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      Has anyone filed with tax act and received their refund or ddd? Did you file early?

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          Filed on the 12th with TaxAct, accepted the 16th and got my DDD of 2/4 a couple nights ago

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            My ddd is Monday but republic received it yesterday 1-30
            So I get the feeling ill still get it Monday :)

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              @JustWantMyMoney If your cycle date is 20150501 on you “account transcript” and have code 846 as your last code with amount and no bad codes you DDD should be Feb 5

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                I filed with TA on the 26th and was accepted immediately. As soon as I went to next page it said it was accepted by the IRS. Just this morning I was able to see my account transcript, BUT it is not populated yet just names and SS #’s nothing filled in for codes or $$$ no cycle date either. I guess it is processing now for me. Last year the”account transcripts” updated throughout the day (not once a day) so hopefully I’ll have some info later.

                I purchased the ultimate bundle w/state and 5 federal e-files every year because I also do my kids returns.

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                  I filed with TaxAct and was accepted on 1/16 by the Fed. I don’t have a DDD, but my transcripts were updated today. I am in cycle 05.

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                    Yes, I filed and was accepted on 01/16/2014 and received my ddd today-1-30-2015

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