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any re-sequenced? filed 1/2ers?

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    Filed 1/20 but didn’t get to the its until 1/22 called its and was told that it was re-sequenced don’t understand what that mean. can someone explain what this mean.

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    ken broke

    filed H&R block 19th accepted 21 was finally able order both transcripts
    still on one bar.
    Tonight cross fingers should know something

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    I filed on 1/30 after 11am and was re-sequenced (according to the IRS was due to high volume of filers that day). New sequence code 20150605. DDD showed on 2/14 (finally) as 2/19. I am apparently a Thursday process and my account transcript updated when the IRS went down at 11am on 2/13. I read somewhere that 11am was the magic time that the IRS updates the account at that time and WMR will them be updated the next morning. I also was reading the IRS manual (I was really determined to find out information) and discovered that an account will continue to re-sequence until the ending number in their sequence is 1. Hang in there.

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    Susan Morcos

    Filed 1/24 with sequence code 201502. No updates to wmr, no transcript available. Called several times, was told just processing with no issues found. Have received no error codes, no letters, and even now it does not say to contact irs. Any idea of what is going on?

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    My sequence is 201502 and filed on 1/24. We have nothing and it is 2/11. Any ideas? Nothing shows up but just processing on WMR. Thanks!

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    I filed on 1/21 accepted the same day well last Thursday which was 2/5/15 I called the IRS a girl I work with filed the same day and got her refund 1/30 & we both claimed 2 kids blah blah so long story short I was re-sequenced per the IRS. I was very persistent with the girl even though she kept saying 21days! Then I woke up 2/7 to a DDD on WMR for 2/11 and ta dah SBTPG received my refund today so my refund will be in my accountant past midnight. My advice harass the IRS, I did and I got results! First year I have ever had to wait more than 9 days FRUSTRaTING!! Hope this helps

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    I have had no movement on my transcript or on WMR. My cycle date is 20150505…..does that mean I should be getting my refund on Wed? My transcript says Account Action Pending…………

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    I also filed on 1/20, but on wheres my refund just says in processing, and accountant says he doesn’t know the hold up and irs say s they can’t tell me anything til the 22nd day which is tomorrow. Glad to know im not the only one still waiting. or have u guys already received?

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    I think I am in same boat. I filed my federal taxes via turbo tax on 1/15, got accepted on 1/16. As of today 2/6- still one bar on WMR and n/a for transcripts.

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    From what I have been researching and what I read about the cycle dates is if your return was filed on a dead cycle (201501, 201502, 201503 located somewhere in your confirmation/submission code) then you were be reshuffled and processed during cycle week 201504 (today is the last day of this cycle). This may be what happened with you. If the information I read is true we should hopefully be seeing some updates tomorrow since it will start a new cycle week (201505) and close this week’s cycle.

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