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As of Date 02/13… N/A on Transcripts

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      Filed on the 12th, Accepted on the 19th. I am a weekly 05 (or in the past was) and I am NOT a Pather. So the only update I had this past Friday was the account Transcript appeared with 2022 date. at the top it said As of 02/13…( Prior to Fri, Jan 27th it said N/A) the bottom 2 still say NA.. It had my name and basic info no codes of any kind. A few of us had this. I could be wrong, but I feel like ima see a deposit before transcript movement, just because I am a weekly. Several weeklies from last year said this happened to them. Oh and WMR has 1 bar since the 19th and says your return is being processed. Keep ya posted!

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        Hello filed on 1-19. Got accepted same day. As of date 2-13. Last year received my refund in my chime account on 2-18. WMR date was 2-24. All good codes. Will keep you guys posted.

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          I’m a pather. As of dates 2/13. My transcript codes 0705. Been the same for the past 4 or 5 yrs and I always see my transcripts change the Friday before Presidents’ Day and I get my refund the Tuesday or Wednesday after that Monday(Presidents Day)

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          Neek Neek

            Pather. As of date 2/13 all codes except 846

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              im not a pather and my as of date says 2/20/23 what is the as of date? im curious as well.

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                I am a PATHer and my As Of date is 2/20/23 on my transcripts. But what is an as of date? Like what does it do or explain? Is it the day my refund I supposed to be processed? I have all my other transcript codes besides an 846 refund code.

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                  @Shara no they don’t, I’m a Pather and my as of is 2/20

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                    Every PATHER with an as of date 2/13 please post here for any updates. We’re almost there!!!

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                      @ Biggie your welcome, It’s kind of good to know that it’s not just one of us.. Rest assured though, any movement, or deposit or anything new. I WILL POST . It gives others hope..lolol. We all in it together…

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                      Biggie Bee

                        @mo thanks for keeping me posted!! still no movement on my end as well :(

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                          The As of date is a deadline the system sets to finish or update your return. So you’ll probably get an update Friday if you’re a weekly or next Tuesday if you’re a daily.

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                            This is all the same as me. I am just going to try and stop looking and check on Friday.

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                              Why am I showing only one page on the account Transcript? My as of is 2/13 and all my accounts are 2022.

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                                Yeah I’m in the same boat. I’d imagine it’ll all be cleared up this week and we’ll see the DDD and everything this Friday. Clearly they grabbed it and began processing it or we’d have absolutely nothing showing, so I’ll take that as a win. However, it’s a bummer so many were like this. I’ve seen a lot of posts stating this exact thing.

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                                  @Biggie Bee, Will do! No change or deposit as of 7:05am est. I will update again whenever I see any movement.

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                                  Biggie bee

                                    mo. My status is the exact same. Keep me posted

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                                      I had 1 bar on wmr since 1/20 and it said we have received your tax return and it is being processed. Yesterday it updated to no bars and now says it is still being processed idk what’s happening anymore

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