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    Wheres My Refund Arizona – Share your experience with filing your Arizona Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Arizona Wheres My Refund? go to Arizona Department Of Revenue

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    Hi @amie2011, I got the same message when I called. I did look back at last year and saw that I didn’t get my AZ refund until the first week of March, so I am a little less worried now.

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    Has anyone that filed on or after 2/2 received their az state refund? Mine still shows that it was received. I emailed them 2 days ago and still no response back with an update. I already received my federal taxes last week and that’s unusual that I got federal before state. I tried calling too but keep getting message that they have a lot of calls.

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    @ArizonaArizona Good luck hopefully they are just busy and it’s taking them longer than usual to process these tax returns. I reached out to my tax accountant and H&R Block and she said how everything looks good so hopefully she is right LOL.

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    @Amie2011, didn’t call yet. I’ve been checking the AZWMR page. No DD today :( I’ll probably call Monday.

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    Did you call them to get status? Arizona processing time is 10 days so you should have received your refund at least by today. Mine is still in processing as well.

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    I filed on the 24th and was accepted the 25th, still nothing, just the “we’ve received your return” message. Received my federal on Tuesday. Booooo

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    I filed my return on 2/2 and still have not received it. Usually I would get my state refund in 2-3 days and before my federal. This year I already received my federal but no state yet. Anyone else still waiting on state refund?

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    Still nothing here! Anyone else?

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    Am I the first one for 2022? Accepted 1/27 for my AZ return. State WMR updated this am, DD for 2/2/22. This year, the gas station gets my whole return. Happy for them.

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    Got the letter from AZ on Monday. I’m being audited before they send out my tax refund. What a joke.

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    And still waiting. I called them back yesterday and was told that they do, in fact, need more information. But the agent couldn’t tell me what this other department needed. Only that I may or may not receive a letter in the next 2 weeks with the info they need, if they actually need it, otherwise I’ll get my refund. Has anyone else ever dealt with this hoopla from AZ?

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    Finally got ahold of someone at the AZDOR yesterday. They told me it’s just going to take 12 weeks to process from the date it was accepted. So 2 more weeks. No explanation as to why. *sigh*

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    Fed accepted 2/12
    AZ accepted 2/16
    Filed early with TT 1/18

    Has anyone received their AZ refund, while still waiting on the Federal refund? My Federal refund seems to be caught up in their delays, as it’s been weeks with no update. And my state refund also seems to be in limbo as well. I know AZ doesn’t start accepting returns until the IRS does, and I’m wondering if these issues are linked somehow.

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    Well, 6 weeks after I filed and 2.5 weeks after being accepted by Arizona, I woke up to the “your refund was sent by direct deposit on 3/15/2021” notice today. I have Serve card so I’m guessing it will deposit by this afternoon. Crazy process this year.

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    I filed 2-1 accepted for Arizona on 2-16 (4 days after fed) received fed 2-22. Still only at “we received your refund”
    Usually state comes within a few days of being accepted. I have no idea what’s going on this year 😩

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    Filed on 2/1, Fed accepted 2/12 and deposited 2/19. Arizona finally accepted 2/23. The state process is SO SLOW this year.

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    From what I have been reading that wording means you are getting a check in the mail.

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    Woke up to find my AZ state DD this morning.

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    Does anyone know if this means approved or not cuz its been past 2 days i have DD but still not seeing funds yet……???

    Refund Status
    The refund process was completed on 2/23/2021. Paper refunds mail within three business days from this date. Direct deposits are in your account within two business days from this date.

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    You are welcome:-)

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    That makes me feel better. I wasn’t accepted until the 15th so maybe something will change next week.

    Thank You

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    Correction…Monday February 8

    #4460916 Reply


    Filed with Credit Karma Friday February 8

    #4460907 Reply

    And I thought there would be a change…….So frustrating

    @WestiesRoo When did you file?

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    Moved from recieved to “Your tax refund was delivered via direct deposit on 3/1/2021”

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    Still generic message for me. Filed and accepted 2/15

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    Ours is still sitting at received. I’m so bummed:-(

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    It said 3/9 but arrived 3/5, so it was mailed before that.

    If you scroll down to Feb 2020 comments, you’ll see a bunch of us with that msg.
    it’s not a guarantee it’s a check, but we see different wording when its a DD instead.

    It does mean its coming though. Good Luck:)

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    That’s the msg I got last year when my return was mailed:

    2/19/20 “was deposited via direct deposit”(AZDOR Canceled it)

    2/24/20 “Process was….paper checks mail..DD 2 business days..” msg

    3/9/20 “Your tax refund was mailed via paper check on 3/9/2020. If you have not received your check within 30 days, please Contact Us.

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    The Arizona state refund tracker has told me “The refund process was completed on 2/19/2021. Paper refunds mail within three business days from this date. Direct deposits are in your account within two business days from this date” since last Friday but now it says the same thing but with the date of 2/24/2021. What is even going on lmao I just want my money

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    Arizona finally accepted our return today, we filed 2/1 and Fed was accepted 2/12, we got our Fed deposited on Friday.

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    I came back to update on my DD.

    It wasn’t pending earlier and then it was there at around 10a.

    I bank with VWCU
    DDD 2/24

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    Oh no!


    In ’18, mine was accepted on 1/30, got another notification it was rejected a moment later. Then the next morning it was accepted.

    It was weird. I didn’t have to do anything, TT fixed it on their end. I can imagine refiling it yourself is way more stressful.

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    Still no change here…

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    @kittykatatethetiger, still no update for federal :(. AZ rejected on Saturday 2/20 for no reason, refiled on Sunday 2/21 and was accepted yesterday 2/22. We are weekly so hoping for update on Fed on Friday.

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    Donna, @happyus, did you ever get a DDD?

    I’m not sure if anyone is still waiting,

    but I will definitely update when my acct (VWCU) shows pending and when its avail :)

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    I finally got a DDD!!!

    “Your tax refund was delivered via direct deposit on 2/24/2021.”

    My Fed refund already deposited sometime between 9am and 12pm Monday, not seeing a pending deposit for you State yet.

    Also no WMR update, still 1 Bar.

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    AZWMR is cycling from unable to locate to the “we received…check back in 2wks” msg. I’m not seeing anything pending on my acct.

    Sorry, so late. I was gonna hold off until something worth updating came up.

    I did get my Transcript DDD though, Sat (instead of Fri) for 2/25/21, No WMR update. I’m usually a weekly 05, I had an 0801.

    2020 AZ didn’t give me a DDD until 24hrs before Fed updated Trans DDD.

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    @kittykatatethetiger – My Fed was deposited yesterday. Arizona still showing the “unable to locate” message for both my husband and me. What a pain!

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    now I’m getting,

    “We are unable to locate your tax return using the information you provided.
    Please review the information. If it is incorrect click New Search.
    We are experiencing a high volume of requests, please check back in two weeks.”,

    for both of us. I wonder if it’ll be like this until IRS updates us to “approved”.

    I saw this last yr, but I’m not sure when the timing was in the whole process. Not concerned, just an update.

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    Filed Joint w TurboTax: 1/18
    Paid fees up front this time
    No Advance this year. Not after last year (see last year’s commnents).
    Chose DD to my CU (VWCU)
    Fed 2/10
    AZ 2/14 (my ssn) & 2/19 (his ssn)

    No DDDs yet for either

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    Credit Karma

    #4455864 Reply

    Ours just says received, looks like this is the first year we get federal before state.

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    @kittykatatethetiger – who did you file through? We still haven’t been accepted by Arizona. Growl.

    #4455688 Reply

    Finally accepted!

    #4455610 Reply

    No major movement yet

    But I did see his update to the same msg I’ve had forever. 2hrs ago his was still saying it hadn’t been received/no found. We filed joint

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    #4455210 Reply

    Nothing here either. Still getting the “we are unable to locate your tax return” message. It’s never taken this long before…

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    Growing up, did you ever see that playground kid that kept licking the battery knowing it hurt the first time?

    That’s not us. We’re the kid he convinced to also lick the battery, despite seeing what happened to the 1st kid.

    I don’t know why I was hoping for an early Feb DDD. lol.

    #4454865 Reply

    @ahha – I know, right?!

    I’m like… don’t worry, AZ’s not IRS they’re always efficient and early, it won’t happen twice in a row….

    Then there’s some new backwards announcement

    Then I think of last year’s Stimulus1.0/ IRS/AZDOR situation.

    everything’s all flowered up. might as well smell those roses since there’s nothing else to do.

    #4454788 Reply

    @KittyKatAteTheTiger – Same boat. Arizona STILL hasn’t been accepted, 1 bar on federal. I had 1/4 date for stimulus and it deposited 12/30 with AMEX Serve. I always get my state before my Fed but Arizona has never taken this long to accept so who knows? The IGMR Facebook page is fired up with deposits tonight, I was foolishly hoping the treasury infrastructure that pushed out covid relief would fast track tax refunds too. Ha!

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    I’ve checked throughout the day, not change.
    Checked Banking App, no pending.

    Even called my Bank (VWCU) to check for pending transactions, nothing.

    My bank usually posts 3 days ahead of DDDs. Even when there’s a Holiday.

    Stimulus DDD was for 1-04 and I received it on 12-31!

    Also checked my Transcript despite being a weekly and knowing better. No change there too.

    #4454446 Reply

    @kittykatatethetiger – Any movement for you after acceptance? My return still isn’t showing up in the AZDOR database even though my Federal was accepted last Friday morning. I’m trying to gauge how quickly they are moving once I actually get accepted.

    #4453949 Reply

    Filed 1/29, Federal accepted 2/13, Arizona still hasn’t accepted. We are usually accepted sam day as fed, guess they are slow to start this year.

    #4453512 Reply

    Filed 2/1, Fed accepted 2/12, nothing from Arizona. Two years ago we elected direct deposit and they sent a check, last week it took 3 weeks to get our direct deposit. I miss the old days when Arizona DOR would accept on Friday and you’d have your direct deposit by the following Wednesday.

    #4453240 Reply

    Yay! finally updated to received for myself, but we filed joint so it still means our return was received.

    msg: “The Arizona Department of Revenue has received your tax return.
    Due to a high volume of returns at this time, please check back in two-to-four weeks.
    If you submitted your tax return more than four weeks ago, please contact ADOR at…”

    #4452990 Reply

    has anyone been received by AZ? mine is still pending.

    #4451742 Reply

    E-Filed AZ+ FED
    TT 1/18
    Fees paid upfront

    AZ is now accepting paper returns but wont be accepting E-Filed Returns until Feb 12 alongside IRS ( as always). Generally most people see “received” on AZwmr a few days after. I wonder what dates we’ll begin to see “accepted”

    Here’s an article with the update I read from:

    #4430571 Reply

    They see nothing wrong is what I meant or any indication of further review.

    #4430568 Reply

    Any one still haven’t received their AZ refund? I filed on the 30th of March and it was accepted on the 31st. And it still says AZ tax has received your tax return. Called them a couple of times and see nothing.

    #4387874 Reply

    Finally got a DDD for 3/4! Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

    #4387603 Reply

    Arizona Department of Revenue emailed me and gave me the update. Doesn’t look like they are doing updates to the online system because it’s so busy.

    #4387490 Reply

    What do you mean that AZDOR got back to you? Did they call, email what? Just wondering if mine was processed that day as well after my review was completed. Fingers crossed…

    #4387476 Reply

    AZDOR finally got back to me and said my return was processed on 2/27/2020, and that I should receive my DD in 7 – 10 business days. Lets see what happens this week.

    #4387259 Reply

    Was under review, review has been completed as of Wednesday last week and still nothing. Still receiving the same generic message of check back in 2-4 weeks. Anyone else having this issue?

    #4387242 Reply

    Still nothing here, and customer service gave me a generic answer.

    Refund status is giving me this now.

    The Arizona Department of Revenue has received your tax return.
    Due to a high volume of returns at this time, please check back in two-to-four weeks.
    If you submitted your tax return more than four weeks ago, please contact ADOR.
    In your email, please include your contact information including a phone number and the same data used in your “Where’s My Refund” inquiry.

    #4384291 Reply

    AZDOR (602) 255-3381

    This is the number I called, @Jeremy I think you should call them too. I got my Fed too. I’m just waiting on this so I can finally say goodbye to 2019!

    It’s also on the site. You’ll find it at the top, click on the dropdown list, click on “help”, then “contact us”. Just follow the options to get a person. I’m sure we’re not the only ones with the weird wording on azwmr.

    #4381423 Reply


    Finally some good news to hear. When I check my state refund it now tells me to check back on 3/17. It increases each day, but this gives me hope now. Luckily I got my federal refund already, but it would be nice to get my state as well.

    #4381050 Reply


    The refund process was completed on 2/25/2020. Paper refunds mail within three business days from this date. Direct deposits are in your account within two business days from this date.

    So I know for a fact this means it’s being mailed because Turbo Card caused my State Refund Deposit to cancel. Hopefully they do send it today. I registered for USPS Informed Delivery just for this. Hopefully it comes next week.

    #4378574 Reply
    Maddie Bullard

    I filed on 31st Accepted on the 1st and this whole time it kept saying check back 2-4 weeks. Nothing else. Except my federal refund has a ddd of tomorrow so we will see

    #4378338 Reply

    Filed on 2/8… and just like everyone else, stuck on 2-4 weeks. We’ve never had problems before. So strange. Also concerned because we just moved so if they don’t follow thru with a direct deposit, who knows if and when the check will show up.

    #4378080 Reply
    Not Accepted

    Curious if anyone has gotten updates…I’m still stuck in the 2-4 limbo. I submitted 1/28 but was not accepted until 2/7 thanks to credit karma tax issues

    #4376834 Reply


    #4373942 Reply

    I feel like something broke at AZDOR and they won’t admit it and their poor reps have to find ways to cover for the ridiculousness that has become of their refund process.

    #4373255 Reply


    Called and spoke to a rep. They mailed out a paper check instead of doing the direct deposit like we chose. Said it was security measures. We moved the beginning of February. So now there’s a check floating around somewhere that can’t be forwarded to our new address in Ohio.

    Thank you Arizona. SUPER secure now.

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