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      E-filed amended return on 5/10/22 WMAR updated 5/11/22 saying it could be 16 weeks; transcripts updated 5/13/22 to as of date 5/30/22 anyone else? And does it really take 16 weeks?

      Did the IRS mess up on anyone’s 2021 refund? I got my initial refund in March but it was reduced. Turns out IRS made a mistake and now I’ll get that money back. But will the 2021 transcripts change or they add a new transcript?

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          Tired of checking and nothing

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            Nothing yet

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              WMR UPDATED💗

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                The mistake was updated not the amended. Hopefully soon for the amended I read where it could take 20 weeks smh hopefully not.

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                  Transcripts updated Friday am. Now WMR should be next will check around 6am it’s just now 12am Saturday EST

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                    My brother had to do the same thing it didn’t take 16 weeks it will be sooner.

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                      I’m in the same situation, I will update here.

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                        The amended return was for 2020 didn’t add that, but hopefully I’m not the only one waiting. Anyone else?

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