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Anyone with N/A transcripts update with DDD?

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    Filed and accepted 2/11 – no movement or delay messages on WMR but N/A for transcripts since I filed and was accepted.

    I’m seeing people who filed around and after when I did receive DDD and I was curious if anyone who had N/A on transcripts for a while recently got theirs and a DDD?

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      @Texas I appreciate the positivity, but here I sit 830PM EST and still….zero movement. WMR is one bar (as its been since 2/5) and all transcripts for 2021 are N/A and “no record”. This is seriously disheartening


        Same as almost everyone else
        Accepted 2/7
        No movement anywhere


          We will get ‘‘em soon. Transcripts for me updated around 7:30 pm est last year. So there’s still hope. I remember stalking it all day. I tried one last time to see if I had any movement, and I updated around that time. So positive vibes to everyone. Keep us posted and I’ll do the same.



            I feel your frustration, for sure. But I have some good news! This morning I woke up to transcripts with an 846 code and a 3/2 date! Thank the Lord! I hope you get some good news soon!


              Same boat as you. Filed 2/5, accepted 2/5, one bar on WMR since 2/5 and my transcripts, still to this day are N/A and “no return filed”. Pretty neat, eh? I’ve seen people file a week to two weeks AFTER me, celebrating their deposits today. Gotta love it

            Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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