Anyone with accepted date around 1/27 and still N/A on transcripts?

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    I am broke

      Through the advice of the IRS seen on news articles, it is best to file early this year due to a huge backlog. I did so on Jan. 27 (filed and accepted). Since then, no update and I am 05 weekly. Was so depressing to check this week and nothing. Transcripts N/A. No notice or letter. Called 3 times since the 3rd week after Jan. 27 and been told nothing is wrong, but just to wait 10 more weeks. Every time I call, they tell me 10 more week, it does not make any sense! Is there anyone that filed around Jan. 27th and still no update? Other people here and on reddit that filed late February and early March already have their deposit dates! This is so crazy. I am so broke! I need my refund!!!

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          Trip same cycle and scenario. Get on id me and verify identity I did the other day then called irs they said I had to verify I told them I just did before I called they said I should see something in the next few weeks

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            Filed 2/3 Only have the 570 Code dated 3/14- Additional account action pending. No updates since they updated transcripts with this in 2/24. No codes Just a processing date of 03/14/2022. Cycle code is 2022085.

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            Le Sigh

              Still nothing, no letters, no trans no DDD….. le sigh!

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              I am broke

                No update as of March 24. No letters, Transcripts N/A. 2 months without my refund. I filed early and got screwed big time. What the F is this?!

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                Also broke

                  Same here filed 1/30 no letters no info wait 10 weeks

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                  Goodness Me

                    I have to correct that….1/24…no updates and the transcripts state that there is no record of my wages?? WTH!!

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                    Le Sigh

                      Same here, nothing. No DDD no transcripts no letters, WTF this sucks spoiled caviar!

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                      Goodness Me

                        I filed on 2/24.. and all in the same boat,, I only called once but was told to wait 10 weeks .. nothing wrong.. id verified online… transcripts say nothing.,.. I am very broke and I need my taxes… wanted to square things away for my kids for the summer… this sucks… will not file early if this is how it is… RIDICULOUS!!

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                          Same here excepted 1/25 n/a transcript no codes that I can see wmr was saying still being processed a week after delayed message no codes on wmr my cycle is 05 so I’m weekly now I can’t access wmr it says access denied I’m id verified so I don’t know what is going on friends filed after me have received there refund nothing special about my return nothing new🤷

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                            I filed 2/10 and accepted same day… same boat!

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