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Anyone 1/30 or 1/31 filers with updates??

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    I filed 1/30/2015 afternoon I’m still at one bar and it says your refund is being processed. Anyone else that filed around the same time as me have any updates?

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      Good Morning Everyone,

      We e-filed at 7:47 am on 1/30/15 through H & R Block; it was a 1040A with two educational credits (8863 forms), and received notification that our return was accepted by the IRS at 7:52 am that same morning. The WMR tracker on the IRS website has shown processing with one bar since then and it remains that way this morning. However, I am now able to access all of our 2014 transcripts (couldn’t yesterday) and our account transcript shows the 846 (refund issued) code. We also fall into a cycle code ending in 05, which I believe means we are part of the weekly processing batch that’s looked at on Thursdays.

      I just looked back over a post I made in a tax refund group last year and realized that the dates line up exactly so, based on that alone, I am expecting to see WMR update tomorrow with a DDD of 2/11/15. I don’t know if this information will be helpful to anyone else, but I thought I would share my experience and let everyone who filed on 1/30 and is still waiting that things do seem to be moving forward. Here’s to hoping we all wake up to DDDs in the next few days!


        I filed 1/28 and accepted same day. IRS says they didn’t get it until 1/30. I am a weekly processor and have no movement on transcripts. All of them are NA except for wage which says No Return Filed. WMR still has 1 bar and TT 152. It’s not looking too good for me to be seing a DDD for next week.


          I filed on 1/31 and still only have 1 WMR bar and my account transcript has all zeros “no tax return filed”. I just see N/A on my top two transcripts.


            Filed 1/31/15 – accepted same day. Had 846 Code on transcript with DD of 2-9 an this morning, transcript and WMR has Code 1121 and 841 – Refund Cancelled! What the heck does this mean??? Please someone help. Has anyone else had this problem????


              Just wanted to give an update…

              Filed: 1/31
              Accepted: 1/31
              Transcripts: 2/4
              2nd bar: 2/5
              DDD: 2/9

              And without further ado….. I GOT MY REFUND THIS MORNING!


                So I filed 1/31/15 received 1/31/15 and I got nothing? Anybody checking sbbt yet?


                  Still one bar for me as well. Soooo frustrating! I had my fingers crossed for a DDD of Monday. :(


                    @427LSXcamaro – sad news is that WMR has updated for friday. so, if it’s not updated by now, it will be monday before any new updates are available. I just checked my 2013 transcript and it showed my refund date was 2/24. i filed on 2/1. makes me feel a little better. hopefully, better news next week. but now i will worry ALLL weekend long. better luck to yall!


                      well… im still on bar 1.. :( sure wish i could see my damn transcript!!
                      last year i stayed on bar 1 until after i got my refund… hoping its the same this year. just wish i had more info:(


                        FYI: WMR has updated for friday. no changes. so frustrated! now it will be next week before any more updates are available. ANY FILERS WITH ACCEPT DATE OF 1/31 – DID YALL’S WMR UPDATE??


                          I just checked WMR. the tool is doing its daily update right now – the system is down. hopefully, when it comes back up, some of us will have better news.
                          my fiancé filed on 126. he had a DDD of 2/2 – ️VERY quick turn-around. I wasn’t so lucky. I just viewed my transcripts – N/A. so frustrating. please post if ANY of y’all with accept date of 1/31 have changes on friday. good luck to everyone.
                          patience is NOT a virtue of mine…


                            I filed 1/30
                            Accepted 1/30

                            Still no updates for me. Only one bar. :( We will see what the morning shall bring… My mom filed on 1/28 and still no DDD for her either.


                              agreed! this is so frustrating.
                              question…ppl keep talking about transcripts. I just obtained mine. but there are 4 for 2014. which one do I look at to determine if a refund cycle date hS been given??
                              @camero – I know this is frustrating. but I’m trying to cling on to the fact that quite a bit of people with the same accept date as us have not moved to the 2nd bar.
                              p.s. WMR should be updating now. it’s almost 3AM EST


                                i hope the last update gives us all hope. im getting annoyed and sad… lol


                                  i’m in the same boat as y’all. if it is any consolation, the update for Friday morning has NOT been updated yet. WMR updates from 3AM-6AM.
                                  I’m trying not to get my hopes up. but it’s just so confusing how some folks who had an accept date of 1/31 have already made it to 2nd bar. check after 3am for LAST UPDATE of the week.


                                    Filed 1/31 around 3pm
                                    Taxes still processing…
                                    Checked wmr midnight friday morning and NOTHING!!!!!!! GRRRRR!
                                    SOOOO ANNOYED


                                      filed and accepted 1/31… still at 1 bar!!! :(( this is frusterating lol i am not a patient person and i hate not knowing whats going on!!

                                      i forgot my email from last yearand it wont let me remake an account with a new email to check my transcripts.. :(

                                      hopefully we will see an update tonight?!?! or a surprise tomorrow? :(


                                        this is so frustrating! congrats to all who have gotten their money.
                                        as for the rest of is…
                                        i filed on 1/31. accepted hour later. as of today, WMR has not updated to show approved. does that mean I got audited? it eases my mind a little to see other folks who were accepted on 1/31 and have not gotten 2 bars get on their WMR.
                                        ALSO…is it true that WMR only spits out a DDD once a week on wednesdays??


                                          Hey guys found something out today, so I filed on 1/30/2015 around I say 4:30 pm and guess what I wasn’t accepted by the IRS until 2/1 so f*ing stupid. So hmmmmm I’m done worrying because I don’t have anymore energy so I’m just going to be patient and relax until then.


                                            Filed with HRB 1/30 Fed accepted
                                            same day. Got a ddd of 2/6 on the
                                            4th. I have the emerald card so i
                                            called the HRB bank (not the
                                            same as emerald card ) my RAC
                                            was credited to the account on
                                            the 4th. HRB took out their fees
                                            on the 4th as well. I usually get my
                                            money the night b4 but i can wait
                                            until tomorrow. Hopefully it will
                                            be posted to my card by then.
                                            Fingers crossed.


                                              Filed 1/30 accepted with ddd of 2/6 i have offset msg and when it calls it says my entire refund will be applied to a debt. Stupid site still says full amount to be deposited 2/6. Im sick over this, i needed this money so extremely bad right now its not even funny :-(


                                                Filed and accepted 1/30, ddd for 2/6, sbbt released my funds this morning, still nothing in my bank, but I did get my state and it is still showing processing.


                                                  @csmith that happen to me last year!! I nearly fainted I couldn’t believe it.

                                                  Total time from filing to money in my bank was 7 days exactly, and last year I filed just around 2/6. I had 1 bar, meanwhile others who filed the same day as me were all talking about getting the 2nd bar/DDD finally and there I was left really concerned and scared cause mine was still at 1 bar with no DDD. Wake up a couple mornings later and check and I still have 1 bar, was devastated. I then went to look at my bank account to see if I was getting coffee that morning or not, and nearly fainted when I saw my deposit was in the bank account. It was the happiest day of my life!

                                                  Im really hoping that happens this year too cause Im a 1/31 filer and unlike others who filed that same day, I’m still at 1 bar on WMR as well :(


                                                    Can someone please explain this weekly cycle deal. I must have over looked that. And yes I hope we do wake up to a suprise deposit in the AM


                                                      I think you if filed 1/30 and havent heard anything we are in a weekly cycle should update friday night with ddd for next week


                                                        filed and accepted on the 30th. no movement yet on wmr :/ my mom and sister got theirs a week after they filed and they never had more than one bar. maybe those of us that have not gotten updates will just wake up in the AM with money lol. heres to hopin


                                                          This is the first year I have really payed much attention to WMR and trying to figure out what to expect in terms of approval time. I filed and was accepted on 1/30. I see that it says 21 days for refund, but I’m afraid that I will have a lot going on that could delay my refund. I got married, changed my name, started college, the whole insurance thing (did have insurance the entire year) and switched a dependent with my ex husband. Anyone know if all that could potentially majorly delay an approval or is it somethings that could still be processed relatively quickly? I’m more concerned with getting a transcript because I have to mail off a state school grant application and they need one for 2014.

                                                          Shelli W

                                                            Filed 1/30/15, still at 1 bar. Starting to get concerned


                                                              I filed 1/31 and was accepted the same day. HOH, 1 Dependent with H&R Block. Woke up this morning with a ddd of 2/9 and “Refund Approved” 2 bars. Seems like it took forever for WMR to update!

                                                              Also, I’m in Mississippi


                                                                I’m glad it’s over for you Congrats! I bet I give they a** a holla today


                                                                  I hate to see so many that have not gotten updates. I guess I slipped through the cracks some kind of way. Because I filed 01/31 was Accepted within the same hour and have been Approved and on the second bar since 02/04. Plus, I checked my bank account and my refund is Pending since yesterday.


                                                                    Ok still nothing I just checked! This is sad


                                                                      Accepted 1/30 still no transcript says n/a. FFS when is it ever gonna update? It would be nice to know when the $ is coming…


                                                                        Well happy spending, hopefully I’ll get good news soon got to get ready for work keep me posted I’ll be back on later thanks for the updates


                                                                          Im in Texas too


                                                                            I filed 1/31 and Accepted within an hour. Just checked WMR and REFUND IS APPROVED And will be in my bank on 2/06. Hope this helps everyone ease their mind.


                                                                              Well guys Im still stuck at were I was before I’m happy for everyone that’s getting updates thought I would be with the 2/6 draft pick but I guess not feeling confused. It’s coming I know it is.


                                                                                Great news this morning. I checked wmr and it says “Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 6, 2015.
                                                                                If your refund is not credited to your account by February 11, 2015, check with your bank to see if it has been received.”

                                                                                I filed and was accepted on 1/30/15 in the evening. Im so excited.. hope u all have good news too…


                                                                                  Filed 1/30
                                                                                  Saw transcripts 2/3
                                                                                  DDD 2/4 of 2/6


                                                                                    @Nik that’s great wow I hope I get good news uggghhhhh waiting patiently


                                                                                      I filed in the early evening on 1/30 and have a ddd for 2/6 as of this morning. I used TT. Whoo Hooo! I think 7 days is the fastest I have seen, I usually am 8 days.


                                                                                        Oh yah, and I live in TX as well! Good luck!!


                                                                                          Filed: 1/31 w/ TT
                                                                                          Accepted: 1/31

                                                                                          Last night I was able to view my Return Transcript and I noticed it had 20150503 as the processing date. After looking at my last year return and noticing the processing date for my Return Transcript and my Account Transcript were the same, I was confident that this morning I would see my Account Transcript (with the same cycle).

                                                                                          I was right! 846 Refund Issued :)

                                                                                          My mom filed 1/31 as well and she still has no transcripts though =/


                                                                                            Saw youre .in tx I’m .in id so its probably already updated if ur gonna get a ddd update tonight


                                                                                              Lucky you @Sherry Maybe we’re next


                                                                                                Filed 01/29 accepted 01/29 just updated ddd 02/06!


                                                                                                  Ok so couldn’t really sleep so I’m back has anyone got good news? I’m so scared to check I’m thinking I should wait and check about 6 am I’m in Texas. They should issue out stress checks ( checks with money) for the stress we go thru during this time that would be nice.


                                                                                                    Yes I need a distraction, see you guys maybe later on tonight or early morning hopefully we get good news take care


                                                                                                      Yes, you will. I do know that many of us, 1/30 filers could order or transcripts around 11pm est last night, I’m sure you will be able to see yours late tonight or tomorrow. Just wait til morning and I berry you will be able to see them. There you go, watch some Bad Boys II. That movie makes me happy, no matter the problem!


                                                                                                        You are so right Woooooosaaaahhhh! I’m going to relax but it so sucks to see everybody posting yayyyyyyy! Ugh but thanks I’m good we shall see something soon


                                                                                                          @ RunMeMyMoney: yes, stop listening to the negative comments. Even if you get one transcript, it is a good thing. Do not try again (online) or it will lock you out for 24 hours. That will drive you nuts. This is ALWAYS stressful, especially when you NEED you money. Find your zen place, drink a beer, watch your favorite movie, and relax. Unless you outright lief on your taxes, you’ll be fine.


                                                                                                            Well same here I just tried to request transcript by mail and well duh nothing. Uggghh ok ok maybe I should go to sleep


                                                                                                              i filed on 1/31 still one bar and transcrips says n/a for 2014 so i am lost


                                                                                                                I hope we see an update to over night, I’m trying to patient but damn maybe I should stop reading all the negative forums because they get me all worked up


                                                                                                                  Well I tried to view them online but like most 3 out of 4 say n/a and the account one lets me open it and it says no return filed I think I will recheck in a minute but what I haven’t tried to do was request one by mail maybe I should try that lets see what happens, thank you.


                                                                                                                    I filed on 1/31. My return still says processing. it has been since Monday.. Hopefully we will see an update tonight….


                                                                                                                      @ RunMeMyMoney: No updates on WMR today, but I was able to order transcripts by mail. Have you tried for your account and return transcripts yet? Check out this forum, we all were accepted the 30th.


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