anyone have their acceptance date change?

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      just looking to see if anyone else had their acceptance date change and possibly get updates from these people.
      i filed and was accepted within a few hours on 1/29, the next day I checked my h&r block account online and
      it said that i was accepted 1/30, rather odd to me, but besides that i have had 1 bar since the moment i was accepted
      with tt152 and no access to transcripts.
      The morning of 2/4 i tried to access my transcript once again and told me to contact the irs to verify identity and I did
      they said that there was no need to verify and that my acceptance date changed to 2/2 and that there are still no transcripts.

      all of this seems rather odd to me and is worrying me as i have been audited the last two years because the irs feels im being fraudulent because
      all of my income comes from “other income” on a 1099 form.

      i hope it isnt happening again..

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