Anyone accepted on 1/22/19 receive DDD?

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    Seems like everyone accepted in this date has not updated.

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    I filed 1/19/19 was accepted 1/22/19 but status is on return received is being processed and no code. What the heck is going on. Haven’t received a letter either to tell me if something is wrong so I’m guessing it’s not. Ughhhh can’t ever get a real person on the phone



    Same for me. I was accepted on 1/22-1/23. Then on 2/6 my messaged changed to still processeing.. So confused.



    efiled 1/22
    accepted 1/23
    i had the three bars up on my acct until like the 5th of feb, well thats when i noticed that the bars werent there. i had the path message for a bit now it just says that they have it and it is being processed. still have no DDD



    Filed: 01/21/2019
    Accepted: 01/22/2019
    Path message gone now i just have a default processing message. I’ve been seeing everyone else that got accepted around our date get a ddd of 2/22. Ughhhhhhhh


    Jessica Murray

    I filed 1/11 accepted 1/22 received my DDD of 2/22 last night. I am in Columbia Missouri.



    I got accepted on 1/22 and got a ddd Saturday morning and 2 bars on WMR.



    I was accepted 1/22, received my ddd in this mornings update. I am in NC



    I filed on 1/11 and was accepted on 1/22 with EITC and ACTC and after the PATH was lifted WMR updated with a date of 2/22 for my direct deposit. I filed with HR Block.



    No. I’m still at a 9001 “we can’t provide any information”…. accepted 1/21 on turbotax; had to randomly ID verify Monday.



    I filed 1/22, accepted 1/23. I did not update with a DDD but i never have…ever. Not until after my money was already in my account. This is the first year i was able to get transcripts, so i cant compare last year, but i have no 846 code there either. I had fees taken out and an advance from JH this year. Republic Bank taxpayer site is not showing my refund yet. Probably wont until later this week…that is what normally happens.



    I’m in Texas and just got my DDD overnight. I’m a PATHER and last year didn’t get a DDD until April 13th. It’s been so different the last couple of years.


    Jelly Robinson

    Where is everyone located that received a DDD? Please let us know.



    I was accepted on the 22nd and as of this morning have a DDD of 02/22.


    Jelly Robinson

    I was accepted 1/22 and a Pather. Everyone is getting updates who got accepted after whichis crazy. Wish the IRS didn’t make it so complicated to see transcripts online.



    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/22
    Updated to PATH 2/2
    WMR updated to still being processed 2/16
    Woke today to 2nd WMR update this weekend with return of bars
    2nd bar to approved and DDD of 2/22.
    I am weekly which means I update over the weekend.
    Sending Positive Vibes that those who haven’t will update tomorrow🤞🤙



    Accepted 1/22 checked this morning with a deposit scheduled for 2/22



    Filed 1/17 TT
    Accepted 1/22
    Can access Transcripts
    No DDD as of this morning
    TT Bar is full
    Message back to Is Being Processed.



    I haven’t updated and I was accepted 1/22.
    I can’t access my transcript online because my number isn’t recognized so…



    Filed 1/19 TT
    Accepted 1/22
    PATH since I was accepted
    Woke up this morning to a DD of 2/22



    I filed 1/19 was accepted 1/22. PATH since 1/26. I received my DDD of 2/22 last night.



    Accepted 1/25 being processed, no ddd or nothing!!! My turbo tax bar is full though! Anyone access transcripts this morning that shows a ddd but wmr still saying being processed?



    No update for me. 20190405 process date of 2-11. Accepted Jan 22



    Acc 1/23 and have nothing still


    Jessica Murray

    I filed 1/11
    Accepted 1/22
    Path act 1/28
    Is processing 2/16
    Then at 9:30pm CST my WMR updated to a DDD of 2/22
    Last year I had my deposit on my rushcard 2/16. This year is a different story. I think because of everything updating on the weekend and Monday being a holiday. I think I’ll have my refund Tuesday sometime. Everyone hang in there! You’ll see something soon! My cycle code was 20190405 and I still updated twice yesterday and have a DDD of the 22nd.



    You will probably get a update next Sunday morning for a ddd of the 27th



    Still waiting



    Nope! Still Waiting…



    I was accepted 23 and no ddd




    I hope your right. I just want to know it’s coming. This sitting in limbo with a processing message is frustrating. So no, I’m not hating at all, I really hope your right.



    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/21
    Woke up this morning to a DDD OF 2/22



    I’m just gonna through this out there…hate it of you want but I’m pretty sure people on 1/22 acceptance will get a DDD on February 23. And the DDD day will be February 27 or March 1



    Hopeful that we will update 2/23 for 2/27



    No update



    Nope, accepted on the 22nd and nothing. Apparently that’s the F you date for the IRS


    Jelly Robinson

    I filed Jan. 18th and got accepted Jan. 22. Bars left Feb. 1. Everyone who has filed and accepted after me is getting updates with ddd. Unable to check my transcript online because I don’t have my own phone line. I called IRS Friday and the guy said there is nothing wrong with my return and to call Tuesday if nothing happens. I have message “We have received your refund and it is being processed.” This is frustrating!!!!







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