Anyone else losing their patience with IRS?

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    I filed 1/27/16 and I know a lot of people filed 1/19-1/27 who still have not gotten their refunds. It is now 13 days for me. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks and I am still stuck on “RETURN RECEIVED.” WTAH???

    I have never seen IRS screw up this badly and with their systems tanking every single week it seems, you would think someone with a brain cell would fix the problem. Now I wouldnt be so agitated IF people filing after 1/1/16 werent getting accepted in droves while the rest of us are literally getting the whole shaft and pushed further to the back with this crap. All I want to know is has the blasted refund been approved. Not that hard.

    Love how if you need something from the government, like I dont know, your refund money, they take their dear sweet time and use antiquated systems from World War II it seems. But if they want something from you, it better be right now in my hand right now.

    Anyone else losing patience with them? And I cant get through to a helpful person to find out what is going on. Some people commented on contacting the IRS and finding out about systems crashing. I found out by the news and IRS wouldnt give me a single answer. All I got were the most unhelpful human drones in the world. Go figure.

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    Called the IRS today and waited on hold for about an hour and when someone finally did come to the phone they instructed me to call another number to confirm my identity. Called that number and waited about 40 min and had to answer several questions to finally be told it would be up to 9 weeks to get my refund. I just don’t understand why you can’t take care of this sooner, but instead have to wait 21 days! Crazy! I do have to say that I’m relieved something wasn’t terribly wrong and it was just to confirm my identity. I will keep y’all updated on my refund and good luck to y’all!


    Gimme My Mula

    I’m more frustrated with the lack of information they’re giving out. That and the lack of knowledge the reps they contracted have! This rep told me that I couldn’t order 2015 transcripts until I RECEIVED my refund because I got a letter stating my request couldn’t be process(ID verify), the next day I get the SAME LETTER for my 2014 Transcripts! So you mean to tell me my refund from last year that’s SPENT isn’t done processing either?! FOH!

    And why do they have to wait 21 days to tell me about my account when they can see the information NOW! I mean WMR barely works, I’m sitting here with no bars wondering WTF’s wrong and you’re telling me to wait 21 days or wait for a letter?! No let me know NOW so I can fix it! I don’t mind waiting 30 days for my refund, but if I gotta wait 60 because I had to wait for a letter about something you could of easily told me over the phone?!

    Plus they’re so big on Security then why are they still sending letters STANDARD MAIL! You’re going through all these checks making us wait to prevent identity theft meanwhile they’ll causally send out a letter with your WHOLE SSN on it, standard mail as if it can’t end up at my neighbors house!

    It’s frustrating, and I know never again will I wait on the IRS or expect them to give me my money on time! I’m an unemployed full time college student and I was hoping to use that money to pay down my credit card bill and get ahead on my tuition payments, but NOPE IRS wanna drag they feet!

    And as for the system shut downs, you’re the freakin FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! You didn’t have a back up system? Idk an UPDATED SYSTEM! Couldn’t you have worked out the kinks prior to tax season?

    I just don’t know! I just want my money. On top of that I OWE for state so when they send their request for payment I’m gonna send them a letter back saying “Tell yo FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to send me my money and maybe I could pay y’all!”



    If I ever owe the IRS, I’m going to send them a letter beginning with:

    Dear IRS,
    Thank you for informing me that I owe taxes.
    I anticipate that 9 out of 10 of the people I owe money to will receive their payments on time.

    Then I’m going to wait a week and send the this:

    Dear IRS,
    Due to technical difficulties I am unable to send a payment. Please allow up to 6 weeks for further review and processing.

    5 bucks says I get audited the year after sending that



    @Joshua Thank you for the advice. I will give them a call and then update y’all.



    I am o.k with receiving my money w/i 21 days. I certainly would like to have it sooner, but it is what it is. I would like better updates and to be able to get helpful info if I call the irs. It takes just as long to keep saying “call back at 21 days” as it does to just check if you see an issue. Don’t make people wait 21 days just to learn they nee to id verify or something simple like that.

    I need to know now if I need to provide additional info because I am scheduled for surgery on Monday. I will be stuck in the hospital and even when I get out of the hospital I won’t be able to take care of any issues while recovering. I have a couple of free days this week to do what I need to do. So, this is why I’m stressing.



    I understand. Being that I filed 1/18/16 and I was approved 2/6/16 that is 15 business days, so that would be my estimation for you. Obviously a lot can vary but maybe that give you a closer idea.



    @Cam the part that is frustrating me is…NO APPROVAL :(. I’m still stuck on received where’ I’ve been since I filed. That is my complaint. I could settle for “Your refund has been approved” blah blah blah…but it will be another week before you get your money. As long as I know if it has been approved. That is all I am asking



    I understand your frustration however they estimate 21 days. While I know it sucks because everyone needs there money they have a lot of tax returns to work through. I would always love to receive my money sooner but I don’t get upset until 21 days pass because that is how long they told me. They have me a DDD of 2/10/16 which is tomorrow. Some times it does show up early but sometimes it doesn’t. Patience is tough when it comes to money and everyone gets anxious but just know it will get to you. If you live in Illinois like I do you will be waiting for a while since they aren’t even beginning to process state returns until March 1st. Realize that the people that work at the IRS are people to. wouldnt you hate it if you worked somewhere and told someone that it would take you 10 minutes to accomplish whatever task they asked you to perform and then 4 minutes later they get mad and yell at you because it’s not done. Trust me I get just as anxious about my money but I understand both sides. Just try to realize that too.

    FILED: 1/18/16
    ACCEPTED: 1/19/16
    APPROVED: 2/6/16
    DDD: 2/10/16
    DD: Not Arrived.



    @Misty call the IRS. Since it’s your 21 days now…they can NOT give you the run around. They will have to look into what is going on.




    Yea your right why bother?!



    Mine was filed and received 1/19 and was I supposed to get it by today and still nothing!



    @chriswu dont bother. The Masked IRS Agent is obviously a paid government stooge.



    @the masked irs agent

    Well sure the irs is surely allowed to process within 21 day window.
    The problem is if we owe the irs then we get a 10 day window to pay,so basically 50%less time to pay then for the time alloted for income tax returns.
    So how is that a fair buisness practice?



    lol…so where is everyone else’s “21 days” The Masked IRS Agent? Since you obviously work for them by defending them and their stupidity :). Course it only seems to apply to people who filed in January I noticed


    The Masked IRS Agent

    I believe the IRS provided you with a 21 day service window and is still well within that. What’s the problem here? They aren’t allowed to follow the time quoted?

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