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    This is where we can update each other on the progress of our returns since the opening of the IRS.

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    I submitted my taxes on 1/23 a whole month later my taxes are still processing… I don’t see any reason as for why my taxes is taking so long I have never experienced this before… stuff like this really makes me dislike our government honestly… you mean to tell me with every check I get my insurance (which is now required), retirement funds, ssi, Medicare, and federal taxes are being taken from me without a doubt. However, single mothers in school trying to make it, have to wait for their money when the us government gets their money right away? F*** tom. I’m beyond pissed. I am way to young to be stressing.



    I filed 2/2 with taxslayer and was accepted an hour after filing. My transcripts says n/a and wmr in still on processing. It has never taken this long to process our return. What could be happening? I called and the lady said it is still processing no issues that she sees, would I have been told if a letter had been mailed out or would it have shown in wmr?



    Hi, I did my taxes on 2/4/15 and it was accepted as taxslayer said, Ive been checking wheres my refund and yesterday 2/11/15 the bars disappeared and now says my refund is being processed and a date will appear after or however its worded….does this mean im getting audited. Im freaking out.


    Camerin Dwayne Norris

    Idid my taxes with Jackson Hewitt on 1-30 and every time I call the line it says its been accepted and that I should receive my chk in 21 or less but everyone’s been getting theirs in seven days


    Sophia Mendoza


    I filed using TurboTax this year, past years I have always gone to HR. I filed on 1/28 and was approved same day for federal, it is now 2/7 and the bars went away this morning and there is NO CODE at the bottom. It just states “Your refund it being processed we will update you with a ddd when done”
    I am nervous being I really do not want to be audited or under review.




    Last year I was a victim of identity theft and got notice that my return was rejected. THIS year, mY E-filing was accepted. I was given an identity pin to use that way they can be sure that it was ME filing and not anyone else. I filed on the 20th and that same night got notice of the acceptance but have not even received an updates that it had been processed. The Where’s My Refund app is still on the “Refund Received” tab but people i know that had filed after me (using turbotax instead of TaxAct like I did) got their returns already and I’m still waiting for a simple update. Is anyone else having this issue.?



    I filed on January 23 and a couple hours later I received a emailing saying the IRS has received my taxes but every time I check “Where’s My Refund” it keeps saying wait 24 hours after the IRS has received it well it’s been 13 days and it still says the same thing I filed with Jackson Hewitt what is the problem? And when I go on Jackson Hewitt it says they don’t have any info that matches their file.


    linda espada

    Ok I was accepted on the 14th as part of the test batch…accepted on the 20th and received my federal refund in 6 days just like last year. But I’m concerned about the st ate refund. I’m self employed and I got a message saying it has completed processing abd you will receive correspondence from us in ten days… Does that mean something is wrong? My income isn’t much and it’s the same as last year. I haven’t received anything and it’s over ten days.. Has anyone gotten this message and still received their refund? Should I be worried?



    I got my transcript and at the bottom it said “Refund issued 2/23/2015.”. Is that the date I will get it by and if so can I get it sooner? IRS status still shows one bar for me at this moment.



    Check the return transcript at the top for a cycle date and see if it is 20150502. Alot of our transcripts updated tonight and we have that cycle date supposedly should have a DDD of this Friday



    My transcripts just became available! This is the first difference I’ve seen since 1/20.



    from what i read the wmr updateing from 12 midnight to 3 or 6 am est



    Welp, if it’s midnight EST that WMR/transcripts updates then nothing change for me. :(



    That’s what I think I called on Friday and was told that one computer was slower than the other this lady I spoke with today didn’t seem to even know what a cycle date was she had to look it up but when I started asking why my refund was delayed she told me about the receqincing I was prying for answers from the department you talk to for owing money to the irs



    Okay update I went and checked I can finally order my transcripts I can’t read them online but I can order them I think this week is our week guys…..



    @all: I’m in the same boat. 1/20, Accepted 1/21, not bar movement (no disappearance either), topic 152. Some people who are with us say they can order their transcripts while others (myself included) can’t. I’m praying SOMETHING happens tonight.



    @damon- I wouldn’t believe that because there are too many people with this issue. You would of also gotten a letter and the issued noticed code would be on your transcript. From what people are saying on here and fb, it’s just too many for all of these people to be under review. There’s a glitch they don’t want to talk about. ( they being the IRS) a lot or most of the 1/20ers or before have been re -sequenced ……. In my opinion its a scary tactic to get people off the phones if you did file the 20th they technically can’t look up any useful info until feb 10th…….. At least those are the rules… If that’s the case they need to stick to it and tell people that versus anything to get them scared and off the phones. Last year I called the IRS to see what was the problem before the 21 days ….. They couldn’t tell the same story each agent a different deal of what was going on…….



    Did mine on 1/20 accepted that same day was able to order transcripts on 1/27 I have a cycle code 20150402 but still nothing on the wmr site tried to get some answers today but I was told about pulled for review but from what I read on here and other websites there would be some sort of tax topic and mom is still the 152 any other people have the same issue



    Not yet , still nothing



    @ Juicee yes I am a little worried as well. My brother in law got his refund back five days after he filed his return. I don’t understand why we haven’t gotten ours back or at least a ddd. I have rechecked my work like 100 times now. And I went through tax act so I wouldn’t have any problems. And no it seems like I have an issue and can’t seem to get any help what so ever. I hope we hear something in the next few days



    @jenn and @ poopskieskirt i am in the same boat as both of you. My friend just text me and she filed on the 24th got accepted the same day and just got approved today with dd of 2/4…so now im really worried????? i was accepted on the 20th and still nothing



    i did my taxes on 01/27/15 it was accepted on the same day when i checked WMR i had a orange bar then checked on that friday no bar just says my taxes is being process will receive a refund date when available then it has topic 152 . still see my refund amount is that bad .



    @Poopskieskirt. mine says the same thing now. I couldn’t get on it the last two days as the site was down. And now mine is the same as yours. I am not sure what is going on. I have never had this problem before. I am just glad to know I am not the only one having this issue.



    Filed 18th. Accepted 20th.
    Had 1 bar for a few days
    Lost bars 2 or three days after being accepted with 1 bar
    Able to view account transcript for first time yesterday morning with 0s, no cycle code
    No updates since



    Website up but I still have no bars no topic and it says “We have received your tax return and it is being processed”



    I went through tax act my irs refund was accepted in the 13th in a test batch and has been stuck in processing since. I called irs to see if there was a glitch in the system the women yelled at me and told me to call back Feb 10th when it has been 21 days. But didn’t answer the question about the glitch. I normally file early with no problems but this has me kind of concerned. Has anyone else this problem or still having this problem?



    Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available

    Any help????



    Who here has a cycle date of 20150605? i filed on the 20th approved on the 21st and have no Trans and one bar on WMR still.



    I Filed 1/17 was accepted 1/20 could never view my transcripts but was finally able to order them by mail on 1/30.. now I have a DDD date of 2/4, as long as WMR doesn’t change the deposit date on me which it has once before. Since my return was completed before 5pm I’m slightly confident they won’t change the deposit date but keeping my fingers crossed. The last 4 years I’ve had deposits on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.. I always receive the money 3 full business days after it’s finish. Because they take a day to send, one to transmit and one to deposit …I just depends on the day they send it .. I’ll relax when I see it in the bank
    …If you still can’t see your transcripts for whatever the reason …in my case I kept getting the call for identity or kept getting locked out, but can order both transcripts by mail …your tax return is done



    I got accepted 01/20 TT filer. I looked this morning & got a DDD of 02/04
    I come here every year. Be patient Guys. See you next year


    1/20 Filer

    NOTHING! Didn’t update overnight. Filed 1/20 accepted same day, 1 bar, NO TRANSCRIPTS! Meanwhile all these people who filed after already have the money in their accounts…



    Filed on the 20th accepted on the 20th. As of this morning the 31st of January approved to be deposited on February 4 no later then the 9th. I was completely locked out of the online view your transcripts due to my fraud alert on my credit report.



    Ive filled with TT for the last 5 years. This year everything was the same no major changes, however TT, wouldn’t allow me to efile, it said i had to file by mail, never gave me a reason why. After many failed attempts and 2 wasted days, i decided to try another site. I used Freetax usa, much cheaper, just as easy, and it went through, no problem. This was on the 16th of jan. My fed and state were accepted on the 20th. Its now the 31st, and nothing has changed, still says accepted. I live in Ga dont know if that matters? Just starting to wounder if its me, the company i used, the state i live in or nothing at all?



    I filed my taxes with TaxAct on 1/25/2015. Accepted same day. Irs updated website @ 3:00 a.m. ct tonight 1/31/2015 Refund Approved. Ddd for 2/4/2015… Hope it goes smooth…



    I filed my taxes with tt on the 20 of January and it was accepted the same day but is still processing what do this mean



    I filed early (1/8) and was accepted on 1/14. I finally got a DDD for 1/30. I filed with This is a sister site to



    I file my taxes in January 20,2015. With Taxslayer. When verify in IRS page Where is my refund? Continue in process, no approve yet? Why



    I filled with taxact on 1/6 accepted 1/12 on wmr it says processing. .no ddd as of now…hoping and waiting



    I filled with taxact on 1/6 accepted 1/12 on war it says processing. .no ddd as of now…hoping and waiting



    I filed my taxes with freetaxusa on the 8th of january. I got accepted on the 14th of january in the test batch. I finally received a ddd for this friday january 30th. Plus the where’s my refund app updates between 3am and 6am. So no need to check for your refund more than once.



    I filed my taxes with freetaxusa on the 8th of january. I got accepted on the 14th of january in the test batch. I finally received a ddd for this friday january 30th.



    I efiled on the 11th w/ TaxSlayer and Fed was accepted on the 13th. State (OK) was just accepted on the 20th. Still only have 1 orange bar on WMR + tax topic 152. State says accepted, but not approved. Hoping we see an update tomorrow!!!


    Tatiana N

    I filed on 1/8 and got accepted on the 1/12. My bars have not moved since then. I am wondering how much longer will it take??



    I got a DDD for state, I live in Wisconsin. 1/29/15. 1 bar and tax topic 152 on Federal. I filed Taxslayer on 1/19, Federal accepted me 1/20 around 10:30 am. State accepted me yesterday around 6pm.



    I filed the 8th of January and was accepted on Jan 12th. Had one bar on the IRS WMR saying it had been received but since the 15th it has had the message “Your return is being processed a direct deposit date will be given when available. Hope it is all going smooth over there.



    @TH12345,the rolling blog of chaos is on the home page toward the bottom :)



    Okay, why is this different, why cant i create my own topic? 2014 was a rolling blog and now its in forum format. what gives?



    Kim D.

    Accepted 1/13 and filed with TT. Got refund date (DDD) 1/27……..don’t give up!!!



    Lonnie12 is a troll



    Still no bars and amount is missing just gives Dec. 31, 2014. Says it is being processed and a refund date will be provided soon. I’m trying to remain patient here lol!!! I really do not believe that anyone has received a DDD yet.

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