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Anyone stuck on "Your refund is still being processed"

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    Bobby Mcinvaille

    I have been stuck on this since 1/20 before this I had the accepted bar. This is the first year I filed early was accepted on 1/13 through TT. Normally I file around the second week stuff opens. Anyone else stuck on this or know anything about it? I have topic 152 but that is it. I called and have no hold-ups. Have had the same situation for at least 7 years with nothing changing.

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    We filed our taxes electronically in April, they were rejected and soon after we received a letter from IRS about verifying our identity due to identity theft. We took steps to verify identity and then faxed our taxes instead to IRS tax number in early May. Called in August after never hearing anything and was informed our taxes may have been lost due to the amount of taxes they received by fax and I should wait until October checking the refund status before trying to re-file. On October 30,2015 the refund site finally said it was processing….. And today we received another identity verification letter in the mail. To call and speak with someone in the IRS takes over an hour and they usually have me call another number and wait another hour…. Which is difficult because we both work full time. I am overly frustrated with the entire system. Not to mention no one at the IRS phone numbers ever has any idea what’s going on.


    I originally filed electronically but it was rejected due to some using my wife’s SSN to file a fraudulent claim so I wound up sending in paperwork and filing a police report. I received a letter from the IRS which stated to file by paper and it could take up to 180 days to process. I filed by paper in April and all I’ve been getting “you refund is still being processed” and it’s been over 180 days already. It’s anybody’s guess when the status will change.


    I’ve called the IRS countless times and I keep getting the run around even though they say there’s nothing wrong with my return I haven’t received my refund and it’s been 6 MONTHS now !


    My WMR Status has changed from ” Your refund is still being processed” to “We have received your tax return and it is being processed”

    Filed my taxes Jointly with my wife on 2/12/2015 accepted the day after.

    Got a letter to verify our id on 3/5/2015 wasn’t able to get through to verify until 3/23/2015, finally was verified and was told it would take 6 weeks longer to receive my refund.

    6 weeks came and went and after that just kept counting the weeks.

    Went through the steps to get a Tax advocate which really didn’t help.

    Finally after endless calls my wife went to the irs building locally to get tax transcripts for school and re verified id, the lady there said nothing was wrong and that refund should be pushed through. That was on 07/20/2015.

    More weeks went by and WMR still showed “Your refund is still being processed”

    I called again on 8/18/2015 and was told to verify my id again but it showed that the Id had been verified twice before on 3/23/2015 as well as in person by my wife on 7/20/2015, after that was completed she looked into what was going on and I was fed some type of excuse but was told it would be pushed along to the next steps of the processed and it would take an additional 6-9 weeks.

    So a couple weeks went by and I believe on 9/16 or 9/17 of this past month it switch to “We have received your tax return and it is being processed”

    I don’t know how much longer it will stay on that status but it has now been around 2 weeks. I will keep you all updated.

    If anyone has any information on how long it’s suppose to stay like that please reply.

    Matthew Kresge

    So yeah, filed in Feb, 2015 and had to verify my identity about 1 or 2 months later, and now its October 1st, i tried calling a few times but with little/no help and it took so long each time i called that i have almost given up… “still processing”


    IRS received my amended return 12/15/14. To date 9/25/15, I have not received my amended return. It states we received 12/15/14; and has not been processed.


    I filed my amended return April 23, 2015 (when IRS received it). Today is September 22nd. So that is 5 months. I called two weeks ago, a lady said they have not assigned an officer yet for my file . I called yesterday September 21st the lady said, my refund is processed and the check mail date is Friday September 25th. I do not know where she got this answer from, I checked WMR, today Tuesday September 22nd, still says ” we received your amended return, however it has not been processed. I do not know what to say. Looks like the IRS people do not know what they are talking about. The lady also said, if I do not get my refund within two weeks to give them a call. The automated phone system says, WMR is updated every night, ha ha

    Lost In Limbo

    Hello to all Happy Summer
    I have been waiting for my refund to be re-processed since March 2015.
    I just happen to win the lottery of ERRORS inputted by IRS. Sadly, I am a former employee from way back when it was 1. less difficult to process taxes and 2. to have the proper knowledge to give correct information. I have been dealing with those that could not speak proper English, understand English, could not pull up a return, could not help and gave wrong information. Advocacy was very difficult and proved that they do not communicate with the tax payer. I have been waiting, calling, faxing and patient. Today after all these months I finally get a call to let me know I have a DDD of this Wednesday 8/12/15
    mind you I filed in February 2015 was accepted and approved then my return some how some way was coded with an error. I want to let all of you know that consistent calling – faxing- and asking for managers is a big key to get the right answers.
    I still have friends there but I never ever will put their jobs on the line for those that can not or will not do the job correctly.
    Be patient, and I do apologize to anyone that is, has or went through what I went through, I had my electric and gas turned off….



    I filed with turbotax on feb 6, website told me to wait 4 weeks before calling. Called on 3/27 and had to verify my identity. They told me 6 weeks, on 4/27 they told me its not 6 weeks its 9. I called today again, (7 weeks on Friday) and they said if everything goes fine the refund would go on the June 1st release which has a direct deposit date of JUNE 15TH!!!!!!! they are required to send a letter if there is a problem after the 9 weeks.
    I didn’t get any letter, so when I called they had no answer for me and said I needed to allow another 45 days.
    Today is day 45, and my status finally changed!!!! it says my refund is scheduled for 8/5, 6 months after I filed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Debra C.

    It has now been four months since I e-filed my federal tax return. This is the first time in many years that I am getting a refund. The last person I spoke to at the IRS on July 1st, verified my identity, checked into my return, and said she could find no reason to why my refund should be released. There were no notations requesting additional information and no letter sent to me. Here I am a month later and when I check “Where’s My Refund” it says my return is still being processed. I am at my wits end!


    I filed on 1/20. Had the WMR status bar until last friday. Now, it says: Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. It also lists tax topic 152. Also noticed my refund amount disappeared. Anyone else having this issue or have any news about it? Thanks


    We filed in Feb/2015 Where’s my Refund says “still processing” I have tried to find a number to reach a human being, instead all I get are recordings! So frustrated and PO’d at all of this! Anyone have any other suggestions to find out where my refund is??


    Boy am I relieved to hear all of these comments and find I am not the only one!!!! I filed a paper tax return on the last day April 14, 2015. I was worried that it says process pending and it is half way through July!!!


    After being stuck in ” Your refund is Processing Hell” we finally got the $$$ today.
    Just some History:
    Filled: 02/2015
    Nothing happened until last week, we called about 2 times during the process and we were never given a reason for the delay. Just wanted ALL to know there is hope!! Good Luck!!!


    It’s been 13 weeks now and still no federal refund, nor any letters. I finally called after 7 weeks and was told by the person that they saw no problem with my refund and then they said it had been under review and that it had ended that week. They said wait another 4 or 5 weeks and you should have it, that was 6 weeks ago, hence 13 weeks since filing. The IRS person told me that if my refund isn’t paid by April 30th, the IRS owes me interest starting from April 15th until deposited.
    Of course the interest rate varies and is only around 3%, the IRS charges late filers high penalties and 9% interest until paid, something is B.S. there. Oh, and the interest they pay is taxable income so it gets added to any wages I receive. Apparently 100,000 people had their information stolen from an online tax preparer and over 20,000 false returns were filed before the real person could file, hence they held everyone’s refund up for review that filed online.

    Dena Hale

    I am semi-glad to see I am not alone. We filed in February and received 2 separate letters that we were still being “reviewed”. I called at the end and requested a review, which gives the IRS team 6 more weeks. Friday, a holiday for them, was the end of that time and I still show “under review” with no letter or correspondence by the deadline. I had the taxes professionally done by our accountant. Very disheartening. I will be trying to call again tomorrow. The TAC team said they cannot expedite unless we can show a foreclosure or shut-off notice…. I am not prepared to ruin my credit to obtain my taxes back. Not yet anyhow. I just wish some one at the IRS would give me a straight and clear answer before we do ruin our credit…making our business bills is getting a bit hard and they owe us a nice sum.

    Good luck to all and I do hope a moderator is seeing these and not wasting this opportunity to obtain customer dissatisfaction details. I am glad Terribusa received some good news…hopefully they are batching and we can hear something soon.




    4/2/15 – Return accepted by IRS
    4/28/15 – Review letter 4464C received (wait 60 days)
    7/2/15 – (65 days later) “Where’s my refund” website says it’s “still being processed.” The phone number on the 4464C form gets me an automated system that says the same thing as the WMR website.
    It is my opinion that the IRS is either corrupt or incompetent. I have decided that, as of my first paycheck in July, I am going to claim the maximum number of dependences allowed by law for me. I will never again allow these corrupt/clueless people to hold any additional monies other than what I owe. I would rather owe the IRS on April 15 than suffer the BS that they are putting us all through now.


    I have not received my state refund for Indiana. I filed in March. In April I was told to fax my w2s into the Indiana Dept of Revenue. It was received by them 4/9. Tomorrow is the 12th week since that date which is the last “deadline” they gave me. I will call tomorrow but beginning to believe I will never see this refund.


    This is just absolutely ridiculous. My taxes were filled and accepted in January. The status has been “still prossesing” for SEVEN MONTHS now. Mind you all I submitted was my w-2, and a 1040 form that I received from my Univerisity for the taxes I pay on my tuition. My refund is 3K! I don’t understand what the hold up is.


    What is the processing time limit and what amount of interest are they required to pay you after that date? They owe me well into the 6-figures, and they are sitting on it looking for any reason in the world to delay it longer and longer. I know that the return is good as it has been triple-checked. They just don’t understand it. I guess is part of the review, but they asked for ID verification. It’s a joint return and the system would only take the primary (not secondary) taxpayer. That’s me. The system says it cannot verify my identity – either because they only want the primary taxpayer or they have information wrong about me – the secondary. They must have it wrong as I know who I am. They have been willing and eager to take money year after year without identifying me over and over again. Now that they owe me money they are trying to hold onto it for as long as they can. My accountant told me that the IRS has changed in recent years and now it’s become this totalitarian monster where you have no rights. It supposedly has nothing to do with budget cuts, but a change in attitude. I asked my accountant if we could request an audit – so they could just address their “concerns”, but he told me that the IRS won’t allow anyone to request an audit. I have nothing to hide and it would be worth the expense for them to sit there tongue-tied.


    Hello everyone stuck on return processing, no letters, no notice no change on transcript since 2/25/2015 It is June 30 2015 and no refund called daily up until a couple weeks ago after I was transferred to an non-working extension. Worked there over 10 years and never ever have I heard of such nonsense. There was never an issue like I am seeing these days this is just awful, I have requested an advocate to help What A Joke! they lost the referral… TWICE. My refund was processed then it went to error processing it was off a digit on their behalf was told it would be CORRECTED and that I would receive a notice of correction and DDD, that was in April. It is over 14 weeks over 60 days and well over the processing time limit.
    For anyone to get their refund after the processing time limit we should be given interest. Sadly my former employer lately is so eager to take money but not refund those that obey the tax laws.


    IRS tracking site has said “Accepted” since Feb 22. Spoke with someone at the IRS building near me in April and verified all info is correct in their system. Was told I will get my direct deposit no later than the 2nd week of June. Still waiting, and my state tax was supposed to get automatically deducted from my fed return so now I have a late fee because somebody else is late. Only $6, but it’s infuriating that they can’t get it together.


    Yes, I’m stuck on that very place. I had my accountant call the IRS (my returns are too complex for me to understand) and found out that I “will be” reviewed. I like the way that I say I was flagged for review, but they aren’t even getting around to reviewing it or telling me until July 7th. Supposedly I have to wait 45 days until I can contact them again to find out what their problem is.
    Their real problem is that I made a decent amount of money for many years except for 2014 whereby my income dropped very low. Of course, I am still making estimated payments now at the normal levels, but they somehow got it in their mind that this was “unusual”. It’s pretty lame to think I would file faithfully the same levels of income for many years, and one year just have a bad year. So instead of processing it – they think I am trying to cheat them. What am I going to do, run away to some pacific island? They are getting normal estimated payments in 2015. Anyone with a brain would understand that 2014 was a bad year. Instead they hold it up for review.
    That wouldn’t be too bad, except that I know the reason for the drop in income, and a normal tax review will not understand it – I barely do. So it will then get kicked up to a higher review – and on and on until they find someone with brains to understand the return.
    I really wish they would just audit me, so I could tell them specifically what to look for. Instead they are going to sift through 1000 pages of my 1040 looking for something that is so technical that most accountants can’t understand it.
    I never realized until now that the IRS is full of stooges. And I am getting grief from them for something I know they will find no fault in.
    To answer your question – yes … they take their sweet time telling you that you will be reviewed. And then you wait for the review to start, and then wait for them to read it. Good luck!


    The IRS is pushing 12 weeks with my refund. I think the democrat tax people are too busy searching for tea party returns to audit.


    Yes, it’s only been since May 20 – but I have never had a problem with the IRS sitting on a return this long.
    How do you know if you’re under review? Where’s my Refund just says that return is being processed and I will be notified when there will be a refund date.
    I have not heard that a refund was approved, I haven’t heard anything.
    I just received a CP45 notice telling me that my request for carryover of part of my refund into 2015 is not allowed because of “current activity on my 2014 return”. I have no idea of what they mean by “current activity.”
    My best guess is that “current activity” means they are still working on it, and the CP45 notice was sent because they can’t credit a carryover for a return that has not been approved yet. Anyone have any idea as to what they are doing? Thanks.


    Mali, I had to laugh at your “posted on a board for them to laugh at” I feel the same way! I filed 2/6 and have received ZERO info since March when they said I’m under review, don’t call, don’t do anything unless we ask you to. Then I’ve heard nothing since. I didn’t have the obamacare form issue, no identity theft, or anything like that! Then they took off online transcripts because of the dTa breach they had a couple weeks ago. Wmr just still says processing. I Give up!


    Update: it’s been 12 weeks! I called again. She said my return was posted on 4/20/15 (Im assuming it was posted on a board where everybody can see point at it and laugh) and it should not have been more than 45 days, so she had to send it to the processing area (where more people can laugh at it) and I should allowed another 45 days to get an answer.
    Will I get interest on my money I asked… The entire IRS office is laughing at that now!

    Cathy Taylor

    My return was accepted on Feb.3rd. Have seen the Still Processing Message on Where’s My Refund ever since. I called in April (about two and a half months after I was accepted) and was told I had to verify my identity, even though I had never received that news from the IRS in the mail. If I hadn’t had been frustrated and called after two and a half months, who knows how long I would have had to wait to find this information out. The man made me verify my information and told me to wait six more weeks. Well guess what…It is four months later from the time I filed and still no change. No Refund, No notifications in the mail, and Still Processing.



    I have filed my Tax returns on jan/30. Next day my status got accepted. Till now status is showing Your tax return is still being processed. No update happened. I received a letter in March, saying that My tax refund is under review will take action after April 30. but till now no communication happened. when ever I tried to reach IRS, its saying the same message Your tax return is still being processed.A refund date will be provided when available. Not Sure why its taking delay. Some one please Help me


    Called again today, no issues no anything…. was put on hold twice and then hung up on.
    I worked there many years ago and this is not how you treat taxpayers.
    I gave up on calling….


    Refund accepted June 4th…how long until status change (from accepted to approved) on wmr?




    Hello everyone, I too filed and accepted 2/25/15. Still Processing, no letters no notice I even requested an advocate in April have heard NOTHING! I was also able to retrieve my transcripts they never updated until 1 week ago with only a minor date change to additonal tax assest. Now I can not get my transcripts online due to theft! with all this nonsense, I called several times, once to leave a long message for the advocates office ( no reply either) second time I called toll free and was given such BS then the guy hung up on me- claims he touched the wrong button and needed to transfer me to someone who knew the system better! , I called back sadly waited 45 min.only to be told the advocates office had my return and it is up to them to release the funds. I worked for them for over 19 years have not had any issues ever, it has been 6 years since I worked there and now I have delays. No one can help and no one knows anything.


    I have been under review its been 60 days i did the id verification and now im back to my taxes are being how long until i get my tax return. Let me remind you i filed January 20. Someone please tell me something Heeeeellp


    There is hope! My refund took over 90 days due to identity theft. I tried to file on H&R Block and someone fraudulently filed a tax return with my social security. In mid-Feb, my paper return was received and I confirmed my identity with the IRS. My status on the app was received to “your refund is still be processed” for the all of March, April, and until 5/23. On 5/23, I was received a DD and officially received my refund on 5/28. Patience is the key especially if you were a victim of identity theft. Good luck, Everyone!

    Trishalla Bell

    Call its been past the 21 days of processing you may need to self id happened to me too…..but i did get my refund…after i identified it was released a week ago later


    Add another to the pile.

    We filed using Turbotax mid march 2015 and as of today we are still getting the “your return is still being processed”.

    What is going on at the IRS???

    Hey MSM here is a news investigation for you to do.

    Debra Comstock

    I e filed on March 30th, my return was accepted on the same day, and as of today I still get the “your return is still being processed”. I end up in voice mail jail if I try to call the IRS. I find it extremely interesting that my husband and I never get a refund and this year we will. I’ve already received my state refund. I live in Hawaii and they are really backlogged with their refunds. I am wondering what’s the holdup?


    UPDATE: I filed with turbotax on feb 6, website told me to wait 4 weeks before calling. Called on 3/27 and had to verify my identity. They told me 6 weeks, on 4/27 they told me its not 6 weeks its 9. I called today again, (7 weeks on Friday) and they said if everything goes fine the refund would go on the June 1st release which has a direct deposit date of JUNE 15TH!!!!!!! they are required to send a letter if there is a problem after the 9 weeks.

    ***So next refund date is JUNE 15th*******

    They also said my employer had not send w2 yet, they have until june 15th, which is a lie, because all our w2s were already sent!


    Return was excepted on1/31, still to this day have not received my refund. After multiple calls just received a letter on May 9th reference the 1095-a dated May 5th given me 20 days to respond. Faxed it in and when I called they claim that it has not been entered into the system or the computer system is down. Out of all the years of filing I have never had this happen. I would have never filed if i had not received a letter strongly stating to do so. IRS has been a pain in my buttocks this year, can not log on to view my transcripts so I can not view the codes that are being entered. Do they even care that this is going on?


    The notice on the web app says still processing…refund 0.00 but on the computer website it still has my expected return amount…I filed Feb 22…got a letter it was under review…any thoughts?


    I filed on 2/9 then on 2/28 I received the 1057 id verify form. verified on 3/2 and it said 6 weeks. I am well past 6 weeks now I have been waiting over 2 months. I am not sure what else to do. My wheres my refund still says ” still processing”.. Can anyone give me advise of what I can do here.


    I used the intuit free software on February 16th, we received confirmation the IRS received the tax return and then got a letter saying they are reviewing. Then got another letter advising me to do nothing. I have not heard another word. It has been 12 weeks! I can’t reach a live person at the IRS office either! Our taxes pay their paychecks and they do not offer a live person to speak with?


    UPDATE: Spoke to someone on phone last week and did the ID Verify thing with them. They told me they would put the return through and it can take up to 6 weeks to get my money. Checked status this morning and it still says Your refund is still being processed. And my transcripts still show as N/A for 2014.

    Did this happen with anyone else? How long after talking with someone did the status change when you checked, if ever?



    Ok, so my boyfriend and I did taxes together at hnr block on April 15th accepted on the 17th and got state already. TT 152 showed this week, but no update at all. This is insane! As fast as they take your money they cant give it back. I saw the cycle chart, but have no clue if thats actually reliable. I heard if they take longer than 45 days they have to give more money.


    Well, if it’s of ANY comfort, I filed Turbo Tax on 1/30 and am still waiting….”Still Being Processed.” Long story, they needed another 1095 copy in March, I sent that and just found out that they claim they never received it or ???? So, I re-sent AND faxed it on 4/21. Today, the lady told me that they received my fax on Tuesday and now I get to wait another 30 days. We ALL get the “WAIT-WAIT-WAIT” run-around. I believe that they are SO swamped with folks complaints, and trying to locate where-the- heck their returns are, that that has just become a ‘regular’ response. I’m told that it is often advantageous to personally drive to your local IRS office and speak to a person face-to-face. It’s all such B.S that I have resorted to waiting and maybe by just making occasional calls to look into things, I will finally get a change of response! The only number I have gotten through to is 1-800-829-0582 EXT 652. Usually I won’t wait more than 10-15 mins as they will alert you as to a wait time. But give them a try if you haven’t already!

    Ray M

    @Kristine I checked and my transcripts for 2014 aren’t available yet. Is that the transcripts you were talking about?


    Filed on Feb 04th, and FINALLY today, I was able to see this year’s account transcript.
    But it only has as of date: 05/11/2015… Everything else has 0.00 next to it.
    My WMR still has the generic message saying the same thing as other people here.

    Does anyone know what the as of date mean here?
    How can I have as of date of May when it’s still in April???

    Will it be the date that I suppose to expect my refund?
    Or is that the date they will start on my return?
    Any idea?

    Has anyone else here who had a future as of date as mine & if you had, could you share what happened on AT THAT DATE?

    Since I have TA, IRS wouldn’t say anything, and my TA is not calling me back…

    Any insight will be appreciated


    @Ray M: Have you looked at your account transcript?

    Ray M

    I’m having the same problem. I efiled with TurboTax on 3/22 and it was accepted. I have received my state return already but not my federal. It just says “Your Tax Return is still being processed.” and is showing the amount. There are no bars or codes or anything. I haven’t been able to get a hold of a living person calling the IRS yet either.

    I’m not sure really what to do at this point.


    Still waiting f/a 2/10 ID verified on 2/25 they said wait 6 weeks. Couldn’t see my transcripts prior to ID verify. They were n/a. Recieved 570 on transcripts after ID verifying which is normal I know that. Now have been stuck on return is still be processed date will be provided when available. No bars. Topic 152. What to do my weeks are up and nothing. I don’t qualify for a advocate. My as of date is Aoril 6, 2015. It changes randomly all the time to April 27, 2015 and then goes back to April 6, 2015. Sometimes it will stay at April 27,, through out the day and then randomly switches back to April the 6, 2015. Makes no sense whatsoever.


    Soo I filed 1/31 was accepted since called after 21 days was told to wait 6-8 weeks called 8 weeks later was told to wait another 6-8 weeks checked my status today it changed from we are still processing your tax return to we have received your tax return don’t know what that means but I still have NO tax return and its 4/23 I’m kind of a little fed up with calling these people they’re getting on my last nerve.


    @ Cyndi,
    What forms did you have on your tax return, just curious as to how and why your refund had increased? Usually IRS doesn’t correct increases needing to be done but are automatically looking for errors to find more money ppl owe them. Did they say why you got an increase, by how much did you increase? Did your tax topic change at all while you waited for your refund which might had indicated you were getting an bigger refund?

    If IRS resequenced my return on 4/13 when will it go into processing, and when should I expect an refund? I used HRB online software and @ 1st they said $600 would be deducted from my credits aka remains would be my refund then before e-filing, automatically with me making no changes to my return HRB showed msg that I was being chrgd $1200 and subtracted it from my credits which brought my refund down by the $1200 instead of $600. It doesn’t show anywhere as to how or why what I owed to IRS increased by double along with; I went over my tax returns like millions of times and all that shows is amount owed $1200, Credits amt, then says they took credits amt – $1200 = my refud amt.


    I filed using Turbo Tax; return was accepted by IRS on 3/26. 22 days the IRS website has said “your return is still being processed. A DD date will be supplied…” No live people to talk to on the IRS provided phone numbers so thank you for posting the number above. I’ll call on Monday. This is the first year I’ve had this problem. Hummm…..government out of money for the common people? They’ve given it all to the billionaires, banks and Wall Street.

    Dale Eliz

    The hold that was placed on my refund was lifted on April 9th. How long will it be until I get my refund?


    I’m having the same issue where we went form the progress bar to ‘your application is till being processed and a refund date….’. You can’t get anyone on the phone so for this year, I’ll claim the max and end up paying the IRS on 4/15 next year to help manage this.


    BUMPing this thread…

    I still haven’t received an update. Spoke to an irs rep on 4/13 and the lady said she was sending a referral to a “special” dept to put me back into processing.

    Trishalla Bell




    If you’re looking for the number to reach the Identity Verify dept its 800-830-5084. You can also verify at



    I filed on Feb,25th as a paper filing, A week before I verified my status it shows they received my returns and it will be processed in 21 days. and after couple of days the bars wipe it of and now it saysYour tax return is still being processed.A refund date will be provided when available. Anyone has any idea?




    @Trishalla Bell

    can u please give me the self id number .. please


    Can someone tell me what the self id is ? And the number ?
    I am still waiting and requested a tax advocate who never called me …
    Please give me some information


    Filed/accepted 1/28. On 2/8 i received a 4606c letter. Called IRS on 3/10 and was told its in the error department. April 8th was the end of the allocated days from letter. Do I even bother calling again? What is the self ID line number to call?

    Trishalla Bell

    after filing and and getting my taxes accepted on march 16…… and being stuck on the same message for 21 days and calling to self id the past wednesday this is the message i got when i checked this sunday morning

    “Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by April 15, 2015.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by April 20, 2015, check with your bank to see if it has been received.” That will round the process out for my refund to 31 days………the best days for me to check on my refund was thursday and sunday….
    ..if you have not identified….i would highly recommend it….then have a tax Advocate transfer you straight into the irs que….explain your situation then call the number to self id…..hope that helps

    Vic Tim

    I am curious what others getting the same statuses used to file with. I used TurboTax. My parents used TurboTax as well and they are also getting the same.

    I was on “your refund is still being processed” for over a month (e-filed & accepted around Feb 20th). Then yesterday it changed to “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.” I’ve tried calling several times and can never get a real person. I also requested my transcript last week but have not received it (said it should take 5-7 business days), hopefully soon.

    Also, state deposited about a week after acceptance.

    Trishalla Bell

    @Jeremy i understand where your coming from on that one……and i live in Michigan……..


    Just Curious how many of the people experiencing this issue are registered gun owners or registered Conceal Carry permit holders?

    Trishalla Bell

    This is my status now as of today….

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

    Well i could get a transcript but i see many on here have a transcript but yet not a refund…..a transcript will not bring my refund any quicker…..


    I have to wait 6-8 weeks for my tax return that was corrected as of Tuesday morning 4/7/15 when I originally filed on 2/5/15 in then did it over on the 2/11/15 due to an error the tax prepares made so i might get it sometime in may or close to June 80 full days from the time I first filed crazy.


    @ Valery, my situation is exact same as yours except I filed and was accepted on Jan 20th. I talked to irs today and they said it’s still being reviewed bug with the time being up they sent a referral on my behalf to see what the problem is. I should hear from them sometime in the next 45 days ugh so frustrated.



    Refund was DD into my account today! FINALLY! Only took it 2 months.

    James S

    I filed on 1/23 and it still says processing… I called and all they told me is that it is still processing… well DUH I knew that much but that’s all they could tell me… I hear this year is the worst year for getting refunds back at a decent time..



    Finally my process is coming to an end!

    F&A 2/12/15
    3/5/15 my 21 days passed and bars disappeared
    3/6 called IRS and was told there was an issue and my return was in Errors Dept.
    3/12 Received 12C Letter requesting me to send in 1095-a and 8962… Attempted to fax same day but wasn’t getting though
    3/13 new fax number and successfully transmitted
    3/23 called to verify if fax received… Told it was and they had 10 days to process and to allow 4 weeks from date fax received.
    4/2 still can’t get my transcripts still say n/a for 2014 soooo called IRS again… Was told to allow 6-8 weeks now…
    4/7 FINALLY able to view transcripts with 846 code with date of 4/27/15 refund issued
    4/8 WMR updated with DDD 4/10/15 and increased refund amount… 58 days total!!

    Hope this gives some of you hope!! They are starting to release our money!! Praying y’all get some updates this week! fingersx

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