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      Any updates for filers 2/4?

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          Filed 2/4.accepted 2/6.had one bar on wmr up until 2/13…now i recieved a Take Action msg stating that im being reviewed and that I will get a letter in the mail.Pulled my transcript and i have cycle 20150605 with a date of 3-02’15..but i also have the following codes:
          I was a victim of Id theft back in 2012.Someone filed a state return using an unknown address, my social security number and now i have an offset . (Just finding this out due to this is my first time filing a return since 2010).I have to go through the process of faxing my 2012 transcript to my states comptroller office to prove i did not file the return also i have to fax a 14039 form to the IRS…The bull $ hit begins…gd luck on ya refunds everyone.

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            If you don’t get a ddd by tomorrow you are probably being reviewed.

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              Nothing, I’m freaking out. I filed 2/4 and approved 1/2 hr later. Can’t get my transcripts. No changes on wmr.

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                Filed on 02/04 and accepted 02/05 and Just checked the status WMR APPROVED and DDD 02/19 and the latest they will send the refund by 02/24…finally I’m feeling relieved!! Hope this help everyone that waiting to get approve..

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                  WMR updated this morning…DDD of 2/19! Woooooo hoooooo!

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                    Update: Checked @1206 A.M. last night and no change. However woke up early and 2 bars with DD of 2/19.15. Yahoo! I recon I can stop worrying as much.

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                      I filed 2/4215 No update yet. Always been updated by now and never more than 12 days before refund by direct deposit.Crazy?

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                        Filed 2/4 with h&r block. Approved 2/7. Ddd 2/12

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                          I was accepted 2/4, no transcripts available yet, no update to wmr. I need my refund, so I am hoping to see something soon! :-)

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                            Updated this morning (Sunday) refund approved w/ DDD of 2/12

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                              I filed on 2/4 and it was accepted within 30mins. My WMR did not update until 5am this morning 2/8! I had tried earlier in the day but it had locked me out. I think because they were updating my status.

                              I do have a question, where on my transcripts would I find these codes every one is taliking about? The only “code” I had was my cycle post date which was. 20150601!!!

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                                I filed on 2/4 and received a DDD of 2/12. Thank God! It also seems like everything is being processed a little faster and I also had a education credit and I still was approved. Good luck everyone.

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                                  I woke up to approved with DDD 2/11 god is so good

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                                    filed wife and father on 2/4

                                    both updating at same time. today DDD of 2/11

                                    however, dad had an offset of 625 but even now, when I call the offset hotline it says there are no offsets. Strange. He will find out in 4-6 weeks i’m sure, when they actually send a letter.

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                                      filed 2/4/15 , accepted same day, transcripts viewable, cycle 20150601 , DD est date if 3/01/15 ( although that should change when it’s finished processing) filed via TT, WMR still shows processing w/ no DD date yet. I did receive Obamacare but no 1095-A form requirement.

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                                        Nothing at all for me

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                                          Filed/Accepted 2/4 got both transcripts this morning with cycle code 20150505 which is DDD 2/11..with 846 code refund issued..filed HRB online! WMR should show this date in the morning!

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                                            no nothing

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