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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Arkansas- Share your experience with filing your Arkansas Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Arkansas Wheres My Refund? go to Arkansas Department of Finance

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    Mrs. Tic

    Has anyone that has a zero account balance, received their refund yet?

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    @ME: Yes, when setting it up choose the “individual taxpayer account.”

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    I tried to create an account but it wouldn’t let me. Wanted me to add some kind of account?

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    I haven’t seen Shamrock for the past 2 years…Hope all is well!

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    @ME: If you got to the state website you can check your refund or you can set up a individual taxpayer account and see your refund amount sitting there. Once the amount zeroes out, they have sent the money to your bank.

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    @mtnmama I got mine yesterday.

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    Filed 1/24 and accepted. No update on refund. Anyone out there who has filed and received refund?

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    what does zeroed out mean?

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    I finally zeroed out…just waiting for the text message.

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    @cgdesilva Hey, its good to see you again this year. Yeah I’m still waiting for that state to zero out. I have no movement whatsoever on federal transcripts. I feel like I’m in it for the long haul.

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    I’m here! Yeah haven’t paid much attention to my little 122 positive balance to move. I always end up getting a paper check about two to three weeks after that. I’m super surprised by federal though, already done and updated transcripts just waiting on path act to release and have a process date of 2/14/22.
    How have you been lion?

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    Am I the only one here this year? Feels kinda lonely.

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    Filed and accepted on the 29th. I already see the balance on the state website. I feel like I’m a bit more patient this year cause I already know it’s going to take a while.

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    I finally was able to access ATAP. when I login this year it shows ontime-inerror. the amount is zeroed out however.. any ideas?

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    For anyone wondering how to see if your balance has zeroed out go to the Arkansas taxpayers access point (Atap) website and make an account

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    @rick @slknyk thanks for the reply. I guess my question is where do you go to see if it zero out? When I check where is my refund it doesn’t show numbers. Just says processing.

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    So my ATAP zeroed out on the 11th and tonight I received a text that my refund was issued on the 11th and to wait 7-10 business days for a deposit…

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    ATAP is the Arkansas Tax Payer website.
    As long as there is a negative balance, they have not sent the refund. It will “reset” to zero one they send it. Although I have found that it will zero and then several days will pass until you actually get the money.

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    @rick @Slknyk I am able to see on WMR that it has been received, but still processing. I’ve called and they can’t seem to give me any info except 3-6 weeks.

    What do you both mean when you say your ATAP has zeroed out? Is this another site with info? Thanks for any help!

    I am very frustrated with the state this year, it used to only take a week or so and now each year it seems to take longer and longer.

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    @ Rick >
    Mine hasn’t zeroed either. Filed 2/12. Still waiting!

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    Any Arkansas people here this year? State is taking their sweet time with refunds. My atap hasn’t zeroed out yet. ☹

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    Got my AR state deposited today…Filed Feb 4th. Come on Fedddddddddddddd… Is scheduled for surgery the 23rd!

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    Question. Once it zeros out- how long until a paper check? Still hasn’t updated on WMR. But it shows zeroed out

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    Called yesterday. Asked them to verify if I had check or direct deposit. She said I was getting a paper check and to wait 7 business days. I said so it’s been mailed? She really never gave a solid answer and was whispering. Guess they’re not supposed to say?! Who knows. Checked and mine zeroed out last night but WMR still shows the standard message about it being accepted.

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    I called AR yesterday and rep confirmed that I selected direct deposit and told me give it 5 days to deposit so we’ll see. Filed and accepted Feb 4th. Still no Fed refund either! :(

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    My ATAP zeroed out yesterday. I still have no info, but at least it seems there is some progress being made – finally.

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    Just got email refund issued 3/3 allow 7 to 10 days to receive

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    Does anyone know when they updated the info on refund status for State of AR? I’ve been waiting since Jan 28th

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    Accepted 28th still says not sent yet

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    STILL DO NOT HAVE MINES!!!!!!! Called yesterday and they said another week. That’s some mess.

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    I meant called to check on Arkansas State refund….not federal. EVERYBODY be calling them. Lol.

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    Has anyone called ?

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    Still don’t have mine. Excepted Jan 28th. What’s going on?!?! So frustrating

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    Mine says the exact same thing. What is taking them so long?!

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    Deirdre Looper

    Accepted by state on Jan 28. No movement. Still says

    Your return was processed on 1/28/2020 5:57:46 PM but your refund has not been issued. Please allow additional time for your refund to be issued. Identity Theft has been a growing problem nationally and the Department is taking additional measures to ensure tax refunds are issued to the correct individuals. These additional measures may result in tax refunds not being issued as quickly as in past years.

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    Ive waited all this time to just realize HRB took my state for fees 🤬. They’ve never taken it from state.

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    ATAP is Zeroed out and still says my refund hasn’t been issued.
    I logged on to eps (the bank my preparer uses for fees)
    And it says that they recieved it. And I will get it today 2.21…

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    @EA I zeroed out 6 days ago and it finally updated to issued at 5 days. Still waiting on refund.

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    @Slknyk – it updates real time

    Question: How long after you zero out do you receive your refund?
    Processed 1/29 I finally Zeroed out yesterday afternoon, but it still says my refund hasn’t been issued…

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    Does anyone know if ATAP updates in real-time throughout the day or is it just once at night?

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    Finally updated today saying it was issued 2/17. Did not say that last night. Never received a text like I was suppose too. Was suppose to be deposit but I’m guessing we are going to get a check.

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    Just a little state update. I received an email saying my refund was issued 2/17/20. First movement since filing. I checked the state website and it says the same thing. Nothing has arrived yet though. It does say to allow 7-10 days to receive it.

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    Got my check the 13th. My husband’s says his was mailed the 12th. Now to await a federal ddd. Good luck to all those still waiting Arkansas can be a pain.

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    Accepted 1/29, still no movement. WHY?!

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    Processed 2/3 and zeroed out this morning.

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    Just got an e-mail saying my refund was issued on 2/12, the same day it zeroed out. No deposit yet though, maybe tomorrow.

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    Kind of worried. Processed 1/27, but hasn’t zeroed out, no deposits pending, nothing. Should I be worried or over reaction?

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    I was processed on January 29th also. I called and they said it could be three to five weeks after the processing date.

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    I was accepted and processed on 1/29. The money was deposited into my account this morning. Never got a text from there either.

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    Processed on the 29th.
    Still showing a green balance.
    Called AR DOF and they said it will be sent whenever the computer decides to kick it out….
    No rhyme or reason….

    Arkansas is a joke and I’m glad this is my last year filling with them…

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    Mine zeroed out today, hope it gets here sooner than last year.

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    I’m hoping tomorrow in the mail for mine, my husband zeroed out yesterday so we should be almost done. Nice to see state before federal again lol.
    I’m PATH so no federal ddd for another week or so.

    On another thought I wonder where Shamrock is this tax season. I always look forward to talking to the regular filers ever year and I haven’t seen a post this year from her.

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    For those zeroed out when did you get accepted?

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    Mine now says it was processed , the balance is $0, but no text or email, no pending deposit

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    I was able to login and i show $0 too.

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    I’m zeroed … waiting for the text over the next couple of days.

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    Mine zeroed out on the 8th, they sent the text on the 11th saying it was sent the 10th, to allow 7-10 business days to receive it. Nothing for informed delivery today and nothing in the bank so maybe tomorrow.

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    Checked this morning. No changes. Processed 1/29 but not sent yet.

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    Just checked and mine was used 2/10

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    Just got the text it was sent to allow 7-10 business days… still no idea if it is a DD or check. Oh well guess I know soon enough.

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    It won’t let me check mine today, it says I’ve exceeded my limit even though i literally only checked once lol. Guess we will see what it shows tomorrow.

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    Darbie Brown

    My state deposited tonight. Filed January 17.

    #4344879 Reply

    I have a zero balance but I haven’t received a text stating it was sent -_-

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    My WMR shows i was processed on 1/29 but it hasn’t been sent. Can’t check the account balance part.

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    Kinda weird none of that have zeroed out have gotten the text saying it was issued. Last year I got the text the day after and the refund by mail two days later.
    However I am extremely surprised at how quickly that went. It sat with a positive balance almost three weeks last year.

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    Means they are getting ready to issue your refund.

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    It did show my amount and now everything is 0 it doesn’t show the amount no more can someone tell me what happened? It’s not saying it was issued but yesterday the amount was green and now it shows nothing

    #4343440 Reply

    I have that 2-25-19 date too!

    #4343239 Reply

    Anyone else balance zero out? I’m still showing positive balance. Filed and accepted 2/1.

    #4342990 Reply

    I go to the where’s my refund for Arkansas and I get “Your tax was refunded on 02/01/2015, uh I’d say it’s a few years late. It’s not current with my info. Anybody else got this?

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    My atap balance zeroed out today, it still says refund not sent on the Arkansas wmr but seeing the tax account zeroed out means I’ll either have it dad soon or in the mail Monday or Tuesday. Fingers crossed everyone else sees the same soon.

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    No movement yet, however last year it was a total of 21 days for me (including weekends). For some reason they sent a paper check even though I elected direct deposit. I’m hoping for DD but I have a feeling I’ll be getting a check again this year.

    #4340806 Reply

    Any movement?
    I finished processing the 28th.
    Just waiting for my balance to zero out…
    When I called they said it would be 2-4 weeks from the processing date for them to release funds…
    Then however long it takes the bank to deposit it….

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    Thank you

    #4338438 Reply

    @hall from the atap Arkansas tax payer login.

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