any TURBO TAX users have a DDD?

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      Wondering why I’m not approved yet

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          Filed TT on 1/16, rejected on 1/20, resubmitted on 1/21, accepted 1/23. DDD 1/30

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            TT filed 1/20, rejected, re-submitted on 1/21, accepted 1/23. DDD given this morning 1/30

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              Files with Turbo Tax on 1/20, IRS accepted about 2 hrs later. Transcripts became available 1/27. WMR updated 1/28 with Refund APPROVED, DDD is 1/30.
              Hope this helps!! Good luck everyone!!

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                I used Turbo T, I got accepted on Jan 13th and I got DD this morning of 1/30

                Hope all gets their money smoothly!

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                  I used turbotax on the 16th, was accepted on the 20th… transcripts available on the 27th. Recd DDD on 1/28 …. DDD: 1/30/15

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                    Used Tt for 8yrs.
                    Filed on 1/14
                    Accepted 1/20
                    Transcripts available 1/27
                    WMR updated with ddd 1/27
                    Dd for 1/30

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                      Filed with tt on1/19, accepted 1/21, got ddd this morning ddd is 1/30

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                        I used turbotax. Filed at night on the 22nd and was approved an hour or 2 later and my state was approved the 23rd. I have my direct deposit for Fed on the 30th. My state which is NY says in the final stages of processing.

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