Anyone getting a technical error when trying to request transcripst?

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      I keep getting a technical error after I type in my first & last name along w my email and after i hit next i get a technical error. Is the site down or do you think there is something wrong w my transcripts perhaps?

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          I kept getting the error stating that they could not process my request. So I finally tried a different email and it worked immediately? But now it says my address is incorrect… even though I am 100% certain it could only be 1 of 2 address. -__-

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            I have had a technical error since last year. Mine says TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES a technical problem has occured. Reference number 122 (for internal use only).
            Last year I had duplicate files return and was placed under “identity theft category” for a small time. I had to call to remove the status but the same issue is going on when I request electronic transcripts of any type.

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              I get that, and when I do get to the step where you enter your info, itll either say my info doesnt match my return or that they cant process my request or that im locked out (after just one try too.) So, I’m not sure why, my info is the exact same, but it just won’t work. Has been happening since I started trying to see them, so at least 5-6 days now.

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                Yes I have been getting that message for the past 4 days each time I try.

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