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Anyone using WMAR? Also IRS made mistake!

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      E-filed amended return on 5/10/22 WMAR updated 5/11/22 saying it could be 16 weeks; transcripts updated 5/13/22 to as of date 5/30/22 anyone else? And does it really take 16 weeks?

      Did the IRS mess up on anyone’s 2021 refund? I got my initial refund in March but it was reduced. Turns out IRS made a mistake and now I’ll get that money back. But will the 2021 transcripts change or they add a new transcript?

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        Tired of checking and nothing


          Nothing yet


            WMR UPDATED💗


              The mistake was updated not the amended. Hopefully soon for the amended I read where it could take 20 weeks smh hopefully not.


                Transcripts updated Friday am. Now WMR should be next will check around 6am it’s just now 12am Saturday EST


                  My brother had to do the same thing it didn’t take 16 weeks it will be sooner.


                    I’m in the same situation, I will update here.


                      The amended return was for 2020 didn’t add that, but hopefully I’m not the only one waiting. Anyone else?

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