Anyone else with cycle date of 20150503?

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      I have a cycle date 20150503 and was wondering if anyone else did to? I was told that’s a 2/9 DD. Still prosessing on WMR.

      Filed 1/26
      Accepted 1/27

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      Jamie hitch

        I have a 20150503 code on my transcript but No 846 code. Does that mean it’s a problem.


          Just as I figured WMR updated for me over night from bars missing since sat to refund approved DDD 2/9/2015. Hang in there everyone!


            Cycle date 20150503 and just got my WMR update to two bars today. DD Date says 02/09/2015 if no refund posts to my bank by 02/14/2015 then to call my bank inquiring about the deposit. BOOM!! So far, so gooooood! I’ll update you as to when my refund posts. I bank with Chase.


              Oh! And still 1 bar on WMR


                Yes I have 20150503 cycle date with a code 846 and I filed and was accepted the night of 01/31.


                  I have the same cycle date and will let you know if there is a status change with mine as well.



                    The cycle date is only referring to the day your return was processed. To figure out the DDD, you add 4 days to the day of processing. So in this case 03 was yesterday, Tuesday, and 4 days after that would be Monday. Which I know is what you guessed, just wanted to clear up any confusion for anyone else.


                      Also I am reading that cycle date 20150503 – means 5th week which is next week 03- meaning 3rd day which would be Monday since the cycle dates start on Thursday being 1, Friday being 2 and Monday being 03. So if that formula is correct we should have our DD by Monday 02/09!!


                        I to have cycle date 20150503, filed 01/29 accepted same day, bars disappeared Sunday. Transcripts became available this morning with cycle code. WMR says I’m still processing .


                          To be honest it’s best not to stress about the WMR tool. It’s not the most accurate and in your case will most likely update late if at all. Quite a few people have reported having their Direct Deposits in their bank account with the WMR bar still being on one or two bars.


                            Me too. I have that cycle date but still processing and “refund date will be given when approved” on WMR. I wonder if we will still get it since it’s not showing on WMR?


                              Yes, I have 20150503 cycle date, filed and accepted 2/1, no DD in WMR

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