Anyone update yet after faxing 8962 & 1095 A?

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    Just wanted to start a thread for all of us In this mess.

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    hello !!
    ive been reading trying to find some answers, ive been waiting for my taxes for months now ! (its 08/26/2019 and i filed 02/01/2019)
    i faxed in my 1095A along with the other paper june16 and the bars went away and got the 152 with the still processing and a date will be provided when available .
    its been 10 weeks since i faxed the 1095A back and i still havent heard anything .
    someone help !!!!!! it says 6-8 weeks and its been 10 weeks.
    im currently on hold waiting for irs to answer so i can ask but i have no info so far .



    Got request for form 1095-A , mailed om May 4th. up to date there I still get the ” still processing statues! it is July and I have no info.
    I need the $$ to pay for my security deposit for new apt. I hope nothing is wrong. did it all myself coz I could not afford the $200 fees to an accountant.



    Hey guys! I had been lurking these threads online since April when I submitted my tax refund. I submitted my tax return on 4/7/2019, then it took a couple of weeks for the status bars to disappear. Showed “Your tax return is still being processed, a date will be posted when available” for over a month. I was so worried that something went wrong. Then I get a letter in the mail saying they were missing my 1095a and 8962. Mailed it in and then waited another month. I was getting anxious at this point as it had been almost 70 days since I’d submitted my return – i was checking daily, scrolling through forums and found some reassurance on my Transcripts when I went to the IRS website! It showed a “processing” date of 6/24/2019 and a “Notice sent” as well as “additional information required” was posted on the transcript itself. Then, I checked the WMR site, and it finally updated last night to a DDD of 6/24, and that my tax return was higher than expected. Be patient guys, I’m praying for you all! I know it’s hard. You GOT THIS!



    Took full 6 weeks.



    Figured I’d share my experience since I read this for my own insight!

    Filed feb 28
    Notified need for 1095A beginning of April
    Faxed April 19th

    **called 4 or so weeks later and was told we’d have to refile??? And then 2 days later they were approved on May 23rd

    Received our direct deposit on the May 28th! Finally!!



    Here’s my experience
    Filed 3/19 got accepted the next day
    got a letter around the 2nd week in april (missing 8962 form)
    Faxed 8962 4/18
    Called irs about 3 weeks later… still processing blah blah blah
    No bars on WMR
    No transcripts record for filing the year of 2018
    This Monday 5/20 wages and income update on transcript
    yestersday all my transcripts were available along with code 846 refund date
    Today WRM says refund will be deposited by 5/24



    I filed my taxes 3/6
    Received a 4/3
    Faxed on 4/16
    I am currently on my 4th week, I haven’t called since the week after I faxed my paperwork. I do plan on coming tomorrow. I feel it shouldn’t take this long to process a tax return. This is the longest I’ve ever waited 2 months.



    Filed and accepted 3/20
    Bars disappeared almost 3 weeks later.
    Called IRS right after and was told I a letter would be sent to fax over 1095/8962 appears.
    Faxed them over 4/10
    WMR updated with 152 tax topic and refund replaced with December 31 2019 5/4
    WMR went back to “still processing” message with refund back on, the next day
    On 5/11 WMR finally updated to a DDD of 5/15!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Boy was it a long ride for me. Hope this helps someone.



    Finally updated Friday to deposit by Tuesday the 14th. Filed 2/5, got letter early March, faxed on the 8th. Took the whole 8 weeks!



    What fax number did you use? My rejection letter was thrown away, but I have the 1095a and 8962.



    Here’s my timeline

    Efiled on March 4th
    Where’s my refund had that tax topic 152 thing for like 3 weeks with no changes
    Received letter asking to fax in my 8962 and 1095A on March 27th
    Faxed in my forms on April 11th
    My transcripts updated saying that my funds will be deposited on May 3rd on April 30th
    Where’s my Refund Updated today May 1st with the message saying that my refund balance has changed and money should be received by May 8th

    So hopefully our money should be deposited soon!!! Will update once money hits the account



    I’ve been following this thread when I was looking for answers when my refund was delayed. Here’s my timeline:

    filed 3/5
    accepted 3/6
    bars are gone, WMR says the still processing message with no TT152, 3/24
    got letter from IRS 3/29 dated 3/27 for missing Form 8962 (healthcare)
    sent missing forms via fax 4/1
    refund amount is gone replaced by tax period ending Dec 31 2018, topic 152 came back, still says processing, 4/17
    TT152 went away again and original refund amount came back, still says processing, 4/21
    on 4/22, spoke with IRS agent and was told fax was received and processed on 4/12, letter is coming this week, the IRS agent said to wait 6 weeks from 4/12.
    on 4/27, WMR bars came back, noticed of approved and refund sent
    estimated deposit date 5/1, also explaining change of refund amount.

    It took exactly 1 month since I faxed the form. Hope this helps.



    Finally got a DDD date of 5/1
    Filed 2/17
    Faxed letter 3/27
    WMR updated 4/27 @ 4am
    Took about 5 weeks



    Do u have the 846 refund code on scripts.. that’s the date they will deposit..



    Efiled 2-11
    3/31/19Faxed forms 1095 and 8962
    Have not gotten any update just checked transcripts and have a ddd of may 6 maybe… jesus christ !. Does that mean I’m getting them may 6 have notice code 766 and 575 idk what it means



    Hell no I’m getting fraustated I filled on March 6th got approved same day got a letter through mail on March 22nd faxed paperwork 1095A form and a 8862 form on March 26th and still nothing now it is April 24th and nothing I’m bothered and don’t know what to do.



    Filed 2/11
    Accepted 2/11 (5 min after filing)
    Lost bars around 2/21
    Received letter 3/22
    Faxed forms 3/23 (sat)
    Transcripts finally showed 2018 on 4/13
    Got DDD of 4/24 on 4/19
    Split deposit – CHIME card deposit available 6 am on 4\22
    Assuming BOA deposit will be there some time tomorrow.

    What a shitty tax year.



    @ Ashley it is very frustrating l went threw same crap. forever no agent could tell me the hold to just wait the 9 weeks. l had no hope and finally this weekend got a date almost 7 weeks.. can u see ur transcripts they r very helpful u will b able to see how many notices and if the hold was lifted. were both ur letters for the same thing.



    I filed on 1/28, return was accepted the next day.
    Nothing for a long time. Bars disappeared. Couldn’t get info.
    Passed the 21 day mark, IRS told me my refund is delayed because of a government credit. Ok.
    Call again. Told I’m missing this form and I was mailed a letter. Didn’t get the letter for another 2 weeks. Faxed the form on 2/22. Got confirmation it was received.
    It has been 8 weeks. Nothing has changed. They haven’t given me any information. They had sent another letter that was very vague. I asked if this meant they need an additional 8 weeks. Agent said no, it was mailed before late is all.
    Different agent says the letter clearly asked for more time.
    So now, they’re telling me it’s an additional 8 weeks. Agent promises it won’t be that long.
    What the actual hell is going on with this? I’ve been patient but now I’m very frustrated.



    F/A 1/28
    Letter 3/07
    Faxed 3/08
    Finally DDD of 4/24
    Took 6 weeks



    F/A 1/23
    Received letter beginning of March for 8962 and 1095a
    Mailed them on 3/11
    Checked wmr yesterday and was surprised that I’m getting more money back than expected and have a DDD for 4/17.


    Miss pissed of

    So for everyone wondering what happens when they fax over their taxes and aren’t hearing anything back…Well its because the irs people are giving you the wrong fax number. I notice my bars went missing on 2/20 i didn’t wait for a letter. i called the irs and the agent told me what i needed and gave me a fax number which i followed up with a week later to confirm the number. i faxed my paperwork over on 2/26 they received it 2/28. I noticed i kept calling and they had no new information to give me. I finally talked to a wonderful irs agent, who explained to me that my paperwork was faxed to the wrong location. no fault of my own. He said when the irs agent told me to fax my papers over. she was to lazy to research where my papers was suppose to be faxed to.I received a letter on the 6th week asking me to allow an additional 60 day which would be 6/19. The agent also told me that my paperwork didn’t get to the right place until 4/5 which really ticked me off. so if your not getting the answers just keep calling and someone is bound to give you the right answers.



    filed 2/5.
    got letter in mail 3/16 needing these forms.
    faxed them back 3/20.
    it’s 4/8 and i am still waiting on a date for refund.
    this shit is beyond annoying.



    Accepted on 2/15
    Called IRS on 3/8 and was told letter was sent out but I could fax 1095 and 8962
    Received letter on 3/14
    Faxed on 3/8
    Called 3/18 and 3/26 and they said they had nothing
    Called 4/1 and was told they have it but not change in processing status
    Called 4/5 and was told it takes ten days from the time they receive it to process it. Then I have to wait for a DDD or a letter in the mail that could take up to 6 weeks.
    It’s ridicocrazy to me how long and drawn out this process is.



    Filed and accepted 1/30
    Received 12c letter 3/7
    Faxed 1095a and 8962 3/7
    Transcripts updated to 971 and 570 around 3/21
    846 code 4/4
    Refund pending in my credit union 4/4



    Approved through Turbo tax 2/4

    Called 3/4 the IRS said that I was missing 1095A and 8962 and gave me a fax number and address. They told me it could be weeks before I recieved the letter so to send the forms now with a note explaining I had not received letter yet.
    3/6 IRS signed via certified mail
    4/5 still no refund, cant order tax transcripts, still processing.

    * called IRS 3/25 they told me they can see absolutely nothing and have no clue if the paperwork was even recieved. Basically I have to wait 8 weeks and then if nothing resend paperwork and wait another 8 weeks. That makes no sense they signed via certified mail.


    Heather Shumate

    3/11 Faxed 8962 & 1095-A
    I have called and its been approved told me it could take up to 6 week. Refund status has no change, says processing and no bar



    Hi everyone!

    Here’s my timeline!

    2/26- filed and accepted
    3/18- called IRS because of no update, they told me ater was mailed 3/08 but that I needed to send in 1095-a and 8962 filled out. Found out I should get an additional $93.
    3/22- faxed 1095-a and 8962 with cover sheet

    WMR still shows no change. I plan on calling tomorrow to see if anyone can give me an answer. But just trying to find a timeline to expect refund. Its driving me crazy not knowing.

    Anyone have anything similar or a recent update?



    I filed 2/9
    Accepted 2/9

    Received a letter 3/18
    Faxed letter with 8962 & 1095A forms 3/19

    Still haven’t seen any updates on WMR

    Hopefully I’ll see an update soon.
    The IRS keeps telling me that I need to wait for 8 weeks and if they don’t have the fax by then I would need to refax again and wait another 8 weeks….. I’m fed up with the IRS



    Filed 1/28

    Letter received 2/25

    1095 and 8692 mailed 3/6

    Called IRS today and the agent said that mine started processing 3/22 and I should see my refund 6 weeks after that.

    Though I suspect sooner.



    Not yet! Like @Jocelyn, I just was told that mine has been selected for further review. The IRS agent with whom I spoke said that this is fairly common, and — barring any other issues — the refund should come within 4-6 weeks.

    F: 1/28
    A: 1/28
    Still processing: 02/14
    LTR0012C: 03/21
    Sent 8962 + 1095A: 03/22

    Fingers crossed!


    Jocelyn Phillips

    Mine went to the quality department for approval. Filed 2/2. Faxed 1045 and 8962 on 3/7. No ddd just more run around….



    My transcripts updated yesterday with a ddd of 4/3 and my wmr updated last night with the same date. I faxed my forms in 3/11



    Anyone get an update?



    I faxed without cover letter and 2 weeks later got approved so trust me they got it as long as u sent it to that fax they gave u



    1-800-829-0582 ext 653




    Thats odd this is my timeline

    F/A 1/29
    2/27 called irs siad letter had gone out
    3/9 received letter 12c
    3/11 faxed in 1095 a and 8962
    3/23 got ddd for 3/27 !!



    what number should i call and extension?



    faxed 1094A and 8962 on february 22 it’s march 25 now no response smh



    I filled 1/29
    March 3 faxed 1095 i Still dont have update am freaking out I know nothing and liberty tax isn’t very helpful… can someone please help me?


    Angie smith

    So I had to fax in forms 1035 and 8962. I faxed late sat night on Thursday March 14. Just today I logged in to where my refund and finally says approved and DD date March 27. So it took 12 days total



    Faxed in March 1, just direct deposit date 3/27



    Finally updated 3/27 ddd it’s been long II filled 1/24 accepted got pulled for 8962 faxed on March 9th today updated to ddd



    Laura…..same boat as you were in, but no update for me. :( Congrats!



    Finally got an update this morning. Refund was more than Jackson Hewitt calculated. Deposit date 4/1/19 thank god this is almost over. Thank y’all for being supportive and talking me through this. See y’all next year. Good bless!



    @ everyone: good morning y’all, I finally updated to my deposit date March 27!!!



    Update finally ddd for March 27
    My refund was less than I expected but it’s still enough to get what I need done



    I finally updated to approved ddd set for 3/27..faxed my paperwork in on 3/4



    Finally !!!
    1/30 f/a
    3/08 recieved 1095 8962 letter
    3/11 faxed letter
    3/21 called irs was told to wait 6 weeks
    3/22 transcript finally changed from n/a to 2018
    No dd yet but so happy for some progress:)



    Is the update tonight or tomorrow night




    F/A 1-29
    2/15 Lost bars and still processing message
    2/27 called irs was yold a letter was sent out
    3/9 received letter 12c
    3/11 faxed 8962 and 1095
    3/22 transcripts updated and code 846 for 3/27 so hang in there everybody and good luck !!


    Benjamin Fletcher

    I have an update……. I filed 1/28 and.lost bars 2/10 since there was one update that brought me a tt152 error for 2 days then went away i faxed my 8962 1095a in 2/25 they got it 2/28 i called every few days and they said today i have a date in the system for 3/27 and no wmr hasnt updated mayne saturday it will.



    1/30 f/a
    3/08 recieved 8962 and 1095 required letter
    03/11 sent fax
    03/20 turbo tax sent email requiring payment
    03/21 was told by irs rep. To wait 6 weeks

    Such a headache.



    2/2 Filed and accepted
    Being processed TT152
    2/22 Switched to STILL being processed and TT152 disappeared and Amount Remained
    3/2 Received Letter for 1095 A & 8962
    3/4 Faxed required documents
    3/13 Called to request TA. Informed my fax was NOT received. Told to wait 3 days for an advocate to contact me.
    3/18 Advocate called STILL stating fax not received. Asked for documentation I sent and to give it 3-5 business days for an update. Also, advised I should know something no later than 4/8.
    3/20 TT152 Returned and Refund Amount Disappeared. Looks like movement, not sure exactly what it means though.

    Any thoughts?



    Looked over my transcripts and everything I’m seeing says 4/1 and 4/15?? Something about a notice on 4/1 and credit 4/15… so deposit date 4/15??? I’m so tired of this whole process. Can anyone clarify this?



    I just called and spoke with the IRS. I filed 2/1 and faxed in this paperwork on March 4th and they said it’s been received and processing and it could take up to 4 more weeks to process.
    I’m so tired of waiting!! I was borrowing a friend’s car till I got my taxes but wasn’t expecting it to be this long and now have to give their car back which means I’m going to lose my job because a bus doesn’t come to where I live and I work to far to walk. I’m so sick of this tax year



    Don’t feel bad same situation I faxed my 1095 form 2/26 just called today its being processed it’s being treated as a paper return they will send a letter on April 1st showing my amount of return and it will have my deposit date on the letter



    Faxed my missing form 1095a 2/25/19 still no update. I’m going nuts!




    Yes 330 am -6 am est and say morning same time . Good luck !!



    Is there a update tonight



    What fax number is everyone faxing to?


    Donna C

    Transcripts are finally showing. But I have codes 971 and 570 with the Date 4-1-19. Guessing that means they won’t even start the review process until April 1st. If I had time to sit on hold for an hour I would call to see what in the world is going on.



    I’m just prayin for some news at the end of the week. I have figured ways to survive without the money as I have no choice but to do so. At this point I’m angry. It’s my money and I need it. Wish they would provide more detailed information when we call. I’m so frustrated with the whole thing. As I said never have I ever dealt with such a delay. Not even when I was handling my parents estate when they passed away and I was the fiduciary for the IRS. Bet if I owed money they would be able to tell me everything. Lol. Good luck to you let me know if you update at all.


    Benjamin Fletcher

    I called last monday and wed and both reps said the same thing no updates though


    Benjamin Fletcher

    @donna the exact thing happened to me only i have no ta ad i filed accepted 1/28 when i called the irs she said they fixed everything and owe me more than before and its just sitting waiting to be processed . i would say its been sitting for almost 2 weeks now. She said at this time nothing else was needed from me



    So i finally updated on sat to tt152…on sunday it was gone and I went back to the still processing message. Transcripts still N/A. TA has not called me yet. Faxed my 1095a and 8962 on 2/28. Called today and the rep told me its a zero update and thats all I can say cause our computers are down. Smh…ridiculous. I filed on 1/25. I believe I am a weekly so I guess I’m waiting another week for something magical to happen. In my entire adult life I have never dealt with something like this. Been filing the same way for 16 years.



    Yes 3/20



    Rach have u had a update or ddd yet



    Meka when did u send ur paper work In.



    Yes I faxed my paperwork on 2/26/2019 they told me 8 weeks too. Has ur wmr updated at ll



    Seems like every getting told 8 weeks..smh



    How do I get a tax advocate



    Finally a red of 3/20!



    UPDATE just got ddd of 3/20



    I faxed my 1095 on 2/26 called to see if a TA could help me. She said I was already being processed with a DDD of 3/27 so she didn’t have to do anything just called and gave me the update. So it’s really not taking 8 weeks at all.

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