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      I am cycle code 20150503 and have DD of 2/9 just wondering if anyone receives today or sees it pending today.

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      Accepted 1/27

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          I have a deposit date of 2/9. I split my refund this year. I got the 1 money friday night. The other money which is going on a walmart preferred moneycard i am still awaiting a deposit. So i will not be using this walmart card moving forward.

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            I filed with taxact on 02/01/2015. It was accepted that same day. I had a DDD of 02/09/2015, I got everything deposited to my Amex BlueBird account and it was on it at 11:59 p.m. PST on 02/06/2015. I was thinking they would wait until Monday to post as some banks do, but was very glad they released it over the weekend. :)

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              @jessica Yes, they DD on weekends or at least mine did. I have Emerald card too and refund deposited sometime overnight, woke up to it this morning. Scroll down I already posted my info.

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                Filed feb 2nd and was received same day. Then the 4th it was approved with dd date for 02/09 and still nothing. Does anybody k if they dd on weekends I’m using the emerald card from h r block

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                  Filed 1/31, accepted 1/31 using Freetaxusa. DDD of 2/9, was in both my accounts this morning, Chase and credit union

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                    Filed 2/1 with H&R Block, fees taken out of tax return for filing and for refund anticipation check. Accepted the same day and on 2/5 got a DDD of 2/9. Funds are going to the emerald card and have been checking both the Emerald card and Where’s my refund. Still no DD yet and where’s my refund still at 2 bars. I’m expecting it to be there on Monday morning, but it would be wonderful if i would get it early.

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                      I have a ddd of 2/9…. I paid my fees upfront and filed with Turbo Tax. Nothing is showing as pending in my babk account. Will they be sending on Monday or would the IRS have already sent it? I bank with BMO Harris and I think if they send on 2/9 then it will take another day to release. Any thoughts on if the IRS should have already sent it or will they send on the ddd date??

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                        I don’t have my deposit yet. I called my bank (pnc) and was told my deposit is pending and should be posted Monday. What time is everyone seeing their deposits?

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                        just here

                          Any 2/9ers not got refund?

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                            So I filled on 1/31 and had the DDD of 2/9. I split my deposit between a Bluebird card and a Walmart Moneycard Preferred card. This morning my money on my Blue Bird card is here but my money on the Walmart Moneycard is not. It is the Preferred version that has rapid payroll deposit, so they are not supposed to hold deposits, but release them as soon as they get notified.

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                              1/31 filed, accepted 2/1 with HRB online and fees taken out of refund.
                              2/4 able to get transcripts and 2 bars on WMR, DDD 2/9.
                              Woke up this morning and refund on my Emerald Card!!!
                              Good luck everyone!

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                                Woke up to a Direct Deposit this morning both FED and CA

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                                  Filed: 1/30
                                  Accepted same day using turbo tax. I was able to see my transcripts around 2/4 with cycle 20150503. WMR updated 2/6 with DDD of 2/9. I chose to have my fees taken out of my refund. IRS released my refund to sbtpg yesterday 2/6 and their website said it was sent to my bank which is a Wal-Mart money card backed by greendot. As of this morning no pending deposit, I called their customer service number, guessing they don’t process DD’s on the weekend as my child support payment should have gone through as well today. Sad to still see a balance of .39 on my card, here’s hoping to Monday morning!

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                                    Filed exempted 1/24. HRB with rac to pay fees. Ddd of 2/9. Was hoping to get refund today but I guess it will be Monday.

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                                      20150503 DD 2/9. Just woke up and its in my account. I use suntrust. Good luck everyone!

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                                          i just checked my bank and ITS THERE YAYYYYYYY

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                                            I got mine today!!!! Well it’s pending and will be released in 30 mins!!!

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                                              nope not yet i guess monday moring

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                                                Anyone get refund early or see it pending yet?

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                                                  I am also cycle 20150503 with a DDDf of 02/09 waiting to see if anyone got it already.

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