Anyone STILL waiting on a ddd, accepted late January?

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      No educational credits.
      No earned income credit.
      No offsets.
      Married filing joint, 2 W2’s, and child tax credit.
      The only thing slightly the norm is that we are in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy (family will screw you over every time!) but have been in that for over 3 years, and the trustee advised us that we will always get our refund since we didn’t owe the IRS or governmental agencies, and we can afford the monthly payment directly debited from our paychecks.

      We were accepted through TT on the 26th around 4:30pm or so. Went through the “your return is still being processed, refund information will be updated when available” message from 2/6 through 2/13, then started showing the orange bar again saying processing. I can’t order transcripts either.


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          I efiled my return on 1 / 21. It was accepted on 1/22. I got a letter in the mail on 2/15 requesting information about marketplace coverage. I do not have marketplace coverage. But I do qualify for an exemption. We are member of a recognized Native American tribe. So in return I faxed, on 2/17, a form 8965 for the exemption along with our membership cards, ss cards and my drivers license. All front and back. I called on 2^20 to make sure they received my info, she could not say. Told me to wait 6 weeks for it to process. Last week I got the same letter again, so I called she said they probably sent it before they got the fax, it was dated 2^17. But said I could fax them stating I do not have coverage and that I already faxed they other documents. So I did. She also updated my address while on the phone and said it may take 2 weeks for address to update. The address is updated when I try to order transcript. But I cannot order transcript still processing. How much longer could this possibly take!

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            Where’s my refund?! Efiled jointly with injured spouse form through HRB on January 25th and it was accepted the 27th. IRS site says accepted and still processing. Allow 14 weeks at the most but has been much longer.

            No DDD and Idk what bars are that y’all mention. Can anyone advise me to what can i do to get an idea why this is taking so long for our refund and could help us?

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            Russell Bagley

              Filed 1/26. Accepted 1/27. No bars, no update. Nothing.

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              Cindy Ann

                Filed and accepted January 26th.
                Just got approved and DD date of 2/10 this morning!!!

                Hang in there…it’s coming!

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                  I filed on the 28th and got accepted. I still only have one bar.

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                    I filed my return 1/30/15 and was accepted maybe 30 minutes after… I called Turbo Tax 2/16 and said there was no red flags… just says I was accepted… Up until yesterday… Bars disappeared and now it says refund date will be posted when available… It never got to be approved… But now there’s no bars and today is the the 2nd day it’s like that… My 21 days are up 2/20 and I’m getting nervous… What the he’ll is going on… It’s a simple return… No dependants just me and my spouse…

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                    ATL Chick

                      I was accepted 1/28, my bars vanished on 2/13, pulled transcript on 2/14 only to discover the dreaded 570 code, called and was told no additional info was required and to just wait it out. As of today (3/15), I still have no bars and no DDD in sight……..

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                        My return was accepted on 1/29/14 and I am still processing. I have no offsets or debts. I haven’t received any letters from IRS. I have absolutely no idea what the hold up is.

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                          I filed my return on the 31st, was stuck on Refund received until last night. It finally updated and said they received my return on February 18th and I would receive my refund on February 18th which of course wasn’t right. I checked again this morning and it shows my date of 1/31/2014 on the left and DDD of 2/18 now. Just happy to finally see some movement!

                          I will also say that I prepared taxes for others this year as well and 1 out of 5 that did it around the same time has received theirs. Everyone else is stuck at Refund Received.

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                            Its a bunch of crap …same as you guys filed on the 30 was recieved on the 30 abd been stuck on same dam bar for 12 days…i can order my account transcript but not return transcript… Anybody have a clue as to why that would hsppen???

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                              Filed on 1/29 via TaxAct,
                              Accepted by IRS on 1/30, and still stuck on one bar (Accepted).
                              As far as I can tell, no offsets or levies…hope we get an update soon :)

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                                Filled on 1/25
                                accepted on 1/27
                                Still only 1 bar!!
                                No ddd at all

                                My spouse filled 1/31
                                Accepted 1/31
                                Got her refund today

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                                  just got off the phone with them. Even got a super nice rep, which I didn’t think existed. Apparently my return was rejected due to their system glitch, then processing really started on mine 2/4. no flags, no resequencing, just slow…. but, I’m only at day 13, so it doesn’t seem as bad now. As long as I can get my refund by the end of the month, I’m happy.

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                                    I’m on hold for the IRS now, and I agree with Adrienne… all the 8863ers will probably have their returns before me! I need to put new tires on my Jeep to pass inspection, which expires at the end of this month! Yay for anal-retentive mechanics :(

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                                      I filed 1/30 due to IRS error I wasn’t recognized in the system until 2/8 however no can tell me why I showed up on WMR 1/31… Long story short, woke up today with DDD 2/21.

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                                        Here is my story ..Filed 1/30 accepted 1/30 Filed the same way I have for the past 5 years 3 dependents EIC . Have been stuck in processing hell since … No holds no special forms it is like they just keep skipping over me. I have had no updates what so ever on WMR or on the phone line still same 21 day processing crap … Well Next week my 21 days is up and I better get a DDD date ..I see people on here that filed early last week and have their money already this rate all the 8863’rs will probably have their $$ before I get mine .. Hoping for an update soon Can”t even get a return or account transcript .. FRUSTRATED to say the least :(

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