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Are you guys ready?

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    Going to be another wild year! I Hope things run smoothly. Don’t like what I heard today from irs chief but I think he’s just raising s ruckus with government over their budget cuts. So thankful we have IGMR. Over the years it has been much more informative and reliable than any place on the web. I will be doing my snooping and digging the Internet to help out as usual. Miss you all and see you soon!

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    Kristi h

    Casey I just reread what you wrote. If you are listed on the federal treasury offset program hotline as having A debt, they are going to take it out of your federal.

    Kristi h

    Casey, I’ve had that type of offset before. At first they will just deducted out of your state tax refund. But if the debt is larger than your tax refund, what will ultimately happen is they will offset your federal to cover what they haven’t been able to collect. If that were to ever happen,they simply take what they have to offset, and the rest is forwarded to you, with no delay. It’s not like in years past where you had to wait several weeks beyond


    I also filed on 1/9/2015 using TT and got a text saying accepted on 1/12/2015. Had the graphic bar on WMR up until the 14th or 15th and now it also just say’s Your refund is still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available. Hoping but the end of the week since the 20th is tomorrow!!!


    One W2 down and 1 to go!!


    Hi, y’all! We’re a lil behind this year…waiting on my W-2 since I started working back in June *sigh* Here’s hoping to receiving it by sometime next week.

    pat m

    mine says the same thing. it has for 5 days they must be holding them


    @tiffygirl thank you for answering :)


    Filed 12/29, wmr says return received…I hope in the next few days it changes to processed and approved and sent!!! Last year, I filed early as well and dd was deposited on 2/7! I’ve got my coffee and turbo shots ready and am hoping for the same results this year!!


    @smat @concerned I know last year ut meant that your refund was being processed it was like that for 2 to 3 days then it had ddd on wmr. Hoping for you both its the same this year


    It says tax topic 152


    @concerned. Mine says that now too. Anyone have any ideas what if means?


    Any HRB in test batch? HRB says transmitted but no acceptance. Filed on jan 7th


    My bars disappeared and now it only says
    “Your refund is still being processed”
    “A refund date will be provided when available”

    What does this mean what happened??


    I just filed my federal. My NY state still had a form that wasn’t ready until the 16th. I hope it’s not too late to get an early acceptance. Here’s hoping.


    Hey yall, it’s that wonderful time of year again, I am in the test batch for the 3rd year in a row, hope its smoother than last year, it’s on – the wondering, waiting, insomnia, insane amounts of caffine, this year is just getting started, may the force be with you!


    Has anyone that used Tax Act been approved? i usually use TT but this year they wanted to charge me for the same form I have always used so I went with Tax Act


    Prior early filers, how long does it usually take them to process test batches? This is my first time filing and getting accepted early. Kind of new to the process


    Hello from Montana! I filed 1/13/15 about 6:15am. I got my TT email saying it was sent successfully. Around 8am I got another email saying that my return was accepted by the IRS with the standard 21 days chatter. Later in the afternoon for grins and giggles I checked the WRM tool on the IRS site and it said it was accepted and being processed. I took it one step further and went to the SBBT website, entered my info and there was my account. So far so good. Now just sit back pray the rest goes as smoothly.


    Am back again this year. Just like the last two.. lmbo. Well havet filed yet but will use tt like always. I am hoping for a nice return. And I pray this year goes by smoothly. Last year was to much for me to handle almost.. good luck and heres to a happy taxmas


    I’m very excited. My school informed us that we get our W2s tomorrow. I cant wait to at least see my refund amount. I probably won’t get accepted into the test batch of I file tomorrow through TT.


    Just stopping by to say hello… Former 1121er from last years chaos…. Did not get my refund until September ((OUCH))…I am here again this year… but no early filing… I have a regular wage job to go along with my SE so…. still waiting on my W2 … Good Luck everyone! Cheers to a smooth Taxmas


    So I might of spoke too soon. I was able to select 2014 on the IRS App, but on their website it is not listed. don’t know if that means anything or what. Just thought I would share.


    Yes becky. It means that you can look at the cycle number and know when you are getting your deposit. The numbers stand for YYYYWWDD


    So I didn’t follow things super closely last year, but I know there was something with ordering return transcripts once things were done processing. I went on the irs app and was able to order my return transcripts for 2014. I don’t know if this even means anything. What do you guys think?


    Mines was accepted yesterday I filed on the 6th via freetaxusa.


    I just checked turbo tax and my refund that was filed on 1/9 has been ACCEPTED….the wait is on and people will see if this will be and amazing tax year or if it will have more holes than fruit loops


    Mine was accepted on turbo tax today filed last week


    If we file with our last pay stub and the income is different than the w2…will my refund be flagged or will i get a refund and then a letter from IRS later?


    @Becky. Same here. I filed on the 7th and ft is still saying pending but irs2go says it’s been received and is being processed so I’m hoping it all goes smooth: )

    Heather L

    TurboTax is apparently playing catch up with notifications :) WMR had updated for me, then TT switched from pending to accepted a couple of hours later and I just *NOW* had a text from TT that the IRS accepted my return.


    So I filed TT on 1/11. I had that form pop up during the review- I entered a 0 for line 4. Haven’t received anything from TT. But checked WMR and it shows IRS accepted return with orange bar. Hope that helps people!


    Have 1 bar on WMR filed 1/9 turbo tax


    Just got notification of acceptance by the IRS…


    i deleted form 8960 instead of just filling out zeros in line 4. I did not have investment income. Was this an acceptable solution or do you think I be delayed?


    Seeing a lot of people commenting on IGMR facebook that they were accepted and filed via TaxAct


    Back from last year! Just logged into to TA To see I was accepted today! If you didn’t get an email from Try logging in and checking manually.


    That’s AWESOME I hope I get one of those emails soon: ) congrats


    Just received an email that my tax return has been accepted by the IRS as part of the test batch. Good luck everyone! Hopefully the test batch won’t experience the SNAFUs that occurred last year!


    I honestly look for them to start accepting and pulling in terms next couple of days. Last year I submitted mine on the 4th and they got accepted on the 24th. They didn’t officially open till like the 30th so they started testing about a week b4. They officially open next week so I look for things to start rolling between now and Wednesday of this week but that’s just my opinion: )

    Patiently waiting

    As part of controlled IRS testing, a small number of federal returns will be transmitted to the IRS between January 12th and January 16th, 2015. This is before processing officially begins on January 20th. If you receive an acknowledgement during this timeframe, your return has been accepted by the IRS but your refund will not be processed early.

    If you expect a federal refund, the IRS Where’s My Refund? tool will provide personalized information about your tax return beginning January 31st. The timeframe for issuing refunds will not begin before this date.

    The IRS issues most refunds in less than 21 days. See What to Expect for Refunds for more information on when to expect your refund.

    Today, you won at taxes.

    Congratulations — you who can do anything, have successfully filed your taxes! Now inspire your friends and family by sharing yo


    I know no one knows for sure, but when do you think IRS will pull for a test batch? And do you think they pull very many returns? Again, I know no one knows for sure, but what’s your best guess based on previous years. Thanks!


    Hey! I’m back again for another year! I recognize some names in here. Hope you all are doing well! Is it too late for me to join this party? My taxes are ready to be submitted through TT but I’m having to wait on that darn 1095-a form from the Marketplace before I can hit that file button. I’m impatient and just want to get this over with. Our tax situation is a little more complicated than last year. Ugh.


    I had a former pop up at end too for tt. Also put zero. No idea what it was about really


    I just filed last night. I hope I’m in the test batch, but maybe I waited too long. I filed through TT. I’ve used them for several years. I know they charged me too much, but since I know how to use them, and like their program, I kept using them again. Hope all goes well. I had that form pop up at the end, but I just put a 0 in the line 4. Hope that was right.


    Things will start to really heat up here around the 20th.


    We are all here just kinda hanging out waiting on the acceptance notices to start coming in: )


    I’ve been wondering the same thing


    Where is everyone




    I just filed and I hope this year does not prove to be a waiting game


    Lol of course I’m here: ) I can’t imagine life without my IGMR peeps : )- I’m anxiously awaiting on my accepted email: )


    Wow I see all the old gang is here….mary, Cindy, rocky, Michele, Jemar rnd so many others. Let’s get the coffee going and get this party started. Going to be an interesting tax season for sure!


    Hi Jasvan70 and Rocky38! I remember you from last year. Can’t believe it has been a year already. I got my w-2 today and tested out HRB, TurboTax and Taxact. TurboTax gave me the best refund because they said the insurance penalty was waived but the other 2 tried to charge me $100 because my husband didn’t have insurance last year. Also HRB tried to charge $9.95 because schedule EIC was not available on the FRee edition. What crap. I used Turbo Tax last year and was not disappointed so I happy to stay with them again this year. I was so tempted to hit submit but I do need to wait on a form 1099 from selling some company stock thru my job. I only sold a little over $400 last year. Does anyone think it would hurt me if I didn’t claim it?


    Im reading everyone’s responses and I can’t wait to get my W2 next week (hopefully). I have all the information stored in TT and am just waiting to do the income part. I hope to get my refund on the 5th. It’s that a realistic goal?

    Heather L

    *Waves* Popping in to say Hi (and bookmark ;) ) — ready for the new year of crazy. Hopeful that this year is smoother then last!!!!!


    Filed through for the first time!


    Just filed through TT, hoping all goes smoothly. Child tax credit and education credits. keeping fingers crossed


    Just filed mine through freetaxusa. Hoping for a smooth process.


    I’m ready! Just filed with tt. Last year mine were delayed with the whole Tennessee hub mess, but nothing major! Hoping for another smooth year for all of us! I don’t know what I would do without you guys!!!


    Ready, filed, and biting bails lol metaphorically anyways. Didn’t know I could get an education credit for kids in college on grants


    Filed 1/6/15 Freetax USA, EIC, child tax credit. Here’s hoping for a smooth year!


    I noticed someone said they were not going to file for the education credits because it may delay their return. Is there something I haven’t heard about causing a delay in processing a return? It didn’t tell me on Taxslayer it would cause a delay.


    One thing I did not do because I was afraid of being delayed is the Education Credit, american opportunity. My son is a college student and all his tuition and room and board is paid by scholarships/grants, however I do pay his books,computer, expenses. I did qualify for 1000 credit but I did not take it I was so scared of being delayed, etc…. So I’m bummed about that since I could’ve used that extra grand, who cant? But oh well, maybe I can amend it. What proof would I need? We dont get the 1098 form since his education is paid for with untaxed dollars.


    Just filed TT, eic and child credit. I did the free version, since mine is simple. Hopefully it’s a smooth process… the waiting begins and stalking all the pages, lol!!! This is my first year filing this early, so I hope I made the right choice. I usually filed right when the irs “opens”….or the night before and I’ve been accepted then.


    I have most of the information ready. Im going to wait until the 20th so I dont get caught into trouble like otgers did last year. At least I can have it on the 1st date.


    Forms for eic were there today it went through but asked me some weird question on some worksheet I’ve never seen before. Answer was zero so hoping it won’t affect anything. Never submitted this early before but want it in and money back lol.


    I just entered as much as I could. I am debating about submitting it. Last year I remembered people who submitted early having issues of it being held up once they opened. What do you think? Should I submit it,to be held in queue for when IRS opens???


    forgot to log in I am rob in kansas

    rob in kansas

    year 3 as well tons of fun waiting with you guys last few years. filed fed and state just now may the ride begin


    Mine just went thru as well…. HOOORAAAAH !


    Try again I just filed with TT simple 1040 with two dep and EITC and forms were there. It went through


    Just e-filed with Taxact, use it every year and have no problems at all! Here’s to hoping we have our money in 3 weeks!

    pat m

    hr let me go all the way thru today.


    Turbo tax wouldn’t let me either. Said the eic forms won’t be ready till the 8th and nys til the 16th. Hoping the nys won’t delay them at least accepting my federal tomorrow

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