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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Arizona – Share your experience with filing your Arizona Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Arizona Wheres My Refund? go to Arizona Department Of Revenue

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    I’m hoping 2 weeks or less.

    Say maybe the print checks Tuesday and then mail them Fridays, I’d see it next Wed.

    But if they print them Thurs or Fri, Then mail next week, then I don’t know.

    I’m tired. Stayed up checking sbtpg all night for my Fed refund. At least I know that’s not gonna take 6 wks! This is the 1st time in 15yrs I use a diff acct. I usually use VWCU, HAD to choose Turbo card if i wanted the advance offer. Thought it’d be simple. Lesson learned.

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    So, I was still getting that “cannot provide info at this time” msg.

    I called waited 15mins, lost audio, called again.
    After 25 mins, i get someone new. He said my check was canceled but didn’t see what caused it, he could see that it will be most likely mailed and theres still a credit to my account. Gave a timeline of “up to 6wks”. I asked, but he couldn’t see whether a check was mailed or waiting to be mailed/printed.

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    Mine was accepted on the 31st of January when I check just says They have received it and are processing it that they have a high volume of refunds to contact via email if it’s been longer than 4 weeks..

    But My Son’s GF who filed 4 days after me got her refund Last Tuesday. Highly confused.

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    Correction: feb5 2019 onward mentioned how the wording changes and then they got mailed their check instead.
    2018 was Feb 18 and around Feb23 when checks are in mail

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    I remember last year, some who got that wording received a paper check in the mail instead of the DD they selected. You’ll find them if you go back to last season’s pages dates Feb18 and Feb23 have some mentions.
    I’m calling AZDOR as soon as they open Monday.
    Same msg, only the inquiry date changed.

    I don’t care if its a paper check, I just want to know where it is!

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    Are any others PATHers? I wonder if AZ has become one of those States that wait until after IRS approved your return & released your refund. That could explain alot, but I’ve never heard of a change or announcement on the site.

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    I’m glad I’m not alone. Website states The refund process was completed on 2/18/2020. Direct deposits are in your account within two business days from this date. Still waiting….

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    @kittykatatethetiger Have you received your return yet? MIne says:
    “The Arizona Department of Revenue is currently processing your tax return.
    Please check back on 3/13/2020 for an updated status.”
    And the date keeps on changing each time I check it. My mother in law submitted her return 3 weeks after I did mine and already got hers.

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    Processed on the 14th of -Feb. dd within two business days. Still nothing.

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    The refund process was completed on 2/18/2020. Paper refunds mail within three business days from this date. Direct deposits are in your account within two business days from this date.

    as of 2/22/2020 i have no deposit

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    Refund Accepted 1/29 where is my refund says completed 2-18-20, still no deposit as of 2/21/20

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    @jeremy, i had “Your refund was sent via direct deposit 2/19.” Msg.
    Now: We are sorry we cannot provide any information about your refund.
    Please review the information and if incorrect click New Search.
    This inquiry was performed on 2/21/2020.
    We are experiencing a high volume of requests, please check back in two weeks.

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    My state return seems to be lost cause. I know people that filed the same day as myself or after and already got their refunds. Every time I check my refund status the check back date keeps increasing by a day.

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    Aztaxes said it “was deposited via direct deposit 2/19/20. Nothing appeared. Not even SBTPG. I hope this isn’t a trend for too many others.

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    Yolanda Gardner


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    Filed and accepted 1.31.20. DDD of 2.19.20

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    As promised, I received my direct deposit this morning. Good luck everyone!!

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    I was told I’d receive my Arizona state tax refund in 10 days. I filled on Jan 1st 2020. When I go to where’s my refund. Com it says they’ve received it but to check back after 3/6/20? Just wondering what’s going on as it was a simple filling and ive never had a problem in all of my years filling races with AZ. Thanks for any insight you might be able to provide.

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    Well, they sure showed me. I have a DDD of tomorrow, 2/19, and it just hit my account a few minutes ago. Good luck everyone!

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    Jo’s gastlm

    Filed 01/24/20 and just got the message for via direct deposit on 2/19/20, just in time for some expenses that could not wait any longer. Tonight we eat like kings lol, well tomorrow

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    @Courtney – A number of filers in various forums are reporting that they received DDD for last week but deposits didn’t show up, then they checked again and were notified that a check would be mailed. I am not holding my breath. Arizona is so messed up the past few years.

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    My ddd says deposited 2/19….will it be there tomorrow??

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    Wow!! Couldn’t believe my eyes just now when I checked and it gave me a DDD of 2/19!! Finally!!

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    Filed 1/27, accepted 1/28, woke up to 2/19 DDD as well. I’m not entirely confident it will actually be in my account until Friday, since several people here have received DDD for last week but their deposits didn’t arrive on time. I will update when deposit is received, just as a reference point. Good luck!

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    Yolanda Gardner

    Finally have DDD for Feb 19, Filed & Accepted January 27 and my husband was Accepted January 23, he also have a DDD for Feb 19.

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    Aww man! I misread the date. It’s 2/19, not today😢
    I’ll still update when it posts. I hope someone here does get a DDD for today.

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    Yay! Your refund was deposited on 2/18. If it does go to the Turbo card and not my bank, i think the fees will eat quite a bit. We shall see. I’m sorry I doubted you Mr.Taxman. You were right on the money.😌

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    Ugh! No update still. Still has the message of check back in 2-4 weeks and of course they are closed today. Annoyed! Today marks 3 weeks since my return was accepted.

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    So I called their (602)# and the automated msg says, “if you e-filed expect your refund within 6wks, if you paper filed: 12wks”! WTH? It says online about 10 business days! At least it used to. I’ve never seen or heard anything like that time frame. What’s the deal? Did they fire everyone? There’s no way that’s a new normal. I used get it in 3 days from accepted! The worst (besides that offset yr) was 16 days. I’m so upset.

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    Hey guys. I checked my status for my state refund on the 11th and it says it was direct deposited on the 12th. So I wait till the next day and nothing… Checked again today and still nothing.

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    Ugh! I usually always get my state before federal!
    Here’s to hoping we get it soon! Would be nice to wake up to a deposit!

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    @glenna I was told the same thing today with the same date it was processed.

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    Aww. Sorry about @Glenna. At least they emailed you back. I got nothing. Had to call. He said he put me in the rush queue and give it 7-10 days. I think that’s just the date things will get moving for everyone, not just myself. I believe that was 2/10. I hope I’m right and we’ll all get dates Mon-Wed…and a Special Date this Friday night. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Good luck.

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    Return accepted 1/22. I emailed that link and received response today saying my refund finished processing on 2/13. No DDD tho! Dammit!

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    His finally changed from “not found” to the “2-4 weeks” msg. 1st movement since last month! We filed 1/14. Accepted 1/27. I was right about the IRS weekly pattern. Coincidence? Maybe there will be a date by Wed?….
    …7 days Mr. Tax Man.

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    Wmr says ddd 17th then I get a text from GDOR that says 2/13.

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    I filed the 27th was accepted on the 31st and everytime I check, I still get the same check back in 2-4 weeks generic message. I wonder why state is so behind. That usually comes 1st for me.

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    Filed 01/25/2020
    Finally yesterday said Direct deposit on 02/14/2020
    Checked it this morning now it’s saying it was direct deposited on 02/18/2020
    So still waiting…

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    Last year I filed in 1/28 and was accepted the same day. My status for 2018 updated on Feb 4th to let me know my funds had been delivered electronically… When I checked the account the funds had actually been deposited on Feb 2nd (a Saturday). This year I filed on the 27th and was accepted the same day but have yet to see a change in the processing message that lets me know to check back in 2-4 weeks. I’ve searched for any information about delays in processing and have found nothing outside of an article in which the azdor states that as of the 5th of Feb everything is running as usual and that I’d you filed electronically you should expect a processing timeframe of 8 to 10 days.

    Well, it’s been more than 8 or 10 days and today would mark the end of the third week… Typically I may be concerned but it sounds like I’m not the only one who is seeing a delay this year. I’m also curious about the timeline I saw last year… Could the funds be in my account tomorrow and I won’t see the update until Monday again??? I suppose we continue to wait and see.

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    Hi guys, I checked my status this morning and it still said 2-4 weeks. Just checked again and now it’s giving me a direct deposit date of 2/18. So check again, I believe it may update later in the morning. I filed 1/28, now to wait and see if it actually comes on the 18th.

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    Filed 1-17, accepted 1-28. Still have the 2-4 week message.

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    Yolanda N Gardner

    Filed on 1-28-2020
    As of today still processing, usually I get my refund within a week or two

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    That is very weird. I thought that they only communicate through the actual mail due to fraud and what not. 🤔

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    @Lisa it came from Azdor. They are now asking me to fill out an employer affidavit form. It’s weird and I’m suspicious but all signs point to it being legit

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    If you don’t mind me asking, who was the sender of the email? Arizona State IRS?

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    Filed and accepted 1/30. Got an email asking to send my W2 because my state refund was under review. Called to verify this was not a scam and it’s legit. The lady stated that my refund was flagged due to the high amount that was withheld from one of my employees. When I asked how long for it to be reviewed and processed she stated another 6-8 weeks from the date I sent I faxed in my W2s. WTF?! 😠 Anyone else under review?

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    Filed in 01/25/2020
    Chose direct deposit
    Still NOTHING , says check back in 2-4 weeks

    #4348469 Reply

    I got the message “your tax refund was delivered via direct deposit on 2/12” no DD is showing up on my account as of yet.

    #4347817 Reply

    In the same boat as many of you. I usually get our state within a few days to a week after being accepted. In week two and a half and no update.

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    My return was accepted 1/27.. I have this message:

    The Arizona Department of Revenue has received your tax return.
    Due to a high volume of returns at this time, please check back in two-to-four weeks.
    If you submitted your tax return more than four weeks ago, please contact ADOR at [email protected]
    In your email, please include your contact information including a phone number and the same data used in your “Where’s My Refund” inquiry

    My girlfriends was accepted on 1/27 as well and she got hers direct deposited on 2/10.

    Nothing for me :-(

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    My state refund was accepted 1/27. Every year I get my state refund DD within a week for being accepted. This year, however, it’s been over two weeks and I still have the message to check back in two to four weeks.

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    Got my AZ DD as promised (minus a small offset) no issues!

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    UPDATE: I was an early filer, both fed and state accepted on 1/21, got my fed DD on 1/29. For several days after being accepted, the AZ refund site said they had no return from me. Then I started getting the same message as many here about high volume, etc and to wait 2-4 weeks. Today is exactly 3 weeks from when my return was accepted and as of this morning it says I’ll have my DD tomorrow. So that appears to be the timeline for now.

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    Sarah Matson

    As I posted yesterday….
    The refund process was completed on 2/4/2020. Paper refunds mail within three business days from this date. Direct deposits are in your account within two business days from this date.

    I mentioned I was set up for a direct deposit. However, yesterday when I got home my check was there.

    I also mentioned that the updated status wasn’t the same as last year. Last year they gave me a “direct deposited on this date” and this year… it stated ” refund process was completed”

    THe verbiage was a clue to it being a check vs. a direct deposit.

    Good luck everyone!

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    Ok this is our first year filing Arizona tax , we filed on 1/27 and it said received on Monday , since Wednesday our return cannot be found . Is this common here? Should we call?

    #4345761 Reply

    Well friends. Found out that when I saw the DD of 2/4, I had chosen tax year 2018. So that was my fail. However, woke up to DD of 2/12 for this year. Interested to see if it’s really DD or if it’s a paper check.

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    Woke up to the status “Your tax refund was delivered via direct deposit on 2/12/2020.” but no money… So glitch? Or it’s coming soon!!

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    Received check today. This is second year in a row I chose direct deposit and received a paper check. Filed 1/27. Website says completed 2/4/2019.

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    He was very nice.
    Too nice.
    I feel like he might be full of shitake mushrooms
    Or just shrooms.
    We shall see Mr. Tax Man.

    I’m gonna call daily.
    Ask for him and whisper…7days

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    Transcripts updated Sat 2/08 w 20200605 and a processing date of 02/24
    Not suprising. I’m usually a 0605 cycle
    Got PATH Act msg Sun and $ amount gone
    I called them today. He said he sent my app to the people who deal with accelerated processing and I should see it within 7-15 days.

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    I filed and accepted on 1/28. Mine still has the “we have received your return, check back in 2-4 weeks” message. Last year I filed 1/29 and had received a deposit on 2/6. I remember the morning of 2/6 I checked and had a general message and checked again about 10am and it had updated and the money was in my account. I’m hoping deposits will come through without an update to the website.

    #4344776 Reply

    Has anyone tried calling? I was accepted 1/27 and HOPING to see something by the end of this week but still stuck on the “check back in 2-4 weeks” message

    #4344743 Reply
    Sarah Matson

    AZFunRun – The refund process was completed on 2/4/2020. Paper refunds mail within three business days from this date. Direct deposits are in your account within two business days from this date.

    This is why I think they may mail it since every year for the last 9 years it gives me the day it was Direct Deposited.
    It’s never said processed on this date before.
    Even thought I picked DD.
    But reading other posts, other’s have picked DD and they ended up getting a check mailed. SO, who knows!

    #4344739 Reply

    @Azfunrun mine says the same. Accepted on 1-27. Called and the agent had address from 2 years ago, not the one I filed with. Had no estimated ddd or even if it was going to be dd. I’m disgusted.

    #4344725 Reply

    Well, just for giggles I went back and checked the site again. Now it says “The Arizona Department of Revenue has received your tax return.
    Due to a high volume of returns at this time, please check back in two-to-four weeks.
    If you submitted your tax return more than four weeks ago, please contact ADOR at [email protected]
    In your email, please include your contact information including a phone number and the same data used in your “Where’s My Refund” inquiry.”

    Argh. Sarah, does yours say that now?

    #4344678 Reply
    Sarah Matson

    Mine says the same thing – The refund process was completed on 2/4/2020. Paper refunds mail within three business days from this date. Direct deposits are in your account within two business days from this date.
    I have always had direct deposit for the last 9 years. And every year, the status states: Your tax refund was delivered via direct deposit on 2/6/2019.

    So… this does make me believe that I’ll be getting a paper check instead. Who knows….

    #4344626 Reply

    Hey hey, my AZ refund status changed from the “we received your refund, check back” at 6:00 am this morning to saying it was DD on 2/4 at 8:45 this morning. I haven’t received the direct deposit. Does anyone know/think that means it was mailed on 2/4?

    #4344356 Reply

    Does anyone know why my “check back on this date” date keeps changing?

    #4343122 Reply

    Filed 1/23, accepted 1/27, Arizona where’s my refund stated “refund process completed on 1/31” then “refund process completed on 2/5”, I chose direct deposit but I received a paper check on 2/8. Good luck everyone!

    #4342572 Reply

    Filed Arizona and Federal on 2/4 using Turbo Tax. Both were accepted 2/5. Got direct deposit date of 2/10 for Arizona today.

    #4342222 Reply

    Still no deposit and had direct deposit. Informed Delivery doesn’t show anything from AZ state. Maybe it will come next week. What is the point of requesting direct deposit if they are going to send a check?

    #4341952 Reply

    I was Accepted 1/27 at Noon and today got a DDD of 2/10. So hopefully no problems past this

    #4341248 Reply

    Just got updated to a ddd of 2/10. Now to wait for federal.

    #4341247 Reply

    Mine changed from “we have received your return and are processing it” (or something like that) to “we are still processing your return, check back after 2/27/20” anyone know what this means?!

    #4340629 Reply

    My status went from received check back in 2-4 weeks to cannot next found today hoping that means they’re doing something with it lol

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