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      Okay so I keep seeing everyone that filed on 1/23 or earlier have DDD or even got their deposits already but not much info for people that filed on 1/24 or later. I am able to view my transricpts and have a cycle date of 20150403 so does that mean I have to wait until next week my refund.

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          Not “everybody” who filed and received on 1-23 has been “lucky”.
          Tomorrow is day 21 for me and it has never taken more than 10 days, usually less than a week for me.
          I can only guess this:
          ACA added a burden to the system
          Staff cuts made it far worse
          Massive fraud caused an high level decision to cripple the system
          Multiple mistakes on the IRS end
          Unwilling to admit error or clueless of it

          I’d go further and say that people without refunds yet were not “re-sequenced” or pulled up idVerify – more like everyone was scuttled and the people who *have* gotten refunds were randomly pulled for manual processing.

          They are not 1 day behind on day 22, they are really more like 11 days and the “cushion” has run out on them.

          Of course that is all hyperbole and conjecture (BS) without proof, but *something has happened this year. I realize that most people abandon this site as soon as they get paid or announce they got paid, and that leaves the voices of those who haven’t been paid back yet – BUT I don’t buy it. Something huge is amiss (and it ain’t just o-care)

          Rant over – but never again for me. I was an idiot and counted on it. Some people simply NEED it and these delays create hardship

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            I still have the “still processing” at WMR. No recorded payments to TT at SBBT and my transcripts show no filing yet. It is now 02/12/2015. Its 21 days for me on the 14th. I can only pray. When they cut the employees at the IRS, it was a bird brain thing to do, we pay taxes and should rightly be supported to get what we are due back and have a full staff at IRS. No one needs to be out of work, and this goes the same for IRS employees. I hope they see that they need to make the cuts else where next year. It angered so many people. The IRS needs to be fully staffed- and that is the bottom line. That is the least they can do.

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              I filed through HRB on 1/25, got accepted within the hour. checked WMR on 1/30 and it showed 2 bars stating my refund was approves and I would receive my refund on 2/4. I just tried checking it again today 2/2 and it says that it can’t find my refund. anyone else have this issue?

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                Filed on turbotax 01/24 accepted immediately after i filed is 2134 on 02/02 and still 1 bar om WMR & unable to view transcript it just says N/A where the year 2014 should be :( wondering if i should be worried.

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                  I filed on 1/24 accepted 4hre later file EIC, and Education credit stuck at one bar transcripts says no return filed with 2/16 date. I filed my friends same day and she got her money today so I don’t know how this is going to workout.

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                    I also file on 1/24 and accepted an hour later only have one bar on IRS website

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                      We actually filed originally with TT on 1/22/2015 but it was rejected because of TT having an issue with their program for some of us. Refiled morning of the 23rd and did what they said to fix the issue. It was finally accepted on Monday the 26th. We have 2 states we also had to file with. One has been approved and we are now just waiting for that money this week. The other one is still processing, although I have not checked it this morning yet. I had really hoped that just maybe today was our day, but apparantly I was wrong. Sigh…….

                      I wanted to add that I can only see 2 of our transcripts with the account transcripts are also only showing zeros.

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                        I filed 1/24 , Accepted same day ,I am able to view transcript but they say return has not been filed, I have 1 bar on wmr! Keep the faith there will be movement soon , I noticed that a lot of us who has filed 1/24 is in the same situation which could only mean that we are still being processed because if something was wrong it would be showing up on the transcript by now last year I did something wrong when I filed and as soon as I was done processing it showed up on my transcript and i got a letter, I didn’t get my refund back until 6/2014 so believe me there’s nothing wrong

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                          I filed 1/24 but have seen no movement either. I am not sure what to look for on the transcripts or which one to look at can anyone give me any details? On the transcript it does say “no return filed”

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                            Filled & accepted 1/24, finally ordered transcript on Friday 1/30, DDD on 2/4…

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                              Filed and accepted 1/24. One bar, tax topic 152, n/a on transcripts for 2014, and WMR did not go down for me today.

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                                Anyone still waiting from this group? Filed 24th, one bar topic 152. No DDD no transcripts.. Hoping for DDD this week!

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                                  Filled 1/24/2015
                                  Accepted 01/24/2015
                                  Transcripts Showed up 1/30/2015 with code 846 and 20150405
                                  WMR updated this morning with DD date of 02/04/2015
                                  No update on SBBT with the exception IRS reduced my refund by $2.00, so I now have to log in with the new amount, I am assuming this means they have gotten the funds and have not posted them or a Pre-alert from the IRS.
                                  **This is the fastest I have ever gotten my refund I was stuck in limbo last year for over 2 1/2 months.

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                                    Keep hope alive, guys! Filed and accepted on 24th. Only one bar until this morning – approved with DDD of 2/4. Used Turbo Tax free online with direct deposit to bank account.

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                                      I filed and was accepted almost immediately 9 AM EST 1/24. Still one bar, no record of transcripts when I call, no moolah in the bank either. A family member of mine filed 1/27 and got a DDD of 2/2 yesterday. This is beyond frustrating!

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                                        Filed on 1/24, accepted a few minutes later. Finally able to pull a transcript about 5 hours ago, and hopefully will see a refund soon.

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                                          Congrats Sherrie! I filed 1/24 and was accepted within minutes. I cannot seem to get transcripts due to my address. Good to see that other 1/24’ers are getting some movement! I bank with Chase… hope i see my refund soon to!

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                                            Just wanted to let people know I just received my money and I filed with turbotax and was accepted on 1/24. I never went past one bar on wmr and my money was just posted to my netspend. Plus I also had an offset.

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                                              We filed on 1/24 and accepted the same day. We never order transcripts bc we just don’t understand it. What’s the point? Anyway, we are still at one bar, but I have friends who filed and accepted 1/26 with DDD for 02/02… Does this mean there is something wrong with my return?

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                                                I filed on 1/24 and was accepted 45 minutes later. I checked WMR 20 mins ago and have a DDD of 1/30. Was able to pull my transcript yesterday and had a cycle date of 20150402.

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                                                  I filed on 1/22 and was accepted 1/23 still have no ddd or movement on wmr what is this weekly daily thing and which one Am i? Does anyone know

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                                                    I filed on the 22nd, approved an hour later. 1 bar and TT 152 since i was approved. I have not had any movement since then. Turbo Tax online shows Expected refund date of 1/23/2015 to 02/15/2015, the TT App shows 02/20/2015 and WMR has only one bar.

                                                    So many ppl have either received DD or have transcripts.
                                                    I keep getting locked out of website for transcripts.
                                                    SBBT has no record of funding be deposited to them and WMR i have heard isn’t working properly.
                                                    Some ppl are receiving there returns and still only have one bar.

                                                    Hope Im part of the DD 1/30/2015 I could so use the extra cash:)

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                                                      Just tried to order my transcripts, still not available. Does anyone know how often the IRS updates the transcripts? Anyone else able to order transcripts?

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                                                        Filed on 1/24, accepted same day, about an hour after filing. Checked WMR 10 minutes ago, and still on one bar…

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                                                          filed and accepted 1/24…1 bar, no ddd…was able to view transcripts this morning and had the 20150403 cycle date…my refund was on my HR Block Emerald card before WMR updated to accepted and sent last yr…from what I have read, we can expect money by 2/6 or 2/10…patiently waiting

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                                                            I filed on 1/24 also. I’m checking the wmr site frequently hoping for a ddd because other people have gotten theirs when they filed 1/23 but nothing yet. I was accepted same day on 1/24 too.

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                                                              I filled with TT and accepted on the same day 1/24 and have DDD of 1/30 in WMR nothing in SBBT as of yet I assume later tonight or tomorrow…

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                                                                I actually filed 1/23 and it did not get accepted until 1/26. As of last night, I wasn’t able to see my transcripts and for some reason I can’t get back in. It keeps telling me it is having technical difficulties. Hoping to start seeing others get approved with a DDD.

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                                                                  i filed 1/24 with TaxAct. I was accepted almost immediately. But no movement since. Wasn’t able to access a transcript as of last night. I did just get a text from republic bank saying my state (ca) refund was sent to my account. But that’s it.

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                                                                    MAYBE I FILED THE SAME DAY BUT NO MOVEMENT. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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