Anyone with a refund over 13k get a dd or approved

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      Just wondering if large refunds is having a major effect on approval and speed of refund

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          We are getting $12k back this year. Filed and accepted on 1/25. Have no ddd but my return transcript popped up last night with a cycle date of 20150503. Last year, we had a little over $10k refund and it was direct deposited, but took almost 2 weeks to receive a ddd.

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            I was a little under the 10,000 mark, but over with state included, got accepted 1/30, DDD for fri.

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              i choose to withhold well over that, my tax liability is very low and the withholding is a good percentage of my income, not so much for my state though.

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                i claim 0 then 3 at tax time in only around 5 g”s

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                  I claimed 1 all year. Claim 3 children.

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                    High witholding percent out of checks.

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                      first how yall getting over 10 k hook a crack up with some info i got two kids hoh eic i dont nowhere near that man

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                        Mine is a few dollars over 10k. :( i hope i dont get a check. They will charge me tons to cash it

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                          Just wanted to try to give you guys a bit of info, last year I had a very large return, I learned that 95% of returns over $10,000 will not get a DD they will get a paper check. The IRS is trying to prevent fraud, and this is one of the new measures that was set it place last year. So, if you do not have a date try not to worry as much as this might be your case that you will get a paper check instead of a DD, and yes it will take a few weeks longer.

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                            It’s not that I’m upset so much about waiting because it’s been a short time, just wondering why my acceptance changed twice, and was wondering If large refunds are going to play a role in refund speed

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                              Don’t feel bad about waiting for your 13k, I’m only 6k filed on the 20th, accepted on the 21st (even the two IRS people who would even pull up the return said the 21st) and no movement. Granted (YET!!?) no bars have disappeared and I’m still showing topic 152, but nothing since.

                              I’m with JD though, at this point, over 2 weeks in, I just want to know what’s hanging it up. This will probably be the first year I’ve gotten my PA refund before the IRS one.

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                                Just one bar for me, was accepted the 29th, woke up next morning and h&r block said it was actually the 30th, now I call the irs and they say it was the 2nd so idk what to think

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                                  I am not sure, but I have a large refund.

                                  1/22 filed/accepted
                                  Last week bars disappeared
                                  Transcripts still N/A

                                  I honestly don’t care when I get the money, but it would be nice to have at least some form of clarification of what is going on. Heck, I don’t even care if I am under review or audited, I just want to know lol.

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