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Anyone with jackson hewitt get$$$$?

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    has anyone that went thru jackson hewitt get paid?

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    After stupidly trusting jh preferred I had my work direct deposit added to my card. I couldn’t get logged into their website for hours due to errors, no human being exists when I try to call and ask questions on that phony number on the card; after going through each option on the end they hang up on me without warning. I feel like I’ve gotten scammed and will be contacting corporate and the better business bureau. I paid almost 400.00 for someone who seemed clueless to do my taxes. It took over two hrs because she was scared of a previous customer’s threats. I see why he was angry now. Anyone know how long it takes for a direct deposit to post from my workplace? Their pamphlet says same day, but that is clearly deceptive. The funds were sent midday and nothing is showing yet . I called a local office to ask them and after another hr on the phone I found she knew nothing and has no power. Each office is owned by different people who have bought into this bogus franchise. I’m really disappointed. I’m a first time customer and nothing went right. I never received my refund anticipation loan either and that was the only reason I went in the first place ( I qualified for it based on their guidelines yet still didn’t get it. I should have gone to hr block, they are quick, efficient, and do not have shady business practices like this company. I feel that if I trust them with my money I deserve access to a human representive rather than being hung up on repeatedly. I never heard a voice and have doubt they even have a call center. For protection, customers are required to call customer service rep within 2 days to prevent them from being vulnerable and responsible to fraud attempts. They make these rules and claim to be fdic Insured but again itohady there are no customer service reps to talk to. My taxes are simple. I should have done them myself rather than pay 400 . Ghrherr


    I filed taxes 2/13/2015 and irs claims they didn’t receive it till 2/17/2015, the it’s has it but that’s as far as it has gotten yet. I was promised a 200.00 refund anticipation loan that I didn’t receive, after I was already committed to getting my refund on the card the Jackson Hewitt told me that 50% of customers have issues with the kg preferred card. I assumed it was the temporary card, but the perm card is just as bad. I had my work direct deposit put on the card and now found that the customer service option that is offered on the card is a hoax. After going through their automated system I found that is impossible to speak to a human being no matter what option you choose. The system just hangs up on on customers

    Kaydi Lynn

    My DDD was Feb 19 and the funds were available by 8:30AM on my JH refund card… Hope this helps


    Federal tax return accepted Feb , 03,2015 i been checking it and this morning i checked it again saw all the bars on top now they are gone and my refund amount also and it says your tax return is still beening processed a refund date will be provided when available. At the bottom it says please read the following information related to your tax situtaion ,tax topic 152 refund information what does this mean for me


    I did my taxes of January 16 and to this date I haven’t received anything. I speak with Jh and their response is we don’t know. IRS said processing but no additional info. I got charge 485 with them and I still got no answer toward what happen with taxes


    Dd of today sbbt sent to card yesterday. Nothing as on now want to cry

    Shaquana Mccrary

    My deposit date is 2/11/2015 I have a jh card will I get my money in the morning or at night or the next day plz help me understand….


    they suck all the way around. wheres the professionlism


    Has any body gotten in review on the jh web page where u check the status??

    me me

    is the due date that the jackson hewit hotline give you correct (anticipation date) has anyone ever received there refund on or around that due date time the received from the JH hotline because my bars have been missing from WMR for almost a week but i have a date with JH on the hotline.. Please let me know thanks


    I filed the on the 23 of January and mines still says pending on the IRS and I filed with Jackson Hewitt now this is ticking me off


    Deposit sent 2/5/15…WMR sent deposit…still showing as pending on jackson hewitt website and no balance on JH preferred…this is a joke…not happy


    Jackson Hewitt is a major pain in the a$$!!! I am sick and tired of trying to fix their errors and they still have not resolved anything. Grrr!! I have not received my refund which was due to come in yesterday. (02-05-2015) IRS sent it, but JH’s bank said they received it and have sent it to my JH Preferred card. Still no deposit and JH preferred said they don’t have no transaction from that bank to my account. . . JH won’t help and they even screwed up on my address on both federal and state return. My state was mailed to a crazy address. I’m never taking my business there anymore.


    The jhpreferref card is a scam!


    @Jeff- You can check your DDD on IRS.GOV “where’s my refund”. But it usually has to be the 2nd bar to tell u that. There are 3 bar status, (1) Received (2) Approved -DDD date (3) Refund sent. When mine showed the 1st bar completed I requested for a tax transcript. On that transcript it shows a cycle date and I went based off that. The next day after I requested for my tax transcript my status bar on WMR changed. Hope this helps.


    I filed 01/28/2015. Got accepted by the IRS the same day and finally showed a DDD of 02/06/2015. I opted for the JH Preferred card, and it has been nothing but trouble. I called the JH Customer Service and the first lady said she didn’t see any “pending” deposits. And to wait until Monday (because they were closing for the weekend). . . I couldn’t take my first feedback so I called again, and the second JH customer service said he sees a deposit that was posted on my account today. Apparently they do all deposits by 1230pm Central time everyday. So he told me to wait 24 hours for it to be posted onto my account. I know I will not use Jackson Hewitt or the JH Preferred card next year! They have done so many mistakes up til now. I shall see if my refund is posted by tomorrow morning.


    And how do I check my DDD?


    I filed on the 20th the irs got it on the 21st, they sent half of my state on the 30th. I checked WMR for my federal and it still haven’t even been approved by the irs yet. Anyone else have this problem?




    My DDD was today (2/4). Almost midnight and nothing yet. Boo.


    I had a DDD for last Friday on 1/30 on my JH preferred card it didn’t post until around 8pm its the card they suck they had a delay on deposits then so I’m guessing they are probably still having the same problem


    Had a DDD of today. Sbtpg says they disbursed my refund yesterday and still nothing on JH preferred card


    Dd of February 4, nothing yet and it’s 7:10am


    Has anyone who was accepted on Jan 29 received money or got DD date.


    I have a DDD d or today and still nothing in the bank. This is very frustrating.


    DDD of 2/4… so far, nothing pending anywhere, and sbbt still just says record not found. I’m guessing I should have used a different service.

    Candace Grimmett

    I was supposed to receive my yesterday, but today it says refund sent, Yesterday it said approved but the estimated date was the 3rd. NOw that it says sent, what time does it come on your card?


    i filed 1-22 approved on 30th with a dd 0f 2-4 still nothing yet no pending deposite or nothing i guess i will see tomorrow but i havent been seeing any good reviews for jackson hewitt cards which is what i have

    reese handy

    Irs approved my money and it was deposit in my account on feb 2 here it is now feb 4 whats going does anybody have thr same priblem i try calling jh he said it should on there later today we will see..


    @sara it will be on the new card just call and register the new card


    Got the card they gave me when filed them got a new one in the mail, which one will my refund be sent to, they r 2 different numbers


    I had a direct deposit date of today on to jh preferred card and money was on there by 1145 this am. and I was having fees taken out too. Was getting nervous reading about all the delays, but thankfully no problems. hopefully those of you who were waiting this morning got yours too. hope my info helps!


    ***havent sorry. Also Ive Checked my transcripts and it was to be deposited today.


    Dee. I have gotten mine but TWO guys at work did today. I called up there and the lady had a list of everyone who had gotten theirs already but said they deposit several times a day and could even be Saturday morning

    Christi Nichols

    I filed with Jackson Hewitt on 1/17, accepted 1/20, got my DDD for 1/30 (WMR changed to my DDD on Wed this week). I still haven’t received funds on JH preferred card. Can’t find a way to get in touch with a person to find out what their holdup is. I haven’t used JH in years, and now, I remember why. It’s not about the holdup. It’s the fact that I can’t talk to a person.


    Omg anybody yet with Jackson Hewitt have their money on the JH preferred card I’m about to become unglued


    @nyo I haven’t checked mine this a.m didn’t want to get upset but I was told yesterday it should post by noon today


    My DDD was scheduled for Jan 30 on my jh preferred card still no money…Does anyone know what time it usually post and has anyone received theirs yet??? Please keep me informed


    Jackson Hewitt customers would u be so kind to keep those of us who haven’t received a deposit yet posted if u get your deposit thanks


    Nothing yet and jh “where’s my refund” says pending


    I haven’t yet spoke with someone yesterday and was told it should post by noon today


    Anybody get money on that preferred card yet


    Yeah i am suppose to pick a check up in office, i have a ddd fot the 30th, here is to hoping we atleast get it tomm


    I have been wondering the same thing I have this JH preferred card and my DDD is tomorrow but no money yet can someone please keep me informed if u receive your money from Jackson Hewitt

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