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ANY State Returns?

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    I’m in Ohio and so far there is no action here. State refund tracker hasn’t even acknowledged receipt, no updates. Just wondering how other states are comparing?

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    Filed Jan 28, 2015 received fed Feb 28, 2015 been calling & calling MD state my state was approved 4/18 still nothing Dont no what to do I’m tried of calling & getting the run around


    We filed on 16 March, and as we moved last year, I had to do a paper return as a part-year resident for Maryland. This was posted on 17 March. I wish that I could have submitted an electronic return, but the tax software would not let me. My husband’s work erroneously continued to withhold for MD — their oversight, but our problem. Three months have passed, multiple phone calls to the Comptroller’s Office later, and nothing has happened except for the standard “Your return has been accepted and is processing” message which appeared in late May. I am so fed up!

    We received our federal return ages ago, but nothing from Maryland.


    Filed 4/15/15. Received federal in 10 days. MO still says ‘processing’. Finally called after 8 weeks and was told to wait another 2-4 weeks. They said the return has been received and nothing is wrong, but I have to wait. What’s up with MO refunds?


    Illinois: postmarked paper return on April 15th. Anyone who did same receive Illinois refund yet?


    Filed April 15th. Federal refund arrived within two weeks. Still waiting on MO refund. I’m think it now best to decrease the amount of state witholding being as they don’t really want to give citizens the money owed to them.


    Hi all. Third and final post update here. UT state tax refund was deposited into my Wells Fargo account this Monday, 3/30. Be patient :)



    I filed Feb 4th with Jackson Hewitt
    Got accepted Feb 12th
    Received my FED Refund Feb 19th
    STILL waiting for my state refund..
    I check the website regularly and it hasn’t stopped saying that “We have received your return and are currently processing.”
    This is the longest I have ever waited.


    Hi all. This is a UT follow up to my previous post. Today is 3/28/15 & I filed electronically through TurboTax on 2/6/15. Anyway, I got my federal refund within two weeks of filing. Two days ago I checked the UT state tax commission website and finally saw a pleasing status update: “A request for your refund was submitted to the Department of Finance.” no dates or further information nor explanation though. And now, yesterday and today the website appears to be glitching. When I submit my query, it simply acts like it’s loading for about two seconds, and then comes up with a nonsense code which I assume can be used to reference a specific problem with the site. I will update a final time when I have received my direct deposit. Thanks all. You’re not alone in your frustration. Also, they did send me a “verify your ID” type of letter. To which I successfully completed online. Peace.

    T Peterson


    Anyone else had a date, and now just says processing after that date came and went???

    Accepted 02/05/15 had a date to be completed by 03/10/15- that day came and went and now it just says processing.

    Called MN dept revenue, she said it can take 90 days. UMM thats for paper returns- efile, which we pay for is supposed to be NO More THAN 35 days

    WTF is going on here

    When we owe them they take it within seconds, when they owe us its OH when we feel like it.

    So angry


    AT LAST: received this message on 03/20/5 (filed and accepted state on 01/22/15) FROM LOUISIANA DEPT OF REVENUE

    …..Your refund has been forwarded to your financial institution. Please allow 2 business days for the refund to post to your account. If you have not received your refund within this time, please contact your bank. If you have not received your refund after 30 business days, please call us at 855-307-3893 during regular business hours Monday through Thursday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:20 P.M and Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 4:20 P.M.

    ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Filed and received Federal promptly.
    Filed State of INdiana, was accepted a few days later, which was three weeks ago. E-filed with confirmation. Said 21 days and it’s been well over that! Still says “Processing”.

    In 2014, they sent everyone a letter requiring us to confirm our identity. I wonder what they are doing this year.


    I’m in UT as well. I used TurboTax to file fed and state on 2/6. I got my federal refund in less than two weeks, direct deposited. Checked WheresMyRefundUT website and it didn’t even acknowledge that my return was received until about a week ago. It said e-filers would have to wait up to two months to get the refund “processed.” So I could have to wait until up to April 6, which is disappointing. I’ve never had to wait this long for state, even though it always takes longer than fed. So it’s 3/12 now and I’m fiending for the refund which I desperately need due to piling bills… I feel like I filed pretty early, all things considered. I’ll update here when I get it in my account. I bank through Wells.


    MN is on the move. I filed 1/23, accepted 1/24. I got a date of 3/7 to be finished processing. 3/7 came and went. The date disappeared on the website but the message remained. Got a letter that i needed to go online and verify that i filed a return. Did that on Monday, 3/9. On 3/10 am, I have a direct deposit date of 3/23.


    Ole boring a$$ Wi is taking 4ever to release the freaking state refunds. I filed on 1/29 and still nada! No letter, yet a you tube video. What the h:e…double hockey sticks is going on???? I want my measly refund. Thank God 2014 was my last year having to deal with WI. I won’t have to file in that state ever again! I have called and I was told i SHOULD see something in a couple of weeks SIGH!!###&*(^//#!! [email protected]


    I’m in Kansas filed on 2/19 it was excepted within a day but its like the tenth now and it just say a claim has been received but has not yet been processed ? Anyone else have this problem? I usually have no prob.


    @Erica, called this am, was told that they mailed a letter last week, haven’t received it as of today, lady on the phone even gave me the ID # that I needed..I went to ID verify online and it wouldn’t let me, so I gather all info and faxed it in….keep me updated and I will do the same


    @Erica, went to ID verify and it said if u receive a letter, haven’t receive one, so I will call 2morrow and see what’s up….thanks for the info, did they say how long after verifying would it take?


    Filed with Louisiana on 2/3. For a while it said “information not available”. Like two weeks ago it changed to “pending approval”. I called 3/6/15, and it said I needed to verify. I verified online today 3/9 so hoepfully, soon I will receive it.


    Louisiana filers, anyone received theirs yet? my status, says pending approval, its been there for about 2 weeks..


    @Tangy- Same boat. MN filed and accepted thru TT on 2/1. Website said it would be processed by 3/8. This morning-date is gone and still being processed.


    Missouri? e-filed both fed and state 2/7. Received fed within 2 weeks but still waiting on state, Website says it’s being processed so I guess that’s an acknowledgment that it was received but it has been saying that for 4 weeks now and still no update – no refund. Anyone know what’s going on? Not that much money but that’s not the point.


    has anyone been having problems with nj state refund i filed electronically and has been 5 weeks and nothing but it’s processing and everyone else i know got theirs


    Filed and accepted for MN state on 1/31 and federal on 1/24. Received federal on 2/6. MN state says it’s been received and is being processed. Should be done by 3/7. My girlfriend had a 3/5 date. When I checked the status on 3/5, the message was the same EXCEPT the date was/is gone.

    What’s taking so long for Minnesotans? Has ANYONE received a refund?


    Filed fed and Illinois state taxes on Jan 28th. Received federal Feb. 8th. As of March 4th my state return has been processed and I am awaiting a deposit date.


    Yes. I filed 02/03 was approved 02/04 received my California State refund on 02/08. However I received 4464C letter about my federal tax on 02/17 dated 02/13. Now I’m just waiting on them to send a letter requesting something or better yet Finally dd my federal. Hope this helps


    I got my ID Verify Letter from WI on Saturday, and I took the quiz right away over the phone and passed. This morning, I checked Wisconsin’s Where’s My Refund and I have a DDD of before 3/8/3015. :-)


    MN Filer. Filed 2/1. State website says:
    Your 2014 Income Tax return has been received and is being processed. We anticipate your return will be processed by 03-08-2015.
    Fingers crossed that comes. Rcv’d a 4464c letter from Federal/.

    angela. illinois

    Mine says it’s been in processing for a months. Did mine through tax act. January 28th, accepted on Feb. 14th, still processing. Hilarious, that they never have problems taking our money. They are never late taking it and they have no problem charging you interest if you are late paying state tax. My federal was deposited 1 week after I did my taxes.


    I just took and passed my ID verification quiz for my WI state return. Does anyone know how long it will take for my return to get approved?


    For Arizona State Filers:

    E-Filed Federal Feb 3
    Federal refund Feb 11

    E-Filed Arizona Feb 5
    Arizona refund (not processed)

    My brother who’s taxes I’ve done
    He filed Arizona by paper and received his AZ refund today Feb 28


    For all Louisiana filers, the state of Louisiana is not releasing any state refunds until the 2nd of Mach, they original state that they were accepting returns on February 2, but do to ID theft, they were going over returns with a fine tooth comb…..just checked my status and it say, awaiting approval


    My son filed for his CA state tax refund on January 30th, it was accepted 5 minutes later and deposited in February 5th. It was only $16 but it sure came quick!


    Ohio we had to ID verify and now we have the 60 day processing message. So we will see how things work out.


    GA Filed on February 3. Got state on feb 13 and still waiting on federal. Never could find my information on the status page for processing information.

    Keira Wertman

    I’m in CO I filed Jan 27th got accepted the next day, got my federal already but my state is no where. I looked on my state revenue website and it says received but my balance says 0. I have not gotten anything in the mail or email. Anyone have any ideas?


    Filed and accepted (federal) 2/4 lost bar still no refund date just processing. It’s making me nervous because Friday I’ll be homeless.


    Anyone else get a letter from Oklahoma Tax Commission saying additional infoation is needed? I tried calling all the numbers but i never got through it just rang. Does this affect my federal?

    Robert Sellers

    Filed and accepted in Georgia on 1/23. Finally called yesterday and was told they needed additional info for verification of identity. Gave them the info and was told I should have refund within 30 days. Something that usually takes a week in years past has turned into almost 2 months. Great job dropping the ball this year Georgia.

    Danny M

    Georgia …. Ga tax website has said same in process message since Jan 30th. State is usually behind federal, which I got on Feb 11th, but I remember it being only a couple days.


    I filed with tax act on 1-23-15 accepted the same day. I called the Louisiana Department of Revenue and they stated they have no return on file. I spoke with a lady and she said this was not uncommon. She stated I may see it in account by the 24 of Feb. no later than March 13. I really just want to know what is going on. Anybody else in Louisiana received theirs?


    I’m from Utah and wondering if anyone has received or heard anything for state returns. Expecting mine through dd

    Semper Fidelis

    Idaho finished our returns 1/30/2015. Haven’t seen any deposits in our account pending. We received Federal pretty quick. Any Idahoan’s get their’s yet?


    So I filed with H&r on the 14th Jan, accepted 22nd. Had bars saying accepted and lost them . Now I get refound prossesing will contact you when it’s ready. I contact h&r they see in its bank (or their bank) but it’s not (suppose to be direct deposited) contacting irs and they know nothing . Irs and then i cant get a hold of them again , i dintnknow what to do or who to call . i


    So filed wi


    Nothing in Alabama. I kind of expect that though. I never get state until a few months afterwards.


    I got my Illinois federal refund in two weeks. The state was pending because of the exemption I filed for the new healthcare law. They accepted it on 02/03 and I’m still waiting. The website says 21 days for efilers to process.


    I filed 2/2 and got my Ohio refund this morning


    I called on my state (Virginia) they mailed me a letter requesting additional info. I did have a change of address but nothing else changed.


    Finally got my Ohio state refund this morning. Filed using TT on 1/31. I’m still waiting on federal, and no sign of it showing up anytime soon.


    my friend and I both filed last Thursday in Virginia. She has both her federal and state refunds; both of mine are still showing processing.



    Still waiting on VA state refund too. I was told at the Treasury office in my county this past Friday that even though VA accepted returns on Jan 20, they didn’t start processing until Feb 2. I’m not sure how true this is, but it could explain why we don’t have our state refunds yet.


    ….. I meant to say ‘my’ in my last post, not ‘NY’ so nobody gets confused. I’m talking about Missouri.


    Anyone in MO???? MO dept arev website says my refund is being issued 2/9….. I have it going to Serve card. I’m wondering if I can expect NY MO refund to actually hit my Serve card on 2/9 like MO says it will. Can anyone give me any input ?


    Got ddd yesterday for Michigan state refund 2/12 ddd



    Filled both Federal and State on Jan 30.

    Accepted both on Jan 30

    I’ll post when received. ( website said its processing both)


    Filed 1/30, wv state accepted 1/31, shows processing, but I got it today.


    Filed both fed and Virginia on 1/25 and accepted same day. Already received my fed refund but still no update on Virginia? Anyone else have this issue?


    In GA! Has anyone info changed or is it still processing? When do they update?


    Wi state says 8-12 weeks before I can recieve my refund but the lady on the phone says it could be faster is this true


    Filed state and federal on 1/28 and was accepted the same. Maine state revenue site only updates twice weekly. Update last night telling me to expect my state refund to be deposited within 12 days


    NYS update, I filed on the 22nd my fed was accepted the 22nd state was accepted the 23rd. I recieved my money from fed today as my ddd was today. My NYS status changed around 2-3pm to being approved and my ddd for NYS is 2/9, wish it was sooner but cant complain now since I know whats going on and I know when it will be sent. Hope this helps someone.


    LMAO you ppl are complaining…try living in Illinois state hasn’t even begun accepting yet!!!


    Oregon Refund!

    I filed late night with Turbo Tax on 1/24. I was accepted within the hour. On Tuesday (1/27) the Oregon refund site showed my return was processed and I should see it within 5-10 BD. I just got it this morning around 1 am… Kinda surprised by the quick turn around this year.


    My son received his GA state refund today and he filed on 01/24 accepted on 01/24.
    I filed and was accepted on 01/27 and when I try to check status with GA it doesn’t even recognize my information at all.
    I filed a friend’s taxes on 01/26 and they are expecting a refund with South Carolina. They have received a DDD of 02/04.


    Any nc state ddd?


    This is what i get when i check the refund for my DE state tax return :( whats the deal? Also, my friend got his YESTERDAY :(

    Refund inquiry results for Social Security number xxx-xx-xxxx and claimed refund of $x,xxx

    The return was received January 23, 2015.

    Your return should be processed within 6 to 12 weeks from the date received.

    If it has been longer than that, contact the Delaware Division of Revenue Public Service Bureau at 302-577-8200 (or toll-free within Delaware 1-800-292-7826) and follow the instructions to speak with a representative for assistance with personal income tax returns. The office hours are 8:00am to 4:15pm, Monday through Friday.

    i have gotten audited by state before, NEVER federal. Last time the state audited me i sent all info requested and it went through no issue. i am curious as to if that is what is happening again. . . . . . .


    This is what i get when i check the refund for my DE state tax return :( whats the deal? Also, my friend got his YESTERDAY :(

    Refund inquiry results for Social Security number xxx-xx-xxxx and claimed refund of $x,xxx

    The return was received January 23, 2015.

    Your return should be processed within 6 to 12 weeks from the date received.

    If it has been longer than that, contact the Delaware Division of Revenue Public Service Bureau at 302-577-8200 (or toll-free within Delaware 1-800-292-7826) and follow the instructions to speak with a representative for assistance with personal income tax returns. The office hours are 8:00am to 4:15pm, Monday through Friday.

    i have gotten audited by state before, NEVER federal. Last time the state audited me i sent all info requested and it went through no issue. i am curioust as to if that is what is happening again. . . . . . .


    We have been accepted in Iowa since 1.21.15. It still says no record and basically screw off. Kind of frustrating, considering Iowa is usually pretty quick. In years past, I have received my state refund before my federal. I guess it will come in all due time. At least I have my federal return, HALLELUJAH!!!


    I got my MA refund this afternoon. I use DCU bank and they deposit a day or two early usually. I had filed on 1-21.


    Can someone in NY explain this. I was accepted by NYS on the 23rd. Early this morning it said your return is in the final stages of processing and you should recieve a deposit date within 2 weeks and it could take 4 or something like that, now a couple hours ago it now says “We are almost finished processing your return. Once your refund is approved, the issue date will be available.” what happened to the 2-4 week thing it said before??


    Yes received NM State this morning… Filed 1/20, accepted 1/22, through Turbo Tax. Still waiting on federal.



    TurboTax – DD – Wells Fargo
    Accepted: 1/26
    Approved: 1/27

    Will update once I receive payment.


    Virginia state- filed 1/21, accepted 1/22 and the tracker just updated to refund processed. No dd date or anything and until today it couldn’t find my info. Hopefully soon here!


    I just checked Nebraska site and still says that my return has been received and I should expect a refund within 21 days of the acceptance date. I filed on the 17th. It also says that my refund may be delayed in order to verify accuracy.


    are transcripts updated everyday, all day? or just once per day?

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