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      I Filed on 3/2 and there has literally been not 1 update on my return other than saying my return was accepted? No bars or anything Am I alone in this?

      I know they said there would be delays, but how long are these delays, however I dont have an EIC credits etc.. so what in the world could be the hold up, my transcripts aren’t available either.

      If they needed to send a verification letter would that stop them from sending out my return?

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          I filed on March 2 and on the 25th my transcripts went from N/A to a 2021 hyperlink. But they were all kinda blank, I don’t know if they were filling it out as I kept looking throughout the day. But by Saturday night it had 6 pages on one and 7 pages on one, and said my deposit was scheduled for the 30th. Then also Saturday the 26th my where’s my refund updated. It said I should be paid before the 30th and to call if I haven’t received it by the 4th. I hope this helps.

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            I filed Feb 9 and still no movement so good luck.

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            John E Rotten

              I’m in the same situation, filed and accepted 3/2 I did have the 3 bars for about a week and they went away. Still being processed no letters or anything. I’m not 100% sure but I’m assuming if they need to verify something they wouldn’t send it before the info was verified. EIC wouldn’t really matter because we filed after the PATH hold.

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