Anybody STILL waiting

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    I filed Jan 29 turbo tax and yep I’m still waiting .. I’ve called a few times they said to wait got a letter said to wait . Tried getting transcripts online I get so far and it stops got them by mail they are always the same . I’ve been reading everyone’s post and I see people disappearing as they get theirs .. and thank u to the people who stay and let everyone else know there is still hope …

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    I’m still waiting as well. My TA said they released my refund when she called Saturday but it hadn’t posted to the computer yet. She said she anticipates to call me back by June 6th to give me a date if I don’t have it by then and the interest on it. We shall see. I can’t see my Transcripts online so o was going to wait to order them to see if wmr updates Saturday.. we shall see. Fingers cross because it’s been a long wait from 1/29


    Ms Natalie

    Still waiting ta said she will update on by the 1st of June I’m tired of waiting



    Disaster this year 😖
    E-Filed 2/9
    Accepted 2/9
    Bars disappeared 2/18
    Received CP05 3/26 (45 days to end 5/10)
    Called 5/10 they said they had until the 19th to finish the review. Still nothing sent out nor did they ask for verification of anything. So I just waited….
    5/29 I called again and they said that they’ve had way more than enough time to finish the review and process it. So he was going to do the referral to release my refund and/or send me something letting me know whats going on. Which it could take another 60 days. 😣😣
    So my question is did you all have to wait the full 60 days after the referral for your refund? That puts me basically at the end of July. I’ve never had this happen and its extremely frustrating!!



    I’m STILL waiting no updates no NOTHING PRRIOD !! P



    Filed Jan 25, accepted Jan 28. Cpo5 letter March 12th. 60 day hold. Now onto another 60 day review period. This tax season has been a disaster!



    I’ve filed for 24 years and this is the first time and the last bc I had rather over-estimate, get my $ now including credits, and pay a few dollars in.



    I think the worst part of this is that they won’t tell you exactly what is wrong or how to correct it. Your just completely at there mercy of doing anything. I’ve filled our taxes for 15+ years, never an issue, same names, numbers etc. And you can’t even talk to anyone that gives a damn. All of them lie and just make crap up as they go.



    I think when you sign your tax return it says at the bottom that you are verifying yourself and ack the return is complete and truthful to the best of your knowledge. Well, you did that. It’s not your fault your employer provided the wrong info. or that the IRS prolonged giving you the chance to correct the error.



    They should have to go by the same rules and guidelines we have to go by… if we owed them then would they be this nice and let us say we’ll wait 60 days oh sorry I still haven’t gotten it u have to wait another 60 .. but there’s not much u can do it’s the awesome government ….


    Marty B

    They just love to ram it in but aren’t even kind enough to use a little lube!



    @Christie I will most definitely be a litigant. These are unfair practices! Not letting people know what’s going on with the money they’ve worked ALL YEAR for, is an abomination!



    I see that as debatable. If for some reason a tax return has incorrect info., it doesn’t give the IRS a license to indefinitely postpone processing or notification of the error giving the taxpayer the opportunity to correct and amend the issue. What do they consider ample time? A year? At what point is it unacceptable?

    I agree with some of the other posters about legal action. They seem to be largely targeting low-income filers, in most cases not notifying people of why their tax refunds are delayed, and are violating their own Taxpayer Bill of Rights. There are courts to proceed in….U.S. District Court seems the most logical as this is an issue of fairness. Discovery would be an uphill battle but if there is any attorney willing to take this on, I would be down to add myself as a litigant.



    @Jeannine, I’ve honestly given up. There’s zero accountability, no one to question, no one to get real answers from. The IRS just keeps telling me to wait. So I’ll wait, and never File early again. What a complete joke this tax season has been!



    I’m not sure if I really believe all the stuff the TA “s are telling everybody it just seems like a lot of random stuf . I read on one post a guy had to send his w2 in and they said it wasn’t enough proof of his wages . And that’s exactly what a w2 is for .. it all just sounds like excuses .. I haven’t called again for a long time I really don’t even see a point if their just gonna say something’s wrong and I have to wait even longer so I should just wait it out I guess ..



    The irs website also says that the return must be “complete” and mine is not due to my former employer Screwing up my W2. It doesn’t match what I put down so there’s the “loophole” so to speak. So no interest for me.



    @Christie That gives hope! One young lady on here said she won’t get her refund until FALL. 😩



    Filed 02/08
    Verified Identity 03/10 & was told it could be up to 9 weeks
    Called a few times, nothing else needed from me.

    Pretty confident what that TA told you is WRONG!

    This is the link from the IRS website about interest paid.

    The 45 day clock starts on the tax filing deadline. That was extended to April 18th this year but I am wondering if they are calculating from April 15th because that is what is on my transcripts. Filing early is just extra time for them. If you filed So, that is why I think a lot of these returns will be pushed through by the end of May because that is the deadline.
    Hope this helps all.



    Welp’ my 60 day hold was up so I called for like the 100th. time today. After answering the questions and getting hung up on twice, the nice lady I then spoke to said she was faxing over a letter to the “other” dept. to release the hold. But…….it could take up to another 60 days for them to do so. I honestly think I won’t see my refund until the fall at this rate. Also… chatted with a TA about interest and they only have to pay it if it’s there mistake, so no interest either. Four months and still nothing and no one held accountable either. Sigh…….



    Sorry to hear ur STILL having to wait , glad I’m not alone but wish under different circumstances … it’s frustrating not being able to do anything but wait ..



    Still waiting as well. Faxed documents to TA on Thursday last week. No follow up with me yet. Filed taxes in Jan, one letter received and nothing else. This has caused a horrible mother’s day and probably a horrible birthday (17th).



    I’m with you Jeannine. I filed Jan. 24 and I’m still waiting. SMH


    Still under review

    I’m here still waiting also 60 day review was up 5/04



    I finally caved and submitted the request for a TA, F/A 1/29 rec letter 4464c dated 2/27 and have not received any update or information since. I’ve called and been told they need nothing/do nothing and that a request would be put in to have my account looked at as nothing has been done and it is passed the 60 days originally stated but there has still been no movement. Beyond Frustrated!!



    F/A 1-29-18. Letter 03/05. Told to just wait. Getting frustrated seeing all the updates, even people who got letters 03/26 and later. You are not alone!

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