Anyone stuck on "Your refund is still being processed"

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    Bobby Mcinvaille

    I have been stuck on this since 1/20 before this I had the accepted bar. This is the first year I filed early was accepted on 1/13 through TT. Normally I file around the second week stuff opens. Anyone else stuck on this or know anything about it? I have topic 152 but that is it. I called and have no hold-ups. Have had the same situation for at least 7 years with nothing changing.

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    Ray M

    I’m having the same problem. I efiled with TurboTax on 3/22 and it was accepted. I have received my state return already but not my federal. It just says “Your Tax Return is still being processed.” and is showing the amount. There are no bars or codes or anything. I haven’t been able to get a hold of a living person calling the IRS yet either.

    I’m not sure really what to do at this point.



    Still waiting f/a 2/10 ID verified on 2/25 they said wait 6 weeks. Couldn’t see my transcripts prior to ID verify. They were n/a. Recieved 570 on transcripts after ID verifying which is normal I know that. Now have been stuck on return is still be processed date will be provided when available. No bars. Topic 152. What to do my weeks are up and nothing. I don’t qualify for a advocate. My as of date is Aoril 6, 2015. It changes randomly all the time to April 27, 2015 and then goes back to April 6, 2015. Sometimes it will stay at April 27,, through out the day and then randomly switches back to April the 6, 2015. Makes no sense whatsoever.



    Soo I filed 1/31 was accepted since called after 21 days was told to wait 6-8 weeks called 8 weeks later was told to wait another 6-8 weeks checked my status today it changed from we are still processing your tax return to we have received your tax return don’t know what that means but I still have NO tax return and its 4/23 I’m kind of a little fed up with calling these people they’re getting on my last nerve.



    @ Cyndi,
    What forms did you have on your tax return, just curious as to how and why your refund had increased? Usually IRS doesn’t correct increases needing to be done but are automatically looking for errors to find more money ppl owe them. Did they say why you got an increase, by how much did you increase? Did your tax topic change at all while you waited for your refund which might had indicated you were getting an bigger refund?

    If IRS resequenced my return on 4/13 when will it go into processing, and when should I expect an refund? I used HRB online software and @ 1st they said $600 would be deducted from my credits aka remains would be my refund then before e-filing, automatically with me making no changes to my return HRB showed msg that I was being chrgd $1200 and subtracted it from my credits which brought my refund down by the $1200 instead of $600. It doesn’t show anywhere as to how or why what I owed to IRS increased by double along with; I went over my tax returns like millions of times and all that shows is amount owed $1200, Credits amt, then says they took credits amt – $1200 = my refud amt.



    I filed using Turbo Tax; return was accepted by IRS on 3/26. 22 days the IRS website has said “your return is still being processed. A DD date will be supplied…” No live people to talk to on the IRS provided phone numbers so thank you for posting the number above. I’ll call on Monday. This is the first year I’ve had this problem. Hummm…..government out of money for the common people? They’ve given it all to the billionaires, banks and Wall Street.


    Dale Eliz

    The hold that was placed on my refund was lifted on April 9th. How long will it be until I get my refund?



    I’m having the same issue where we went form the progress bar to ‘your application is till being processed and a refund date….’. You can’t get anyone on the phone so for this year, I’ll claim the max and end up paying the IRS on 4/15 next year to help manage this.



    BUMPing this thread…

    I still haven’t received an update. Spoke to an irs rep on 4/13 and the lady said she was sending a referral to a “special” dept to put me back into processing.


    Trishalla Bell





    If you’re looking for the number to reach the Identity Verify dept its 800-830-5084. You can also verify at




    I filed on Feb,25th as a paper filing, A week before I verified my status it shows they received my returns and it will be processed in 21 days. and after couple of days the bars wipe it of and now it saysYour tax return is still being processed.A refund date will be provided when available. Anyone has any idea?






    @trishalla Bell

    can u please give me the self id number .. please



    Can someone tell me what the self id is ? And the number ?
    I am still waiting and requested a tax advocate who never called me …
    Please give me some information



    Filed/accepted 1/28. On 2/8 i received a 4606c letter. Called IRS on 3/10 and was told its in the error department. April 8th was the end of the allocated days from letter. Do I even bother calling again? What is the self ID line number to call?


    Trishalla Bell

    after filing and and getting my taxes accepted on march 16…… and being stuck on the same message for 21 days and calling to self id the past wednesday this is the message i got when i checked this sunday morning

    “Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by April 15, 2015.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by April 20, 2015, check with your bank to see if it has been received.” That will round the process out for my refund to 31 days………the best days for me to check on my refund was thursday and sunday….
    ..if you have not identified….i would highly recommend it….then have a tax Advocate transfer you straight into the irs que….explain your situation then call the number to self id…..hope that helps


    Vic Tim

    I am curious what others getting the same statuses used to file with. I used TurboTax. My parents used TurboTax as well and they are also getting the same.

    I was on “your refund is still being processed” for over a month (e-filed & accepted around Feb 20th). Then yesterday it changed to “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.” I’ve tried calling several times and can never get a real person. I also requested my transcript last week but have not received it (said it should take 5-7 business days), hopefully soon.

    Also, state deposited about a week after acceptance.


    Trishalla Bell

    @Jeremy i understand where your coming from on that one……and i live in Michigan……..



    Just Curious how many of the people experiencing this issue are registered gun owners or registered Conceal Carry permit holders?


    Trishalla Bell

    This is my status now as of today….

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

    Well i could get a transcript but i see many on here have a transcript but yet not a refund…..a transcript will not bring my refund any quicker…..



    I have to wait 6-8 weeks for my tax return that was corrected as of Tuesday morning 4/7/15 when I originally filed on 2/5/15 in then did it over on the 2/11/15 due to an error the tax prepares made so i might get it sometime in may or close to June 80 full days from the time I first filed crazy.



    @ Valery, my situation is exact same as yours except I filed and was accepted on Jan 20th. I talked to irs today and they said it’s still being reviewed bug with the time being up they sent a referral on my behalf to see what the problem is. I should hear from them sometime in the next 45 days ugh so frustrated.




    Refund was DD into my account today! FINALLY! Only took it 2 months.


    James S

    I filed on 1/23 and it still says processing… I called and all they told me is that it is still processing… well DUH I knew that much but that’s all they could tell me… I hear this year is the worst year for getting refunds back at a decent time..




    Finally my process is coming to an end!

    F&A 2/12/15
    3/5/15 my 21 days passed and bars disappeared
    3/6 called IRS and was told there was an issue and my return was in Errors Dept.
    3/12 Received 12C Letter requesting me to send in 1095-a and 8962… Attempted to fax same day but wasn’t getting though
    3/13 new fax number and successfully transmitted
    3/23 called to verify if fax received… Told it was and they had 10 days to process and to allow 4 weeks from date fax received.
    4/2 still can’t get my transcripts still say n/a for 2014 soooo called IRS again… Was told to allow 6-8 weeks now…
    4/7 FINALLY able to view transcripts with 846 code with date of 4/27/15 refund issued
    4/8 WMR updated with DDD 4/10/15 and increased refund amount… 58 days total!!

    Hope this gives some of you hope!! They are starting to release our money!! Praying y’all get some updates this week! fingersx



    I filed on the 24th of January. I’m still waiting. Finally received a letter on April 3rd.Saying I needed to submit form 1095A and form 8962.That’s for the Obama Health care. Smh.Not having Insurance may be the reason for the holdup.I sent it in and til this day I’m still waiting.



    My wording changed last friday and still nothing



    I filed on 2.15. Was accepted 2.16. After my 21 days, I called and verified ID. Exactly 5 weeks later, I noticed the that the wording on WMR changed slightly (from like “still being processed” to “are in process”). The next day the bars were back and a DD date. DD was received this morning. 52 days total from start to finish.



    @Valery – ur story scares me!

    I’ve been told to wait 6-8 weeks from 2/19 and most recently they informed me that if I dont see any updates or receive a letter by 4/17 to call back that day – which is the end of my 6-8 wk period. I’d be really upset if then I am told to wait 6-8 additional weeks. I’m not sure whats going on this year, but I know now not to get my hopes up during Tax Season!



    I filed on 1/31 was accepted same day 21 days passed I called and my acct was sent for review they told me to wait 6-8 weeks it’s passed 8 weeks I called and they told me it’s still in review to wait another 6-8 weeks WTF are they serious. How much longer do I really have to wait am I going to get my refund at all??? It’s 4/8 and I’m still stuck on being prossessed with no bars…



    I filed mine on 02/5 in still haven’t received it but that not the messed up part about it the place I had my done at….well the person that did mine gave me a whole new SSN number in she kept calling me asking did I get my name changed or something cause my SSN in name is not matching so I gave it to her couple more times in I guess the same results was coming up but on the 11 she called me I gave it to her once again she said she will try it in give me a call back that same day but I never got a call back so that Friday I called to see wat was the result of that she tells me everything went through I’m like wtf happen all the other times when I was giving you the right damn SSN you wasn’t listening to me or what but now I know not to go back to jackson Hewitt’s but its been over 30 days for me in I glade someone put a valid number up to actually talk to a person thanks.


    Crystal d

    Me & hubby filed january 30th. Accepted next day. beginning of March still no refund. Call irs, they say return wasn’t accepted until February 17th, should be receiving refund end of march/beginning of April. It’s now April 7th, still no refund. Hubby calls irs, they tell him return wasnt corrected until March 17th (?), and we won’t get our refund until may. They never asked for verification of our identities, we never got any letters requesting information. This is ridiculous. We should be able to charge them interest for holding our money back and playing games, God forbid we don’t pay taxes, we get penalized.


    Trishalla Bell

    it is has been in that status as of today 23 days this is what happeen….. filed on and was accepted on March 16th and waited until today (april 7) Called the IRS and the agent told me that I had to self identify because I moved since last year, I called and self Identified and Now they are telling me that I may have to wait up to 6 weeks for MY RETURN….has anyone gone thru this process and did you get your refund earlier than 6 weeks



    @ dontel 1 800-829-0582 ext 352 that number always works best for me. Good luck



    I filled on 2/7 and everything accepted….. Then 3 weeks later my bars disappear. its been almost 9 weeks and still nothing can someone give me a valid number to contact the irs please.



    after status changed, waited 2 days and got bars and DDD for 4/8. Let’s see if this money drops!!!




    I filed on 2/2 and accepted same day. Had bars for like a week then they disappeared. I called on 4/2 and waited on hold for like an hour(called in the morning) before talking to someone. There was an error on my return that they resolved on 3/25. The said it would take 6 weeks from that date but I got my bars back and DDD today for 4/8



    @ B.

    How long did you wait? I’ve talked to the IRS several times, yet now when I contact them they refer to previous calls with “looks as though we spoke to you on 3/9 and advised it would take 6-8 weeks.” I was accepted on 2/13 — IRS states that I have to wait 6-8 wks from 2/19. Apparently, there is some kind of ID Theft from 2013 thats preventing the release of my refund.

    Again, how long did you wait from filed, or the date the IRS accepted?



    Got bars for the 1st time since Feb! With a DDD of 4/8! All this after calling IRS. The lady I spoke with was really nice too!



    hey. been waiting since feb 21. on the phone with IRS now been hung up on twice. now I am currently calling the tax advocate people. dial this number ifyou need an advocate,1-877-777-4778 i’ll keep you updated on what happens from here.

    my wording changed, yesterday. but nothing else has happened. frustrating but, hang in there guys.



    hey. been waiting since feb 21. on the phone with IRS now been hung up on twice. now I am currently calling the tax advocate people. dial this number ifyou need an advocate, i’ll keep you updated on what happens from here.

    my wording changed, yesterday. but nothing else has happened. frustrating but, hang in there guys.



    Filed on 2/2. currently on hold with the IRS. 29 minutes and counting -__-



    Filed Jan 29th, still waiting… Already verified my identity… Still waiting…



    Everyone! i just received my refund yesterday when i got accepted on the 19th of Feb.. Do not trust the Website saying It is still being processed because i received mine yesterday and the system still says its still being processed.. i think the system is having some sort of glitch or error. Dont worry i guess it takes time to process. Hopefully everyone receives theres



    @Mike206 I got the same email :( So frustrating… I did call TT about it, and they said that it was just an automated email.. it goes out after 30 days have passed and again at 60 days… Praying I get my refund by then!



    I filed my tax on Jan 26th got accepted on the same day two weeks later my bars went away an it gave me a message saying Amy tax return is being processed an a date will b given when available. I call a few times to b told I was caught bin a system error give it a month an call back l. I called the irs on March 25 an was told I needed to call some fraud line to verify my identity. Called the hot line verified my identity an was told I would be put back into the process status. I waited until march 27 yo ck the where’s my refund an saw my wording change to the irs has received ur return an it’s being processed. Woke up this morning March 28th to find my RETURN APPROVE AN A DID OF Apirl1ST….. If u going thru the same thing hang in there. They just pulling ppl randomly u should b ok…



    to top this delightful process off, I just recieved an email from TT stating that since I have not received a refund to date, they are going to charge me the processing fee for using their services next week, refund recieved or not.



    We filed electronically February 17th. WMR says it’s still being processed. I called the number given here on March 19th. They said they’ve received it. There aren’t any holds and she couldn’t figure out what was wrong. She kept putting me on hold trying to figure out why we hadn’t received it. Finally said to call back in 1-2 weeks to see if it clears itself up. Called again today. Got hung up on before talking to anyone after being on hold for 25 minutes so I had to call back. After another 30 minute wait, someone picked up. Again, she kept putting me back on hold while she researched our return. Thirty minutes later she FINALLY said there was an error processing it so it’s now being treated like a paper return. Those can take 6-8 weeks. It’s “only” been over 5 weeks, so I can try back once 8 weeks is up April 17th. Lovely.



    We filed 1/30, accepted same day. Had bars for a few days on WMR, then they disappeared. Waited our 21 days, no movement, called IRS on 23rd day. Rep claimed they didn’t have our return. Blamed HRB. Contacted HRB, they confirmed that the IRS did in fact have it. Called IRS again. Rep claims they don’t have it. Rep puts us on hold. Comes back and claims they found it. It’s being processed. No error codes. Wait a few days. Call back. Can’t find it, hold, found it, error code but they can’t tell me what it is. Get TA. TA says she needs our 1095A and form 8962. (these form are in our return from HRB, but I faxed them anyway). Contact TA about a week later, she can’t tell me anything. This continues until this past Thursday, March 19. On the 19th she says that she can’t tell us anything right now, and asks if we’re expecting a refund. WTF? Of course we’re expecting a freaking return. She says she’ll call my wife back after she eats lunch. We never receive another call, so when I get home that afternoon I call. I’m pretty irate. She doesn’t answer. I leave a message. She calls me the next morning. Says she needs the first two pages of our return, to prove that we are due a return. She’s been on the case for something like 3 weeks at this point and she is just now telling me she needs proof that we’re supposed to get a refund. Ridiculous. So I called the IRS again, and spoke to a rep in the refund department. I was told that my return was under further review. I was put on hold. The fellow came back on the line and told me that I was supposed to be getting a letter, and that it should arrive within the next two weeks. He couldn’t tell me what letter I was getting, or put me in touch with someone who could give me answers.

    I’m at my wits end with this. We’re moving cross country. We’re starting the move a week from tomorrow. That’s March 30. We filed on January 30, thinking there was no way we could possibly still be waiting for it two months later. I can’t get answers from the IRS, or the TA. Absolutely ridiculous.



    I filed 1/28 and accepted hours later.

    Never showed any bars. After commenting on here I learned of an extension to call. Reps are as ignorant as they are rude. I went to the tax office and they say its because I moved.. (Wtf
    really? I move every yr)

    Its about to be April and I still haven’tgotten so much as a letter. The IRS are bending us over purposely this government can’t do shit right but pipe its people. Disgustingfucks

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