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Anyone with 20150505 Cycle Post Here With Any Updates

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    As the title says if you finally got your Cycle of 20150505 Post here! Here are my current details

    Filed: 1/22
    Accepted: 1/23
    Cycle: 20150505
    Wage and Account Transcripts still say “no return filed”
    No DDD, but WMR is down for its nightly update.

    Have any info or updates leave it here folks! The end IS in site!

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    Filed through TT 1/31
    Accepted 1/31

    WMR had the bars for a few days then they disappeared. Have been sitting at your return has been received and it is being processed for over a week now.

    Cycle date showing on transcripts: 20150505

    All transcripts available


    The estimated DD date that TT and from what I gather the cycle date of this past Thursday (2/12) has come and gone with no DD in bank. Any ideas?

    Jimmy B

    I have cycle code 20150505 this year. I thought it would be helpful to share my experience from last year & compare to this year. Both years I have gone into additional review with the 570 & 971 codes. This is nothing to worry about and occurs with many tax returns. Our refund (married filing joint) for both years has been in excess of $25k and I have both ordinary income and business income/loss. Last year this is what showed up on the transcript (I’m leaving the amounts out):
    I filed last year’s return on February 12, 2014 electronically and it was accepted same day.
    150 Tax return filed CYCLE 20140905 DATE 03-17-2014
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding DATE 04-15-2014
    971 Notice issued DATE 03-17-2014
    971 Notice issued DATE 03-17-2014
    570 Additional account action pending DATE 03-17-2014
    571 Additional account action completed DATE 03-24-2014
    846 Refund issued DATE 03-24-2014 **

    **Last year I received a paper check in the mail (even though I had elected direct deposit) on March 18, 2014 even though the transcript said refund issued on March 24, 2014.

    This year I filed the return on January 21, 2015 electronically and it was accepted same day. Here is what is on my transcript today (Feb. 13, 2015)
    150 Tax return filed CYCLE 20150505 DATE 02-23-2015
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding DATE 04-15-2015
    971 Notice issued DATE 02-23-2015
    570 Additional account action pending DATE 02-23-2015
    571 Additional account action completed DATE 03-02-2015
    846 Refund issued DATE 03-02-2015

    Even though I elected direct deposit this year again, based on last year I expect to see a paper check on or about February 24, 2015 or a direct deposit prior to that. I will update what happens.


    I have a cycle date 20150505 with a processing date of Feb 23, 2015. I have codes 150, 806, 766. I called the offset hotline to verify if my husband and I owed and it said we weren’t in the system so I don’t know what the hold up is. I have checked WMR and it just says it is being processed, I don’t have any bars so who knows. Anyone else in this situation?


    I have a 20150505 w/ a 971 and 570 (for no reason at all). Return was accepted on 1/26 and have been able to view transcripts since 2/6. I am waiting for the 846. Anyone else have this scenario or an idea of when I should get the 846?


    Wmr has not updated for me but I just checked my account and my refund has been deposited.

    I used my normal bank account not a prepaid card.


    Had a ddd of Feb 11. Woke up to no $ n no change on wmr. Wth?? My refund has always been there when I woke up n years past…ugh.


    has anyone’s WMR updated yet to “Refund Sent”??
    have DDD of 2/11. but I just checked WMR and it is still on 2 bars. thought it would have updated by now. wth?!


    Just got my dd… at midnight… anyone else get an update my wmr has not updated yet


    Filed 01/28
    Accepted 01/28
    DD 02/11
    Checked my amex serve account at 12:41am and my refund had been deposited!! Plus a 20 credit from American Express.Beyond extatic. Will be using SERVE every year.


    Yay, I just got my deposit from HR Bank for my federal refund. Woo hoo!! I was getting worried. I had a code of 20150505 and i guess I would have had it sooner since i use Netspend but they had to go to HR Block Bank first since I had to pay them with a RAC. Hope you all get yours by tomorrow.


    Got a text from Republic Bank and Trust who is doing my deposit (TaxAct) that they have sent the funds to my bank and should be there in 1-5 days.


    For all those that got a cycle code but didn’t get a DDD date, same thing happened to me a couple of years ago. One day all my bars disappeared. I called the IRS and I remember them saying that my return was randomly flagged. They asked for additional information such as a Copt of my W2 since I filed electronically, among other things. Eventually they changed my refund amount to less than what I was estimated by from Turbo Tax, and they said that I could challenge it but would delay the process even more. It ended up taking 2 months from the moment they flagged me to when I finally got my refund because of the constant letters I had to wait for and the replies.


    just the codes that tell me im getting EIC, and other credits with the amount of each credit. (in the form of a negative of course) i checked this morning and i have not offsets like i did last year thanks to my ex. where does the refund code get printed?


    @confusedagain do you have a refund issue code on you tax account transcript? That’s all that matters


    Filed on 1/20/2015

    Accepted on 1/20/2015

    Bars are gone on WMR, it says an updated will be given when provided. My return is till being processed.

    My tax account transcript has cycle 20150505 and date 2.23.2015

    However I have a 971 code and a 570 code.

    I was told i would get a letter, I have not so far. Most ppl I know have gotten a letter says that they said there is nothing for them to do at this point but wait and they are not under review. I also know someone else who never got a letter and just a DD. Any thoughts on this? This is accurate as of today. I notice that updates are made on Wednesdays and Saturdays.



    so confused. I can see all but my transcripts except the work/income transcript, it appears there are no offsets. i have a cycle date code of 20150505 02/23/2015 but wmr says nothing and all my bars are gone.


    I received a email stating that Account Now received a notice that I will have a deposit by Feb. 11 and it shows as pending.

    Does this mean I may receive my funds today seeing as its a prepaid card?


    Cycle 20150505 with a deposit date 2/11. Thanks to net spend my federal was on my card by 1130pm 2/8!!

    Happy Girl

    Checked WMR this morning… Mine finally says DDD of 2/11


    Mine says approved and will b sent to your bank… No date


    Filed: 1/29
    Accepted: 1/30
    Cycle: 20150505
    All Transcripts available 02/06
    WMR updated 02/07
    DD date 02/11
    Bank Account Now
    Will let u all know if it deposit or deposit early. So happy!


    Filed 1/23…transcripts updated 2/6 and WMR update this morning with DDD of 2/11. Now just hoping it doesn’t get delayed like others who are still waiting for 2/4 deposits.


    I had cycle code 20150505 and just got my DDD 2/11 they said no later then 2/16 finallyyyy


    Filed on 1/30…accepted on 1/30….approved on 2/7… DD of 2/11/15


    Got feb. Ii dd


    DDD 2/11…so 7 days from start to finish! ☺


    YES!!! Got my WMR update too! I am so so so so so glad. Now to hold my breath till Wed! Hope it drops at midnight!

    happy person

    Filed 01/30, accepted same day, approved 02/06 with a DDD of 2/11. I’m on cycle 20150505 As well. I have a prepaid card with a routing/account number for DD and it says on their website that they deposit the tax refunds faster than bank so fingers crossed for earlier. My social sec. Comes in with the prepaid card 2 to 3 days before my bank ever did so who knows!!


    Wmr just updated! Got a DDD of Feb 11!



    Thanks I need to hear something even if it’s the terrible truth. It doesn’t matter what u going thro irs don’t gaf. I just had twins 2 mths old so they really gonna hold me up to verify that smh


    UPDATE code 20150505 has a DD for 2/11 and I finally have 2 bars on wmr yaaayyyy!!!!


    i have a ddd of 2/11 but my cycle says 05 which is supposed to be Wednesday?


    return approved!
    DDD OF 2/11
    hope it updates for the rest of y’all, too
    WHEW. what a relief.


    Yayy got an update

    WMR is updated now I’m in Dallas Texas

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 11, 2015.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 16, 2015, check with your bank to see if it has been received.


    @lin0901 – did WMR update with a DDD for you just now??


    dizznyse215 – not sure if this applies to every tax payer, but my friend was a victim of identity theft 3 years ago. ever since, she has to wait until april – may to receive her refund.


    any 05 that gets a ddd without a completed transcript?


    Wmr isn’t showing it’s down on my end. I had identity theft last year didn’t get mine until May what are the chances of that happening again. Someone tell me something plz. I lost my job I’m relying on this to pay rent


    FYI: WMR is currently unavailable. which means they are currently processing updates, If any. hopefully, good news will come for 20150505 filers!


    Okay my fellow 05ers. I filed on 1/16 accepted 1/20. saw no movement until last Friday when blank account transcripts were finally available but no return transcript. This morning I was finally able to see return transcript and full account transcript with Cycle 20150505. Which should be a dd of 2/11. When I checked wmr earlier it had not updated still one bar. But I just checked and it says return prossesing and date will be posted when available. So am I just still updating? I saw some other people ask this question but never saw a response . I also saw people that haven’t received there money and there dd dates have passed Do u still think I will see money by the 11th.? It’s my anniversary and we had big plans.. Someone help


    @jazzy – i’m scared to check…updated from 3-6AM every night. have you checked WMR yet?


    Any updates on code 20150505

    Gene Taxpayer

    Yeah when theys say account balance is 0 that mean you dont owe the IRS any ready monies from your returns. Mine say the same only it have were they took the health care penalty for hundard something dollar i dont know exact figure. Boy i tell you this has been a hectic tax year ill never help anyone file they return again a cause i heped these mexicans liveing next doors and they done whooped me cause they aint got no update in just 2 day

    Gene Taxpayer

    I got my update earlier this morning im still waiting for wmr to update. I hope everything works out i done got whooping from these mexicans that live next to me in the trailer court cause i helped em do they taxes and they aint had no progress since 2/3 and theys a blaming it on me. They was just drunk and i was just trying to be nice and it got me whooped


    I think mstorilivsand is right cus my mom has 20150503 and wmr has her DD date as Monday…. I have code 20150505 so it must be Wednesday


    Phew, finally got my cycle code and transcripts! WMR lags way behind, those with 20150505 on transcripts should see WMR updated tomorrow with a DDD of WED, 2/11. Thank goodness

    Christopher Lee

    Filed on 1/29. Accepted withing the half hour. Finally this morning, Online Transcripts opened up for Return, Record of Acct. and Account…. All and also showing 20150505 cycle code. WMR Has not been updated to reflect, however, once we’re able to get the return transcript, that’s the final stages of processing. I bank with USAA, so I should be expecting sometime between now and Wed. as well. Also, code of 846, Refund Issued with a date of 2/23/2015, but I know that it’ll get here sooner. Hopefully the WMR will update tonight to reflect the correct status…. All is good, and I can finally get these bills caught up….


    filed and accepted on 1/31. checked WMR – still processing on 1 bar.
    BUT…my i could access my account transcripts for the first time today.
    had a couple of codes and the last code said 846 – Refund Issued 2-23-15.
    cycle date: 20150505. which means wednesday of this upcoming week. this is a glimmer of hope!
    my transcripts did not update until today. y’all need to check your transcripts again…
    also…it says in the middle section of my transcripts: account balance: $0
    is that a good thing or a bad thing??

    Paul Scribner

    I just checked my IRS account. My refund transcript and my account transcript are available. I have the cycle code 20150505 and the refund date on my transcript says 2/24/2015 so I went to check last years. Last year I had a cycle code of 20140605 and it said the date for my refund was 2/24/2014 but I received my refund by direct deposit on 2/12/2014 so I am still trying to figure it out. On WMR it still says that my return is processing as of a hour ago and the IRS said that once your return transcript is available your return has been completed.



    TurboTax Filer for the Last Time.
    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/26
    Received State Refund 2/5
    Checked Account Transcript this morning and also got Cycle Date 20150505, meaning Wednesday of next week 2/11. Depending on your bank it could be earlier or later. Had code 846 meaning Refund Issued.


    The where’s my refund tool only updates once per 24 hours overnight so those of us that got our transcripts with the 20150505 cycle date should see the update on wmr early tomorrow morning


    I filed on 1/21. Accepted 1/21. I’m still on one bar on WMR. I read on here where you could look at your transcripts so I pulled them up. It says I have cycle 20150505. Under my codes I have in order: 150,806,766,570,768. I read somewhere that if you have a code after the 570 it doesn’t mean your frozen. Does anyone have any info that could help me know when I am going to get my refund? Thank you.


    My husband got his dd on 1/27 and his transcript says 846 2/16.. He believes that the date on there is 21 days after he got it. I dont think they date has anything to do with it.


    Good question, but if you put a correct acct. number and routing number in then it should be deposited into your bank account. The 2/23 date is on everyone’s transcript it’s suppose to be the latest date for a check to be mailed or the latest date for you to see a deposit “Word on the threads”.


    I know when I filed I selected DD and I put my account/routing number in correctly… but is there a place on the IRS website or transcript that I can triple check this information just to make sure my refund is scheduled to be deposited into said account and NOT by paper check ??



    I saw where someone said that 2/23 means the date you should recieve a check if your money will be mailed not sure how true just word on the thread


    Filed 1-28 (got hung up due to Arkansas glitch)
    Accepted 2-4

    Got all transcripts this morning 20150505 cycle code with 846 refund sent code!


    Last night my account transcript was not available and now it is this afternoon. I am seeing the same thing as everyone else.. cycle 20150505 with the refund issue code 864 and then the date everyone else is seeming to get of 02/23/2015.

    However when I check the IRS website, im still at the first bar… yet I am having some movement with the transcript it seems…

    So whats up with that date of 02/23? I have seen a few responses saying we should get the refund in the next week because of the 20150505 code, but whats that late Feb. date all about?

    This is my first year filing taxes lol (dont i feel so grown up lol) so I am very confused on all these codes, terms, and dates if anyone would like to break it down a little more that would be swell. hehe



    I am so happy for the information just got the cycle code: 20150505…it also say direct deposit of 2-23-15..I hope it comes before that..



    01 = Thursday

    02 = Friday

    03 = Monday

    04 = Tuesday

    05 = Wednesday

    Our cycle for 20150505 states that we should have our refund next Wednesday. :) Come next week… Bills will be paid OFF and stress go down, for a few days at least. Then we will all be patiently waiting for next year. LOL


    I have the 20150505 – but my 846 refund date says 02/23 – hoping it’s 02/11 like everybody is saying – i gave up trying to decipher it all!

    Filed 02/02 – Accepted in minutes
    Already got state deposited yesterday morning

    Transcripts results:
    Processing date says 02/23
    846 Refund issued date says 02/23/2015
    Cycle Code is 20150505
    WMR still sitting at one bar


    20150505 means we will have DDD show up tomorrow morning (most likely) with DDD for 2/11 So just be patient, we are at the end of the road now! The stress levels can go down now everyone! :) Be blessed!


    Filed and accepted 1/29.
    Transcripts just updated!!
    20150505, and it says I’ll have my refund Feb 23rd…?

    Does this mean I won’t get it until then, or can I get it earlier?

    Meghan W

    I have the 20150505 code on my trascripts, filed taxes 1/30/15, accepted same day at 9am. But per transcripts my refund is for 2/23/2015.


    I woke up to a cycle date of 20150505. The Account transcript was there, and now the record of account transcript is posted. It says I will have the $ by Feb. 23! Yahoo! Just in time to pay for my account on the Disney Dream!


    Filed and accepted 1/27 transcripts updated 2/6 have code 20150505 846 refund,but says processing 2/23whats does this mean??? This is aggravating this year….


    I just checked now my other transcript is viewable it’s got an 846 next to refund issued. So now that means?


    I filed on 1/24 accepted a few hours later. Last Thursday account transcript showed up blank. Woke up this morning to all transcripts available with cycle 20150505 and the 846 code for the last 3 years my transcripts have updated on a Thursday night/ Friday morning. I hope this helps. Oh FYI I filed my friends taxes the same day and she received her refund on Monday feb 2nd.


    Soooo…….I filed on 1/20…..2/10 will be my 21 days. One bar on WMR and the only transcript I have is the wage report which says no refund filed. Anyone in the same boat? There’s no way I will get my refund by 2/10 at this point and I’m starting to freak out a LOT.



    Once your ACCOUNT transcript shows look at the bottom for the 846 refund issued code along with 20150505

    Should see deposit on Feb 11th


    I have a 20150505 cycle on my refund Transcript but I can’t see the other part yet. What do the other codes I see people getting mean? If I have 0505 when should I see my return.


    Filed and accepted 1/27/15 and this morning transcripts were updated to 846 code and cycle date 20150505. Still no update to WMR though.


    Thank you very much for the info. I went back onto the other transcripts and did find the code finally. Looking forward to seeing the money next.

    I just want to say that I have seen so many helpful people on here. I have only seen one person that was rude and using language that really wasn’t called for. Thank you to everyone for helping others of us with our questions. It really has been appreciated!


    Cycle code 20150505 means Wednesday (the last 05) of week 5 of 2015 (201505 part). So Feb. 11, 2015 is your refund.
    It is a little confusing, but once you figure out it is the year, followed by the number week for the IRS cycles then you just determine the day. IRS starts Thursday and doesn’t count weekends so it goes…. Thursday 01, Friday 02, Monday 03, Tuesday 04, and Wednesday 05. Hope this helps. I have another post for dead cyclers and weeklies if you want more information I have posted a lot there.

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