace plan, but never received a notice because it was a minor change. I’m hoping it means we have at least updated transcripts with a DDD by then. I’m usually a Friday, but my last stimulus updated mid-week, so I’m wondering if I will change to a mid-week updater.

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    Mine updated to 5/10 also. Wondering if that means we should have our refunds by then?? I’d love to know!

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    My as of date also changed. I had an error that had to be corrected. The update to the as of date means that the error should be corrected and we are being placed in resequencing to have the system process our returns (assuming there are no other errors). The as of date is the date that it should be completed by (although it will likely be next week that we get a DDD).

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    My as of date changed this morning to 5/10 from 1/18 but nothing else changed/

    Accepted 3/1. Claiming RRC but has error.

    Let’s hope we’re getting closer.

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    I’m in the same boat. My as of date changed to may 10. It was March 1 for 6 weeks .. does that mean I will have my refund my may 10?!

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    Filed and accepted 2/22. My ‘as of’ date changed from 2/22 to 5/ 10 this morning, absolutely nothing else changed on transcript. No movement on WMR, ‘still processing’ since 3/12, TT152 and amount remain.

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    I don’t see any other changes to my transcripts, just the as of date change. I’m hoping it means that I should have my return processed by then and then have my refund, but maybe it’s wishful thinking. I don’t know if those who got their refund by then had the same thing happen or not, though.

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    Do you see anything else on the transcripts like refund issued or credit to account or anything like that?

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    I hope that is what it means for you. According to their FAQ on here, it is supposed to be when your refund is due or they may push it a little further. For me, my as of date has been March 22 for a while now and has not changed and I still have no updates. I hope that you get your DDD soon.

Viewing 19 replies - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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