As of 3/14/22 no codes and tr transcript N/A

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      I filed and accepted.

      WMR has delay message

      I am pretty sure i am weekly and today my 2021 account trancript updated with as of 3/14/22

      BUT NO codes with any dates in 2022 (there are some dates with $0.00 but 2021)

      Does this mean i have been re-cycled? Does it mean to expect a notice? OR better yet that next week i could be getting refund?

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          Ughhhhhh 3/14 will be date to do something by? that will be almost 45 days since my filing

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          Ms tax

            So you know where it said your return has not been processed. It shows 2021 now. But trans don’t have 846 yet

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            Ms tax

              I got an update on the irs website

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                It just means that the IRS has given itself until then to look at your return. Everyone starts out with an as of date, but it can change. I filed in January, accepted in January. My first date was 2/28, then 3/7, then 3/14 and now back to 3/7.

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                  anyone? bueller? bueller?

                  Any insight appreciated

                  I see many who have codes, i have no codes applicable to 2021 tax return

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