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Anyone 1/30 or 1/31 filers with updates??

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    I filed 1/30/2015 afternoon I’m still at one bar and it says your refund is being processed. Anyone else that filed around the same time as me have any updates?

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    Finally have transcripts available! Cycle code 20150801. My transaction transcript shows a refund date of Mar 16. Still nothing on WMR. Annoyed that I still have so long to wait and I suspect I am getting a paper check instead of direct deposit but at least it’s coming. Omg!


    I lost my one bar 3 days ago, and went to return still being processed without the 152 tax topic, refund amount still showed. I just got off the phone with the IRS as today is 21 days, and was told that my return did get sent to the error resolution department, but not because anything we did but that it was the IRS’s fault and that my return would be finished processing sometime in the next 22 days. She said that she can see that it was an error on the IRS side because the code attached to it was some kind of generic systemic error code. Was glad that I feel that I got a somewhat straight answer to why it was being delayed.


    Finally some updates on my transcripts!

    Checked this morning, nothing on wmr still, but when I checked my transcripts
    I finally had code 846!
    I had code 826 as well from owing back taxes. (Love when the husband forgets a w-2 or two from his odd second jobs!)
    Now the question is how long will it take for the refund to actually be disbursed. The date the transcript is showing is 3/9 and I’m hoping against hope it doesn’t actually take that long.


    @stuck. My bars disappeared and I have the same message. FIled 1/31. Accepted 2/1. Transcripts updated last night. cycle date 20150705. I do have code 846!

    Check your transcripts


    Well my bar went away and so did my “you should get your refund within 21days.” Now it says, “Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.”



    My boyfriend filed the exact same day. up until three days ago he had the one bar but then it changed to none at all and he has no refund well we have no refund nor dates NOTHING! Cannot get in touch with IRS either!


    Called the IRS today (even though I am only at 18 days) using the number on the tax topic 152 link. After about 20 mins pushing a bunch of buttons on the automated system I got through to a person who was very nice but she was unable to tell me very much other than what I could see myself with WMR. She said all she could see what that it was still processing and that she did not see anything to explain the delay. Going to keep checking WMR and will call on the 23rd. Oh little FYI even through the automated system says it was recieved on 1/31 her system showed that it was actually recieved on the following Monday 2/2 at the start of business. Maybe an additional contribution to the delay is that we all filed over the weekend?


    same hear, filed 1/30/2015 accepted same day and still no change…


    I filed and was accepted the same day – 1/29/2015
    I want to call the IRS but have not been able to find a phone number that will get me to a person. Does anybody have a phone number?


    I filed with TaxAct on 1/30 and it was approved by them and accepted by IRS in a matter of minutes. I still show from WMR still processing no date no action no resolve. I have attempted to contact IRS and every avenue has been exhausted with no luck. It would seem to be impossible to get ahold of someone that can help. I sent an email to Taxact support waiting for some form of assistance or guidance however have not heard back from them. I know this is frustrating however it is some small comfort that I am not alone.. This blog has help me not freak on one someone and honestly I don’t know why other than have no power or control over any of this is driving me a little bonkers. We pay taxes on goods and services. State (for some) Federal tax, property tax, tax for shipping, taxed if you get your money from a long term investment or 401k when you need it. Then when it is time for you to get some of your hard earned money back the government says hold up be patience. I guarantee you if I owed the Federal government money and said hold up the would garnish my wages and hold all further returns until paid. Seems really one sided and frankly I love America I am an ex marine served my country proudly however the government control on our way of life and the way this country is going honestly concerns me. Anyway enough of my rant long story short you are not alone. Hopefully all works out and if it doesn’t do what I do. Take a step back breathe and realize as long as you live in America there are just certain things you cant control and taxes are definitely on of them. good luck and have a blessed day.


    Filed 1\30\15 used same company for four years always had back by valentines day but its 2\18\15 what’s the problem 21 days almost up only saids processing and no date…. Getting worried??????


    Same here filed 01/31 accepted 2/1. One bar, no movement, tax topic 152. I usually have my refund within 10 days. I just hope it will be done in the 21 day time frame and not find out that something is wrong.


    1/31 EFILE/ACCEPT. WMR shows they are processing since this date with no updates period. Getting worried, whats going on?


    Filed and Accepted 1/31 and still nothing. No transcripts available except wages which says no return filed. Still at 1 bar on WMR. Going to try to call tomorrow maybe. I have never had a e-file take this long. Concerned that name, address, and bank account change triggered some sort of identity theft hold up. Grrr.


    Good Morning All!

    I am a 1/31 Filer and I just received an update on WMR this morning with a DDD for 2/20!

    Will update with DD later.


    Efiled with TT 1/31
    Accepted 1/31

    All transcripts available and fully filled out. Have been for about a week now.
    Sequence code of 20150505 (would make DD 2/11)
    As of 2/15, no DD in bank
    No code 570
    code 150, 806, 766, 766, 768

    Getting extremely frustrated, and of course the time that I checked everything was on a holiday weekend so have to wait until Tuesday to call and pull some teeth. Keep checking back after the updates hoping that something may have changed. At this point in time would even welcome code 570 to at least give a reason for the hold up.


    I filed 1/31. No movement at all until I checked this morning. WMR said approved with a DDD of 2/19.


    Filed 1/31 been stuck on one bat ever since, until today I checked wmr and ddd is 02/19. Soooo happy to be done with it!


    I filed 1/30, accepted in minutes. Since then sitting at one bar, N/A transcripts except income and wage which shows no return filed. Even though the money would be really nice I really, really need my transcript so I can send off the paperwork for my state school grant. I see a lot of talk about transcripts and that most people have 0.00 on their transcripts and that only two out of the four say N/A. Should I be concerned that I have not seen any change to my transcripts being N/A since I filed on the 30th and three out of four of them are N/A still? I haven’t gotten a letter or anything in the mail, and I am at a loss for what to do about just getting a hold of a transcript so I can get my school grant. I’m afraid that I have a lot on my return that will cause problems (married last year/name change, educational credit, change in dependents with my ex husband, first year my current husband has ever had dependents, all the obamacare stuff, etc…)


    Update. I had to call 18008291040 and go through the busniess taxes option and kept hitting other to talk to someone after 35 minutes that told me my taxes had a 1471 code so i have been on a no post status since 2/5 because of identity protection. I did nothing wrong but they stopped processing cause they thought i was a victim when i wasnt the agent put a note to put it through to finish since i confirmed everything was right and of course she gave me the 6-8 week shpeal. Good luck everyone. I had no transcripts or updates after being accepted 1/30.


    Filed 01/31 accepted 2/1. Tax topic 152. No transcripts, No updates. Guess it’s just a waiting game this year.

    Sally Bowman

    Just updating. Filed 1/30, accepted 1/31…. Still only accepted and no updates since.

    I’m not really sure about the whole transcript thing. I see some people say it means something and others say it doesn’t. I have not even tried to look at them.

    Just wanted to let anyone else who Efiled 1/30 or 1/31 that I am still waiting with no updates at all.

    I filed head of household, with 2 dependents….

    Praying to hear something soon…


    AmyB I too filed and accepted 1/30 and got all transcripts avaialble today.

    I also have cycle 20150605 and date of 03/02/2015…..

    I am trying to find out what the date of 03/02/2015 means????

    Should I ignore it and assume my DDD will be based on the cycle translation of Wednesday 2/18/2015 and not 03/02/2015??


    Whew finally!! I filed 1/31 4:30pm. Accepted 1/31 5:44pm. Updated this morning with 20150605 and 846 03/02/2015. Guessing this means I will get mine Wednesday? Hopefully

    Darren DeJuan Patrick

    Hay guys I filed on the 1/31/2015 refund still processing it’s been 13 days

    Sally Bowman

    I efiled on 1/30 at like 4:45 PM. Was accepted 1/31. I have had no updates on WMR – Still processing. I worried until I saw soooo many people in the same boat. I’m thinking since it went in late on a Friday, probably not much was done with it before the following Monday, 2/2. So when I look at the estimated dates, it is still within reason.

    I am also encouraged by the vast number of people who say they did not have any update on WMR, but when they looked at their bank account, they had a scheduled payment.

    I am also encouraged because it seems many people suddenly see an update, with a DDD that is only a day or two away. There are many others who do get their DDD a week ahead of time.

    It all seems to boil down to the fact that — you really can’t get a clue as to when you will get your return. We just have to rest easy that within 21 days or less, everyone is seeming, for the most part, to be receiving their $$.

    For now, I’ll keep clinging to everyone’s comments and watching for the other 1/31’s to see their deposits. GOOD LUCK TO ALL! :)

    T. Briggs

    Forgot to mention that I had an offset with topic 152 also. Everything is good and my money is on the way!

    T. Briggs

    Take deep breaths everyone it’s coming! I filed on January 31st around 6pm I was accepted a couple of minutes later! WMR had me processing on one bar since then! I checked so much throughout the day that it told me that I exceeded my daily limits lol. I was just panicking because of some stories that I had heard but when I got up at 5am this morning and checked mines had UPDATED TO APPROVED WITH A DDD OF FEBRUARY 17th! It’s coming guys and I hope this helps your nerves because when I was in your shoes up until this morning,reading others post an update to Ddd gave me some comfort!


    Hello everyone, I am really concern I filed my taxes with Tax Act on the Jan 31 2015 and was accepted on the same day for Federal and State but I still have not been approved on WMR?. Did I do something wrong? My sister filed last week with Jackson Hewitt and they said her money was already at their bank schedule to be released on Friday 02/13/2015.. I am starting to panic. I checked WMR it only have the first bar and code 152 there is no money in my account or the taxact bank account? I tried calling the Irs and they keep hanging up after the recorded message and I don’t know what to do? Also on Monday Jan 9 2015 I did received a letter stating my state taxes has been held / offset (which we already suspected since my hubby owe unemployment) anyhow I am not sure what does that mean for our federal? One of my questions is if the state tax been approved does that mean the federal tax will be approve? I call Irs tax offset line and it says we have no non-taxed debt or money owed as of this time. I am freaking out. does anyone have any suggestion? I don’t know what to do


    I e-filed on 1/31 and accepted within minutes, no updates on WMR except for the first bar but I called my bank today to see if there are any pending deposits and the IRS sent the money but the bank said the release date isnt until 2/17! So it kind of sucks that I have to wait until next tuesday but there is hope for all you people with no updates with the IRS website!


    Filed and accepted 01/30. My transcripts finally updated yesterday from all 000 to all available with 846. Today, WMR updated to 2nd bar with DDD of 2/13. Fingers crossed!!


    Filed and accepted on 1/31 and still processing.


    I’m losing hope, I can’t get transcripts because it says wrong info, can anyone help explain why, I tried previous address and current address, alsoillinois says my tax refund is still pending, not received, been almost two weeks, wmr hasn’t moved, I’m very discouraged because it usually took me 6-8 days for refund..

    T. Briggs

    I filed on January 31st got accepted within minutes. I still haven’t received my refund nor and updates on WMR! I normally get mines back within two weeks so I’m trying to be patient and not worry and I see now that I’m not alone!


    I e-filed and was accepted on the 30th. I never really checked because I wasn’t hurting for money. I decided to check today since a friend of mine said they received theirs. I checked WMR and only 1 bar and Tax Topic 152. Well 10 minutes ago I log into my bank account to schedule bill payments and I see pending deposit…so don’t depend on WMR. My DDD is the 13th and my bank already has it scheduled to post at midnight. By the way, WMR still says processing. I hope everyone that has been waiting gets theirs soon.


    just checked my bank account. direct deposit was made. a sigh of relief until next year.
    WMR has NOT updated. but monies are in my account.
    filed & accepted 1/31
    DDD 2/11
    good luck to everybody!!!


    Efiled 1-30-15, accepted immediately, state still pending, wmr still shows 1 bar


    filed and accepted 1/31
    DDD of 2/11
    however…..i just contacted Green Dot (I have a pre-paid debit card with routing/account number) and the rep said they do not show a pending direct deposit for today. GASP!
    DOES ANYONE WITH DDD OF 2/11 USE GREEN DOT BANK and have NOT received their monies yet?
    does this mean the refund will be SENT on 2/11 and AVAILABLE on 2/12??

    Just fusturated

    I filed using Tax ACT 1/31 accepted same day got both states back 2 days later. Yet still sitting on one bar in WMR I am so confused not one update. I have 4 dependents and Education credit along with W2s… transcript shows that no tax filed for 2014 and all 000’s no code! UGGH


    Filed 1-31 and only one bar so far saying it is being processed. Guess I am not the only one in that boat.


    Filed 1/30 accepted immediately. Until yesterday just one bar. Today they are all gone. Can’t access transcript. Fairly normal return. 1099 div. 1098 t. 2 dependents.
    I have friends who filed the same day as us. One received hers last Friday and the other received it today. Getting frustrated :(


    Im right there with yall still. I have absolutely no updates, codes, dates etc. I have finally figured out that being able to access transcripts mean nothing because ive been able to view them for over a week and I have not had one single update, this includes WMR. TT told me today I could expect me refund anywhere from Feb 1st to March 23rd…


    @frustrated filer: I understand how you feel. I think a lot of us 1/30-1/31 are weeklies. If so we don’t get an update on anything until Thursday on our transcripts or Saturday on our WMR. I am just holding out for that this week. I am pretty sure I am in that boat this year,

    Frustrated filer

    Accepted12:00am on01/30/2015 still one bar on WMR no transcripts and getting dicouraged!! No codes other than the generic tax topic 152 and the 4 th year with TT Friend filed the 2nd and received refund the 4th. This is crap! Happy for all who got theirs or even an update but I’m getting pretty ticked about my tax situation!!! Anyone else with the same problem!?


    Filed & accepted 1/31 H&R Block
    Refund Approved 2/04-2/05
    DDD 2/9
    Got my refund at 1:00 am on emerald card! WMR hasn’t updated to refund sent! Thank Goodness, I truly needed my money!! Good luck to everyone else! Until next year!!!


    Accepted 1-31-15
    Still at 1 bar
    Transcript not available
    Filed with TurboTax

    Thinking it might have to do with changing my name to my married name last year. Updated name with SSA back in Oct. :/

    Shelli W

    Still nothing for us. WMR still at 1 bar. Not able to get transcript. Getting frustrated

    jay martinez

    I filed mine also on the 31st!! My state was approved on 2/6/15 and got a dd from federal for 2/11


    So i am under review apparently. i have no idea why unless its because we were claiming our nephews for the last 6 years because they lived with us and we took care of them but after we had our twins in 2013 they went back to their mom. now we are claiming our twins.
    :( i want to scream! i have bills past due and its irritating. :(


    Still no updates for me but I am pretty sure I am a weekly. So hopefully I will see something on Thursday or Friday. I really was hoping I wasn’t going to be a weekly this year.


    I also got mine last year at this time. I’m still stuck at 1 bar and N/A on my top 2 transcripts.


    Still nothing. I was able to order transcripts last week. I have a feeling in stuck with that stupid glitch and I’ve been recycled. I had them on the 14th last year, but I don’t think ill be that lucky this year.


    Still the same for me. Filed 1/31. One WMR bar and my account transcript has all zeros with a date of 2/23 on it. Does this mean I was caught in the glitch and resequenced? Really wish I knew when I was getting my return. Or anything at all.


    Filed & Accepted: 1/30 (very late night)
    WMR: Was at 1 bar but now all bars disappeared last night.
    Couldnt get transcripts either.

    I know it will come but my daughters birthday is right around the corner and it would help so much. Hoping we all get refunds real soon!! Anxiously waiting….


    Filed 1/31
    Approved 1/31
    WMR updated 2/7
    DDD of 2/11
    HOH EIC Education Credit

    Good Luck Everyone!


    Filed and accepted 1-31.
    I was able to view account transcript 2-2 but all 000. Still not able to order other transcripts and no updates.

    still aiting

    Just got updated today!

    Filed: 1/30
    Accepted: 1/30
    WMR updated: 2/7
    transcript: was able to order but not view 2/6
    DDD: 2/1

    I’ve never had to wait this long, normally it was done in 8 days but I’m happy I can file my fasfa now!


    Okay, I hope this is good news, my transcript are now available but wmr is not updated
    my cycle code is 150601
    and I have codes
    150, 806, 766,768,846
    They have a date of 03/02/2015 for refund but I think its the 21day thing I hope
    Has anyone else with Obamacare gotten updated yet?



    Filed 1/30
    Approved 1/30
    WMR updated 2/7
    DDD of 2/11

    Happy tax season! Good luck all! :)


    I filed 1/30 I am at one bar I can order transcripts from last year not this year was a victim of identity theft last year



    Wow that feels good. 2/11 can’t come fast enough!


    Count me in the same bucket as 1/31 filed/accepted, but still just 1 bar on WMR :(

    At least I have solice knowing that it’s not just me (and same goes for all you too in this situation, you’re not alone!)

    I also wanna say that last year, I received my refund before it even updated to two bars on WMR, so I’m really really hoping that’s the same case this year. How amazing would it be to wake up with the money in your account not expecting it?? That happen to me last year.


    Filed 01/31/2015
    Accepted 01/31/2015

    I was just able to order my return transcript


    I filed and accepted 1/30 . today I finally was able to see acct trans but it was 000 out saying no return filed. I was really hoping for my money this week.


    Hey ya’ll I’m baaaaaccccckkkkkk!!!! Good news today I guess they will me running me my money after all. I’m able to view all my 2014 transcripts with cycle code 20150505 and 846 code by my money. Thank you Lord. I still think they should issue stress checks for giving us the run around.

    Filed 1/30 afternoon
    Saw on WMR that they had it Sunday around noon I had 1 bar 2/1
    Wasn’t accepted until 2/1
    Transcripts updated today 2/6 which is today
    Hopefully my money will be here soon.

    Don’t worry it’s coming!!!!


    Checked trasnscript, says no return filed….grrrrr


    I filed 1/29 able to order account and return transcripts by mail this morning with new address no wmr update yet hopefully tomorrow


    Filed and accepted on 1/31. Still no ddd. WMR has not updated past first bar. I am so frustrated. Anybody else have this same issue?


    Update.. 1/31 filed accepted. Ddd 2/9. Funds just hit net spend card


    Hi guys. I am a 1/29 filer, but was reading through different posts and wanted to add my 2 cents. I see a lot of people saying that WMR will not be updating again until Monday, however last year, it updated for us Saturday morning, and we had a ddd for the following Monday. I am saying this because I am staying hopeful the same happens this year. Our “by” date is 2/23 & last year it was 2/24 & we received it on the 10th. Good luck to you all, and here’s to hoping!!


    Filed 1/31 an still no movement either. Still only 1 WMR bar and an account transcript with all zeros.


    scgirlwaiting – that means that you’re refund was returned from your bank. my fiancé got the same codes. and they are making him a paper check. you need to call that number, verify your address and you get a check in 2 weeks.
    TO ALL FILERS WITH 1/31 accept date, how do we know what individual cycle we are in? do we look at last year teanscripts?? to date, I still cannot recover account transcripts. only the other 2 transcripts. so frustrating.
    someone mentioned their records indicated that WMR should update tonight. thought they only updated on weekdays?
    I filed 1/31. accepted within the hour. basic tax return. 1 dependent. still on 1 bar. account transcript is N/A.


    Filed 1/31 and accepted 1/31. No movement on WMR and nothing for transcript. Its extremely frustrating to see those filing days after getting their refunds already. I have no idea why I always seem to get screwed.


    Still can’t get in to view transcripts today. Tried once and it locked me out for 24 hours. Filed and accepted 1/31.


    I filed 1/31 and was Accepted 1/31. Still no updates on WMR. But I now have a Account Transcript for 2014 showing all zeros and no refund filed. That wasn’t there before. Does this mean anything? I still don’t have a Refund Transcript for 2014.

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