Any update on wmr for those who filed on 2/2?

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      I filed on 2/2 and have been accepted but it still just says received. I know it’s early….but just wondering where everyone else who filed on 2/2 is at? Will we possibly get our refunds sometime next week?

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          I filed my daughter’s on 2/3 (TT) and it was approved almost instantly. Her WMR status changed to approved on 2/5 and she received her refund on 2/9. HOWEVER, the WMR JUST UPDATED TODAY! My other 2 childrens are STUCK. Transcripts are N/A etc. This is nerve wracking and makes NO sense.

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            I filed on the 2nd and still havent had any movement, no transcripts, nothing. It’s been a week with no progress.

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              I filed late afternoon 2/2, was accepted almost immediately and…nada, nothing-lol. I have one bar, no state (Minnesota-TT) and nothing on Federal-I hope the fact that MN won’t take TT will not affect IRS accepting TT. I am very jealous of all of you with your DDD’s already ;)

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                Checked this morning and have a DDD of 2/10!!!!

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                  I woke up with a DDD of 2/10 on WMR!

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                    No wmr update. my return transcript was available this morning but still not the account hopefully some good news later today fingers crossed

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                      I have a DDD of 2/10!

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                        I filed on 2/2 and was accepted within thirty minutes. Just checked WMR and I have a ddd of 2/10. Yeah! I also had ACA penalty.

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                          Filed 02/01
                          Accept 02/01
                          Wmr updated between 02/04-02/05
                          DDD expected 02/09

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                          Michelle Mitchell

                            I filed and was accepted on the 26th and wmr still shows processing but my transcripts became available last night w a cycle date of 20150504. I attempted to get some confirmation from turbo tax as to the meaning of the cycle code but was really surprised that the operator I spoke w informed me shed never heard of it so she put me on hold to gain some insight from coworkers. Yea, unfortunately we the people have informed ourselves better than turbo tax did their ‘tax experts.’

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                              12:02 am no updates yet for me…1 bar no transcripts, tells me to contact ispu which i already did…

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                                I filled 2/2 was accepted almost immediatel. I still only have one bar, but im able to view all of my transcripts except income/wage. It state cycle 20150504 Refund sent 2/23.

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                                  I filed 2/2 also. Jhewitt. Accepted in 30 minutes. One bar, no transcripts…till waiting. If anyone gets any movement I am eager to know!! Seeing your progress gives me hope. My bf filed 2/1 jhewitt, accepted in 30 min, still no new for him but one bar, no scripts. Had A friend file 1/30 and has ddd 2/6, hich gives me hope we mayget some money mid week. Yall update i will!!!

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                                    I filed on 2/2, was accepted about 30 minutes later, my status still shows as “accepted”. The only transcripts showing for 2014 year are “Wage and Income” transcript. But even when I try to access that it gives me an error message. Hoping that my return will be approved by the 6th in order to get my refund by the 13th otherwise i guess it’ll be around the 20th.

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                                      filed sunday night 2/1 with TurboTax around 8 was accepted within 30 minutes. Checked this morning 2/5 and refund was approved with DD of 2/9.

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                                        I filed on 2 Feb. This morning 5 Feb. my refund has been approved.

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                                          I was able to get into my transcript and my cycle date is 20150504

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                                            Just to let everyone know…you may not see an update tonight just because you filed on 2/2. I filed on 2/1 and I didn’t get an update yet. I don’t know what the IRS is doing but don’t believe the hype. There is no particular order when it comes to those fools.

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                                              Great…crossing my fingers for an update tonight. Thanks everyone!

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                                                Filed and accepted 2/2. Cycle date 20150504 which means ddd will be Tuesday 2/10. Wmr should update for us tonight.

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                                                  Filed on 2/1 accepted 2/2 but no transcripts and one bar on wmr. Very frustrated.

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                                                    You’re welcome! I am seeing on other posts it means we should get a DDD of 2/10/15 or 2/11/15 and WMR should update tonight! Fingers crossed! 2015 = The Tax Year, 05 = The cycle week (this week was 4, so next week is 5). and the last two numbers is the day of the cycle. This year it’s debatable if the cycle began on Thursday or Friday. So assuming Friday is 01, Monday is 02, Tuesday 03, Wednesday 04, Thursday 05. Hope that makes sense! It’s what I’ve gathered from other posts :)

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                                                      Thanks Stephanie. What does that cycle date mean? I can’t access my transcripts because I can’t remember my user info and even though it gives you an option to have it sent to email…it’s not sending it. So mad!

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                                                        I filed on 2/2 with TT. Accepted about an hour later. I have no update on WMR, but am able to view transcripts this morning and have a cycle date of 20150504!

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