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    Wheres My Refund Arizona – Share your experience with filing your Arizona Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Arizona Wheres My Refund? go to Arizona Department Of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    To i

    Accept 1/28 approved 2/1 says The refund process was completed on 2/1/2019. Paper refunds mail within three business days from this date. Direct deposits are in your account within two business days from this date anyone get a deposit after this message

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    @not accepted
    My message updated on 1/29 to say:
    “The refund process was completed on 1/29/2019. Paper refunds mail within three business days from this date. Direct deposits are in your account within two business days from this date.”

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    Accepted by AZ state on 1/28 then message went to we have received your return this morning I checked and it says we can’t provide any information 🤔 anyone else got this message?

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    Not Accepted

    @curiosity did you ever get a DDD on the website? I am still stuck in the 2-4 week message.

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    Update: like I said before Mine was accepted 1/24 processed 1/29 but when I called today because it was well after the 2 business days & nothing in my account I found out I had a $25 state offset from like 2016 that they deducted so they mailed me a check & a notice saying that they deducted the money on 1/30. Hopefully it gets here quickly. Will let you all know when it arrives.

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    Alysha Hardy

    Filed last Monday, I had the high volume message Thursday. Friday DDD for 2/4. This morning the dd was in my account. Good luck y’all.

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    Has anyone got their ddd after the high volume message?

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    Filed 01/28
    Accepted 01/29
    DDD 2/4

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    Not Accepted

    Mine was finally accepted last night. I check the site now and it says that it was received but due to high volume check back in 2-4 weeks. @alysha, when were you submitted and accepted? @curiosity, thank you for the info, any update on your end?

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    Mine updated today. We’ll be DD on 2/4

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    you received your az refund today?

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    I was accepted the 29th and just got my deposit about 2 hours ago! So they are doing deposits unless for some unforeseen reason a check has to be mailed

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    It takes about 2-3 days after your federal gets accepted by the IRS for AZ to accept your state. I filed with TaxAct on 1/18 my federal got accepted on 1/22 my state didn’t get accepted until 1/24. If your federal gets rejected they will automatically reject your state. So if you filed on 1/28 & also got accepted that day they will probably accept your state tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

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    Not Accepted

    Has anyone had a delay in their AZ return being accepted? I filed Monday morning, 1/28/19, and it is still just showing as submitted but not accepted. I used Credit Karma tax to file. I used it last year with no issue, but I also filed later in the year so I am wondering if this is just an issue because I filed opening day…

    Any help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated!! :)

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    Anybody got any movement on their state returns? Mine was accepted 1/24 & just says wait 2-4 weeks on the website. Hopefully they don’t screw up and mail me a check again like last year.

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    I was told that a huge batch of checks are being held by ADOR and will not be mailed for at least 30 days. Mine must be caught up in that mess. I guess it’s been processed but no mail date. I was told two different things: it was a technical issue… and that the state does not have the money. Yikes! Am I ever going to see it? Anyone else told the same or similar.just would like to understand!

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    Hi Sherri.. did you ever get your check in the Mail? If so, what date did you receive. I am having same problem. Signed up for DD but getting a check. My process was completed on 4/27. As of today no check. Thanks!

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    Checked AZ refund website and it said processed and approved 4/20, which then changed to 4/24. I signed for direct deposit but after calling they said a check was mailed..5/5 and still haven’t received any check?? What’s going on??

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    So i requested DD for my state refund as well, checked my refund tool online it said processed 4/6 should be 2 biz days for DD. I checked today using the tool and it said processed 4/10…how does it retract then get processed on later date????……i called AZ dept of rev and the agent said they been mailing checks instead to fight fraud….Im using netspend account since its advertised as quicker deposits however its a commonly used account by fraudsters….so i assume they check the issuer of the account and routing # and if its one of those prepaid accounts they will mail it w out notice.

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    We filed on 3-6. I did direct deposit but a few days ago we got ours in the mail. Very odd and to be honest I’m a little worried about the federal one because we chose dd for that too. This is the longest we have ever waited for our refund. And wmr still only says accepted for federal and h&r block status still says accepted for federal and state. Really confused here.

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    @jeremy sorry for the late response. I have no idea why, my bank said my DD information was all correct. The lady I spoke with said I needed to contact my bank but they said there was no error on their part so I have no clue. Then on top of it they sent it to the incorrect address and not the new one I updated when I fined my return and I don’t know if it is going to be forwarded. I’m super irritated with them!

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    When I check the phone system it says your refund has not been processed…

    But when I look online I get the message: The refund process was completed on 2/27/2018. Paper refunds mail within three business days from this date. Direct deposits are in your account within two business days from this date.

    Not sure if anyone else has gotten the mixed message. I haven’t received a direct deposit yet.

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    Shelby c

    My return was finished processing as of 2/23. dept of revenue can’t tell me where it went or if it had been mailed because of a typo on my DD. I checked my taxes and my DD is fine- no errors. I called the bank yesterday and they have nothing for me. Today still nothing….

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    Confirmed by phone, my AZ refund went out by check in the mail as of yesterday. Eesh. Likely a Turbotax glitch caused the DD information to not be provided to AZ. So they mail a check.

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    Wife just messaged me. Said my return was mailed to me instead of deposited into my account. Don’t know why that happened, but at i’m happy to finally have my money

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    @holls2188, If you don’t mind me asking, what caused your refund to be mailed in stead of direct deposited?

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    Well I guess I’m waiting for a check in the mail! Glad its not something big! I hope you all get your returns soon! Good luck!

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    Calling (602) 255-3381. When I call, i get through pretty easily to a rep but they cannot hear me talking. Tried a few times, gave up.

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    Well I don’t think I’ll be getting mine anytime soon since I got a letter from the Arizona Department of Revenue. Don’t know what it says yet cause it only came this morning and I’m at work, ugh! I guess I’m calling the department of revenue on lunch!!!

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    Mine changed from 2/16 to 2/21 which means I should have got my refund today, giving it two days for direct deposit. What number are you calling to check on your return?

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    No AZ refund yet. Can’t get through on phone. Online tool has this message still. The refund process was completed on 2/22/2018. Paper refunds mail within three business days from this date. Direct deposits are in your account within two business days from this date.

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    Still no update on my end. Anyone else get their deposit?

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    Jonny B

    Filed AZ/Fed with HRB 1/23
    Received State 2/20
    Received Federal 2/22
    No problems here.

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    My processed date changed from 2/16 to 2/21 as well. I have Jo clue what’s going on.

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    I just thought I’d update, I did receive my direct deposit today! I had a sent date of 2/20 but was having fees withheld, and coming off a holiday weekend it took the extra 24 hours to show in my account. It looks like my federal is set to be deposited tomorrow. Good luck to you all! I hope you get DDs soon!

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    Mine had a processing complete date of 2/16, then today it changed to 2/21. Confused but at least I’ll get my federal soon.

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    Still nothing here. I probably won’t see anything until Friday. At least I’m getting my Fed return tomorrow.

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    The WMR tool on the AZ dept of revenue site has been saying that my refund was sent to my bank on 2/20/18 since 2/15/18. Still nothing…I am hoping that I have a deposit tomorrow.

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    I wish I was that lucky Sarah. I still have the same message and no deposit yet.

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    Mine has still not updated but my refunded was deposited today.

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    Mine finally updated today with this message “The refund process was completed on 2/16/2018. Paper refunds mail within three business days from this date. Direct deposits are in your account within two business days from this date.” I’m hoping that I see a deposit tomorrow morning.

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    Finally it say Your tax refund was delivered via direct deposit on 2/20/2018.

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    So I filed on 2/2, received 2/6, processed 2/9, dd was 2/14. I filed my fiancé’s 2/4, accepted 2/5, and nothing since. Anyone else running into this?

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    Thanks Alysha! My return was accepted on 2/1 and haven’t heard anything since, but I am receiving some credit because of donations I made to some charities. So that’s probably causing a delay, making them have to verify the information. We will see. I’m sure i would have heard something by now if there was an issue. I might have to call and see.

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    I am so glad I checked this forum! I’m having the same can’t locate your return message! Good to know I’m not the only one!

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    Hey Jeremy!
    If you read below I talk about this. same thing happened to me this year. I was unable to locate as Of the 9th. Called Monday he said it had been processed and approved and was waiting a DDD. Tuesday it had updated with DDD and my funds were DD yesterday! Good luck!

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    My went from being received to now saying they unable to locate it. This happened to me last year as well. Today is exactly two weeks for me, so hopefully i see an update tomorrow

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    Mine updated today saying refund was deposited 2/14!

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    Mine had been the processing message but went back to unable to find today. I am hoping by the end of the week.

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    I still have not received anything not even an update on the website

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    Filed 2/2 accepted 2/6. As of 2/10 status changed to unable to locate… what’s everyone’s experience?

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    I still have not received anything

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    @mommaaz what was your ddd?

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    Mine deposited this morning. I was shocked. It’s saturday. Good luck you guys. Now I can crack my bottle of Champs.

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    I got a call back today and they said done processing so i looked on wheres my refund and it said dd 2/16 looked again and niw says cant find it

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    They called me yesterday and said the process was complete and i should recieve my refund within 15 days and since they called me it wouldnt show on the website. Well i checked the website anyways lol and it says I will get it on 2/12

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    still waiting on DD, they called 02/06 and stated done processing and still nothing….

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    Thank you i called today and they said thry are working on it and if they needed any more info they would call me to expect my refund in 1 to 2 weeks i was accepted on 1/30

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    @Will : I called on Monday. The guy on Monday said they couldn’t find my information. So, I called back Tuesday. The guy said he showed them and that he would put in a refund request update. So that was Tuesday prob. around 10 / 11am. I got the call from a lady at the state this afternoon at 1:50pm.

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    How long it take for them to call u back after u talked to them.

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    I got a call from the state too. it was finished processing last night. The lady who called me said that since the refund request review was put in, there will be no more updates on the website and not to look at the website. Our information won’t be posted on there. So she said it was finished yesterday and to allow up to 14 business days to deposit.

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    yeah mine says unable to locate. and when they called me they said could take up to 15 days to get into my account? i called them yesterday and they said the same thing could take 15 days to get into my account. i got DD so idk whats going on this year with the state usually i would of had it already

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    Still nothing. Two days now still says can’t find my information. Accepted on the 22nd. Now interested to see if the government shuts down. Carry on a AZ. At least all my bills are paid.

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    yes i called them on 02/05 to ask about my return and said it was still processing and then they called 02/06 and stated it is being sent out now. i filed on 01/23 and got accept 01/24

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    I wonder when we will get ours and I been ready for a beer… I’ve always got my state like a week after I filed

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    Mine is doing the same. This morning said it was recieved and gave me the two week message. Now it said unable to locate return.

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    I’m crazy. Just checked the AZ where’s my taxes page. Now, it’s saying they haven’t received my taxes. LMAO> this morning it said still processing. Damn Turbo Tax and the early filers. I’m just saying. This is all a mind game. I’m ready for a beer. Who’s with me?

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    Jacky, you actually got a call from the state? Was this after you called and they put in a refund request? I’m curious to know. I have hit my 12 bus. days. I called them yesterday and they said give it another 1/2 weeks for processing. I filed on the 19th. Approved the 22nd. Website states it’s received and pending.

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    mine hit my account this morning….
    filed 1/29, accepted 1/30

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    got a call form state and said mine is done and being sent.. the rep said 15 business days.. will i get it any sooner then that?

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    I just got mine

    #4207723 Reply


    Mine still says processing filed 1/18 accepted 1/19

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    not that i am overly worried about it, but now the online update seems like it is following what people have said about the phone operators…
    on 2/6 at 2:30 AM it said my DD was delivered on 2/6
    on 2/6 at 9 AM it said it was delivered on 2/7

    besides the date changing, the term “delivered” to me means “our part is done”, which made sense that on 2/6 they posted they had completed their job…but then again on 2/6 when they change it and say WAS “delivered” ie completed on 2/7 makes me wonder how one can claim that an action actually took place in the future.

    too many years in business makes me over analyze semantics, but I have yet to meet anyone who can it was done in the future vs. it will be done in the future, and mix that with the date changing makes it look like we are just trying to pacify people.

    sorry for the vent/rant, but we had a signifigant over payment, and I have no doubt if I owed them $6k, changing the date I made the payment, and giving false promises would lead to consequences….welcome to our government

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    Mine now says refund was deposited on 2/7. Should have it tonight by midnight.

    #4206890 Reply


    Woke up to DD was delivered 2/7/2018

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