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Anyone file on 2/21/2014

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    Anyone file on 2/21/ 2014 and got it accepted? I did check, where’s my refund this morning and nothing yet.

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    Christian’s Mommy 82

    if you have the same miscalculation two years in a row and the IRS has already made the adjustment on the most recent year (2nd of the two) according to your transcripts which show the corrected refund amount, what would cause there to be a code TC 971/570 dtd 3/17/2014? I was told by a Turbo Tax Expert that something like that should not stop your refund but it may delay it a bit and that the TC 570 is an internal code that isn’t directly linked to/affecting your refund. I also noticed that last Friday I could access all my AT’s and this week, it says ‘cannot verify your ID with the info provided’. Also, the WMR has said ‘tax return in process… refund date provided when avail’ with Topic 152: Refund Info. Does anyone have any experience with this? I did not claim EIC and the miscalculation is an error caused by TT software. It said I was elig for the $630 Additional Child Tax Credit last and this year. Just like last year, it shows the IRS immediately removed the $630, recalc’ed my refund amount, and now I am just in a holding pattern. Does this sound like a simple matter of delay which I shouldn’t obsess over and just accept that it’s going to be DD when it happens… thanks :-)


    still one bar I just checked two minutes ago…


    Mine still has 1 bar, since Sunday 3/2. I got Pa. State refund tax confirmation Wednesday that it was processed. Wonder how long DD will take for that!


    did wmr update for you or did it still have one bar?


    I filed 2/21/14, still nothing!!! It soooo frustrating!!!!!!!

    When I check WMR …. still processing!!!


    hey guys I didn’t file 2/21 but my ddd WAS 3/5/14 according to wmr my refund was sent..i chose to have fees taken out of sbbt bank but so far they have not received my refund..


    Woke up this morning and it was in my account :)


    I honestly wouldn’t worry about it until monday morning at the earliest. if they send it tomorrow, your bank may not get it until after business hours. If that happens, your bank may not show it as pending until monday morning. I have both chase and bank of america and that is how they do it.


    Anyone get a sent on theirs yet? I have a ddd of 3/7 but wmr doesn’t say it’s been sent yet. I’m kinda worried bc I’ve heard people saying they haven’t got theirs with ddd of 3/5 and older :(


    Turbo tax took down the feature that allowed me to see how many people had received a refund…sucks because I wasn’t really going to worry about my refund until it hit 90 percent.


    turbo tax is at 56 percent for 2/22 filers….no updates from me

    em 87

    @molliepops02 2/21 I’m pretty sure. I am afraid it won’t be on there 3/7 bc I’ve heard a lot of people are not getting them on their ddds.


    Em87, I filed 2/21 and was accepted. But the wmr only first showed 3/2 as being received. I only have 1 bar. What date, if you remember did the wmr say received? Anyone who also has this info. Please comment!! Thanks


    just wanted to update.

    no changes on TT or WMR, but able to access transcript (no more * next to 2013) this morning, whereas yesterday was not possible. Says 846 and refund issued, with date of 3/24/14. Seems like that is just a date noted, but comes faster than that obviously (read somewhere that DDD is usually 10 days earlier). I have cycle of 20141003, which seems to fall on monday for DDD. anyways, looks like something in the quest for clarity, though TT and WMR show nothing as of yet. Good luck to all!



    Filed and accepted 2/21, approval 3/5, ddd 3/7 :)


    Here is my timeline
    filed and accepted 2/22/14 turbo tax free file
    Refund aprroved 3/2 with ddd of by 3/5
    Refund received 3/5 via chase bank
    Note wmr still does not reflect refund sent.
    I ordered transcripts 3/4 had an 846
    I had 2 1099’s and eic, and student loan pymt interest
    total process took 12 calendar days.



    em 87

    Filed 2/21 checked this morning nothing yet


    I am still at 1 bar too. Funny though, it was accepted 2/22 according to our accountant, but nothing ever showed up on the wmr site until Sunday 3/2 and as received 3/2 1 bar! Lets keep in touch with this. I will keep posting when new updates, you too?


    I submitted my TT refund late on 2/21 and it was accepted early 2/22. I also am still at one bar, nothing more, but also see how 53% of people that filed the same day on TT are noted to have already received their money. Interesting, wondering how long this will take? Seems crazy how people already had their money within a week (53%), while others not even approved yet. Hoping for a quick turnaround!!!



    okay so my hopes for an early deposit are dashed. I hope everything gets deposited 3/5 without a hitch. I wonder if Chase bank releases funds throughout the day if they receive them. still waiting…this forum helps…as soon as I get my money (lol) I will make a donation. I have gotten the most helpful info from here.


    turbo tax is still reporting that 55% of their customers who filed on 2/22 have received a refund, which means that they don’t give DDD’s every day. that is some relief.


    you can do it on your own..


    Havent tried. We just bought a home so i know the broker will be pulling it soon.


    molliepops02 are you able to view any transcripts?


    i wanted to add that i compared my two returns where I had 1099’s a few years ago…it seems like I had to wait 5 weeks for a ddd. i checked the dates that i filed vs the dates that I received a deposit. sucks because i’m going on a vacation at the end of the month so I won’t know if I have any extra spending money until the last minute!


    Finally! The wmr has updated my status to received!! Filed 2/21, so happy to at least know they have my info!!


    I filed on 2/21/2014. Accepted 2 hrs later on same day. As of this day, still saying processing. transcript has * by. Ugh… aggravating…I just dislike the anticipation. it really make you worry. :-( TT is saying 53% received their refund. Not little ol me though!!!! Don’t even have a ddd…….Come IRS give me my money!!!!!


    hi cece. thanks for the update! we filed on the same day and saw our bar/tax topic on the same day. unlike you, i don’t have a simple w-2, so it is expected that my return take a few more days, since I had additional claims and some 1099’s. I am not even going to bother calling them until friday. I have a question for you. do you know when your 2013 transcripts were available to see? i still can’t see mine.

    turbo tax is also showing that 53 percent of the people who filed on 2/22 have received a refund. i think it’s received a ddd…i doubt that many people have the money yet.


    Woke this morning to refund approved and message that says refund scheduled to be sent to my bank by 3/5/14. We will see again….side not I checked wmr around 2:30am and the message wasnt there yet, so I guess the updates happen after that butt before 9am.


    turbo tax is reporting that 33 percent of their customers who filed on 2/22 have received a refund


    i see the website is unavailable. hopefully we will wake up to DDD’s.


    hi. i filed turbo tax on 2/22 right after midnight and accepted on the same day. filed one w-2, education credit, and a few 1099’s. my first bar didn’t appear until tuesday morning. as of this afternoon, i am able to order a blank account trascript but my return transcript still has a * as if I didn’t file. i used turbo tax online.


    @molliepops02 I filed on 2/20 and accepted on 2/21 and at first I had one bar with received but then it went away and said still processing my refund. Then 2/27 I checked in the morning on WMR saying refund approved with DD of 3/3. Also I used turbo tax. Seems maybe I got lucky for it to move so fast with me. Sounds like a lot of people are having problems this year with there refunds.


    I filed on 2/21 got accepted an hr later. Got approved on the 25th and it says that my ddd is 2/28. We’ll see what happens


    Katie, Did the WMR give you the accepted bar, or where you got them done at.


    DsGb4206, What date did you file your taxes? Also did the WMR give you an accepted bar or where you got your taxes done? Thanks, any info is greatly appreciated..


    Filed late the 21st, accepted an hr or so later on the 22nd. WMR had been at 1 bar the entire time. Topic 152 msg. No movement or change for a week now. Here’s hoping…


    Accepted 2/21 and got a DD for 3/3. WMR didn’t show any bars and the 152 message at first but finally checked and everything is good now.


    Deborah, Let me know when it shows refund processed. Thanks Tracy


    Deborah, I am glad that I’m not the only one not seeing anything. But I hope it shows something soon.


    Filed 2/22
    Accepted 2/22
    Tax topic 152 2/25
    one bar-return rcvd.
    havent filed since 2008.
    lets see what happens…


    I filed on 2/21 and mine still says accepted and nothing else. on the turbo tax website it says my ddd is march 13th tho.


    Hello molliespops02…my tax refund was e-filed on 2/21/14 also. And every time I check “WHERE’S MY REFUND”, all I get is the message that I must be entering my information wrong. But, I am certain that it’s correct. Now today is 2/25/14, and it still shows it doesn’t recognize my info. My friend just got her refund, and it was e-filed just 7 days earlier. Why so long for us????


    i filed on 2/22 and it was accepted within an hour. i began the return on 2/21 but i wasn’t submitted until after midnight, which is why it was stamped 2/22. today is the first day that the orange bars are up for me. I have a w-2, a few 1099’s, and the education credit

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