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    nicole carnell

    I had filed my taxes last year and got an audit, and won the audit. Last year they also sent out a letter stating i had to file form 8862 the next time i filed my taxes. So this year when i filed my taxes i also attached that form 8862 along with my return. It was accepted on the 20th of and Im still showing one bar. Any info about my situation would be helpful. Thank u guys

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    By any chance did any of you use


    I filed on March 27, 2015…I have had 1 bar it is still saying that it is being processed…i don’t know whats going on


    Please Help IRS Sent me a 8862 FORM and told me to reply but gave me no information for me to send a fax nor an mailing address does anyone know?


    Filed 1/24 had one bar for about 2 weeks then they disappeared. This morning I have a ddd of 3/11 took a little longer but not very much. there is hope! I was expecting a much longer wait.


    I received a cp74 what happens next


    Filed on the 3rd of Feb, only showed one bar as well for about 3 weeks and then the message that stated it was still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available. I’ve also heard that it can be a lengthy process, so I will try to update with my outcome


    Understanding Your CP74 Notice
    You are re-certified for EITC. You don’t have to fill out Form 8862, Information To Claim Earned Income Credit After Disallowance, in the future. You’ll receive your EIC refund within 6 weeks as long as you don’t owe other tax or debts we’re required to collect.
    What you need to do

    You don’t need to take further action.


    I got a letter cp74


    We had to file a 8862 as well. We had to mail in the return because of a system error. We finally had the accepted bar on the 17th. Now the bars are gone and it says it will let is know when a refund date is available.


    update::::: I filed on 2/6/2015 with form 8862…..had one bar up until today..Redund Approved and set for DD on the 25th…..Hope everyone gets theirs


    @Jarvis….i have a long wait ahead of me unfortunately I was a victim of id theft back in 2012 which led to an audit..Now i have to file form 14039 and the investigation can take up to 180 days


    Hey Shanni did you hear anything yet?
    Or anyone else for that matter


    I had to file form 8862 but idk why. I filed on 2/11 and got accepted the same day but now it’s still sitting on bar one but I haven’t gotten taxes back for the past 2 years so why would I have to use this form and will it delay my refund


    Anyone received their refund yet? Unfortunately, im being audited…smh


    Had to file with this form due to identity theft. ..smh.Someone used my ss# back in 2012 and filed a state tax return.Looks like im being reviewed…possibly audited due to a past debt.owed to the state that i was never aware of …fed up with this tax sh!t


    I filed on 2/7/2015… still one bar.. I was disallowed for carrying my daughter but my mom came back and claimed her and proved to the IRS she was taking care of her. I filed her this year and had to send in that form as well…But I had called them back in January and they said I had no balance and was good to go so we shall see

    Harmony Daniels

    Michael Hackney, was your 8862 due to claiming qualified children or because of under-reported income?


    When you file with form 8862, will it be hand reviewed?


    Same here filed on 2/1 still one bar

    Harmony Daniels

    I was required to file a form 8862 this year because back in 2011, Dan’s Instant Tax service filed my return without my consent and did not include all of my income. I usually self file but that year I was applying for a rapid refund – when I found out how much their fees were I said no and the rep wrote VOID across my file. Nevertheless, they filed them anyway minus a W2 and boom – I found out in 2013 that I owe back some of the EIC I had received. So now I am just wondering how long will it delay my refund. The entitlement to claim my kids was not the issue – under reported income was. I filed and was accepted on 2/6. I know they will take what I owe, I’m just hoping the difference doesn’t take forever.

    MICHAEL Hackney

    Refund Approved today for dd date of 2/11. Filed and accepted on 1/29. C
    Form 8862 was submitted with my return.


    filed: 1/29 w/form 8862 due to audit for 2012 yr that caused a $700 offset

    update This morning.2 bars w/DDD of 2/11/15


    I filed 1/24 with former 8862 accepted same day. Had one bar up until last Friday, now it just says my return has been received and is processing and a refund date will be provided when available. The bars disappearred. I hadone same thing happen last year not for me 8862 but bars disappeared I didn’t get my refund until June and that was with the help of an advocate. This is my first experience with 8862 because I had a baby last year so it’s my first time claiming a dependent. Due tidentity theft I’m being subjected to yet another year of games with the IRS! Hopefully something will happen for us this year.


    Return received. Only progress ive seen so far…smh…

    MICHAEL Hackney

    Hey yall lets keep each other updated. I filed my return along with my 8862 on Jan 29th. Still says one bar on the site saying received and is being processed. They are handled manually. But how long does it take? Am I going to be audited automatically?


    same here, was audited for 2012 tax yr. for not reporting stock I had not idea i still had (through old employer) ended up owing a small amount to the IRS. was asked to file 8862 for this tax yr. I filed on 1/28/15 and wmr still shows received, one bar and no progress :(

    quincy woodard

    What im reading on the internet is that once you have to file an 8862 it has to be hand reviewed and its a lengthy process… Its a great possibility that the irs will audit you. You will have to show proof to receive your credit… I didnt file my kids last year but i put my girlfriend on my tax return caused she lived with me at the time and now i have to file this form…. I have read we are in for a long process…




    I recieved a call from my tax preparer yesterday stating that my teturn was disallowed for an EIC.I had to attach the 8862 form and resubmit it.Will this delay my refund?

    quincy woodard

    Same here filed on 20th still one bar


    I had to file an 8862 to, due to someone trying to file my taxes fraudulently. I filed on the 20th as well, still one bar. Have you gotten a date yet?

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