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Anyone else still with delay message and no transcripts?

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    Mine were received 1/24. Got a letter 5071c so I did the verification online the first week in February. Since then no updates and WMR shows the delay message and topic 152. And my account status shows 2021 tax return not processed. I have tried calling the number in the letter just to make sure the verification went through but even if I call right at 7 am i get the too busy message and try again. I wish they would give you the option of holding. Sorry for the long rant. I have never had this issue before. My taxes are super simple. No kids and single. 🙁🙁

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    I got off the phone with IRS they told me to call back In April as my return is still processing, no errors no issues they apologize for the delay this is coming from a supervisor.
    Filed and accepted 01/30 Turbo Tax
    received state 02/04
    claimed 6 kids
    ACTC and 1st year for EIC
    had 1 bar got delay message
    no updates on transcript
    as of 02/28/2022

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    Accepted 1/29. Transcripts N/A. No bars on WMR. Waited an hour and a half on the phone with the IRS this morning. Was told it’s in the errors department, but no errors listed. Also no letters sent. Told the wait would be 10+ weeks at least

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    Same boat as everyone else here. Filed 2/5, accepted 2/5, one bar since 2/5. On the 21st day, shifted to “delay” message. No transcripts, all “N/A”.

    So frustrating.

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    Ms tax

    Check your online account mine say 2021 tax summary now I have 570/971 codes waiting for Friday update

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    Over it

    Filed and accepted 2/7
    No movement on transcripts
    WMR updated Saturday to delay message

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    Transcripts still N/A for me. Filed 1/24 and accepted 1/25. WMR says still processing and gives info on delays. No notices, no movement

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    Filed accepted 2/8 transcripts say NA still this morning I woke to the delayed message 😑 tax preparer put the full ctc check amount on mine instead of splitting between husband and I, could that be why!?

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    Once your transcripts update with adjustments. You will update on your cycle code day. Stay strong mine just updated today for WMR tomorrow. 570/971 for one week. Now 571/846 for 3/3/2022

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    Delayed message and n/a for transcripts here. I first got the delayed message last friday. Filed 1/28 accepted hours later early 1/29. EIC and CTC. No errors that I know of.

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    Transcripts online and I had date of 3/2 for my refund. WMR still shows delay but from other info I think that will update tomorrow.

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    I had delayed message for 3 weeks and transcripts was saying NA today my transcript updated. Stay strong guys

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    I filed and was accepted on 2/1 everything was good until this past weekend. I had projected DD of 2/22 per TT and over the weekend (2/19) I got the delay message with topic 152 and still showing my refund amount. I look at my transcript and 2022 shows N/A and has not updated. My cycle code from last year ends in 05 so I hope I see something tomorrow morning .

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    Gt delay message a couple days ago, transcripts still N/A, got a random small check from last year they sent a letter saying they were reviewing last years taxes so maybe they owed it to me but I want THIS YEARS done!

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    Still waiting

    Still waiting and I filled 1/27 and accepted the same day. I’m five days out of the 21 day window. I’m a o5 cycle so I’m praying I see some movement tomorrow morning

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    Filed 2/5, accepted 2/5, 1 bar on WMR since 2/5 and my transcripts are still N/A “no return on record”. Unreal. People filed and accepted a week later than me are celebrating getting their refunds today….me? Nothing

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    I also received my state. That was accepted on 2/16 and I got it 2/24. Go figure.

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    I’m still stuck on being processed, no bars now, and refund amount is gone. Still says by March 1 refunds will be issued. I’ve received no letters in the mail. I’ve even recieved my state refunds already.

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