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      I’m getting pretty refund was deposited into my netspend account on tues night..yet I still don’t have my card. Is there a way they will transfer it to another card? Turbotax doesn’t need to advertise a card that will not show up before ur refund..ridiculous.

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        Yes – My refund was issued Tuesday – still waiting on card to show up. How long does it take?


          They mailed mine on 1/28 and I ordered the rush one last night. I made sure that they didn’t cancel the one sent on the 28th.
          I originally asked if I could transfer the funds to another card but was told that card had to be active for 30 days prior to transferring funds.


            Can’t you just buy an additional netspend card and call to have it linked to your account?

            The rep I spoke to yesterday said that was possible.


              I read on here somewhere that someone tried bought a netspend card but then they said the card had to be 30 days old to have the money transferred. That’s why I hadn’t done that yet. And @ttuser, how long did u wait on ur card before you had one rushed? Did u have to report it lost or stolen or anything?


                You can actually buy a NetSpend card at your local Walmart CVS or Rite Aid. I had that situation occur about two years ago and after going through a rigorous identity verification process and speaking with the rep for almost 30 minutes they transferred my money. It can take up to 1 to 2 hours but if you’re patient when you speak with the rep you should be able to get your money transferred to another card.


                  Yes, I’m still waiting on mine. You can call customer service and pay (mine was $30.95) to have them rush you a card. I ordered mine last night and I should have it Friday or Monday at the latest.

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