Any PATHers with NO Path message on WMR YET?

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    I don’t have the PATH message yet. Anyone else?

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    My bars dissappred to now saying still being processed i claimed ctc and eict anyone with same just says normal tt 152



    I filed on 1/24/20 via Turbotax and my refund was accepted on 1/27/20 with a DDD of 2/17/20, then on 2/15/20 my bars disappeared with it saying from the IRS we have received your refund d and it is still processing. I have not gotten a DDD and it 2/25/20



    Dorthy I have chime and haven’t even got my refund yet. Man chime better not be playing with my money.



    I have chime received my deposit this morning at 3 a.m



    Do anyone know how chime work will I get mines 2 days faster



    Filed with EITC on 1/31 via Turbo Tax
    Accepted by IRS on 1/31
    One Bar on WMR from 2/1 through 2/17 message said ” We have received your return and it is being processed….”
    On 2/18 bars disappeared and message said ” We have received your return is and it is “still being processed” with TT152
    On 2/22 WMR updated to refund approved with a DDD of 2/26.



    Thanks for the positive post. I’m not trying to put it down. I’m just saying ppl say all kind of different things. But I do agree with you about the 152. It’s good to see some atleast say things will work out because some ppl just give you a.nightmare story about still being processed


    Ant man

    Hi, i have a ddd of 2/26..i have a netspend card so will i get my refund on 2/24? Does anyone knows how this work?



    @Jeremy the TT152 is just information about the processing of this tax year… If you click the code it tells you what it is. I’m just trying to put some positivity in the air. TT152 is a generic message that’s given while your return is being processed. The WMR updates at 3am (EST) daily.



    Yeah some say the tt152 is a good thing and some bad. I’ve seen it going both ways here lately. Who knows



    BTW, the WMR updates nightly per the website… & some of us may get our $ before there’s any movement on WMR (happened to me last year). The TT 152 is NOT a bad thing. If you haven’t received a letter from the IRS and show no other codes, you should be golden.



    I have seen some ppl say there is a update tonight. But it doesnt say anything on the irs website or anywhere about one. So I doubt it



    Will there be updates tonight? I filed 1/21 and got accepted that day. My bf filed and accepted 1/31 and he got ddd of 2/26.



    I filed & got accepted 2/05 and I have one bar on WMR with the generic TT 152..My friend filed after me (with the same credits) & she already has a DDD of 2/26. Has anyone else experienced this?



    Filed 1/30
    Still being processed tt152
    I’m clueless at this point. Maybe the next update. Who knows



    Angela, i filed 1/29 accepted 1/30



    @Angela i filed 2/10



    I filed 1/27 it’s been “processing” with no update I’m hoping to have a date today when I check.



    I filed 1/26
    Accepted 31
    And went to path 2/2
    And got my ddd on 2/22 for 2/26



    Those of you with 2/26 ddd- when did y’all file?



    Congrats to all of you with Dates been looking in the forum, you all are very informative and helpful to each other a joy to see things work out as I am a 26er with uall



    I updated bars back DDD 2/26



    No letter, no 156, no nothing. They just pushed my date to 03/09 which is 21 days from the Monday after the 15th. I am a Pather and I’m annoyed.



    Still being processed with tt152 for me this morning. Is there a chance for next weeks update?



    I got my bars and a ddd for 2/26



    I was accepted 1/27
    Where my refund still shows being processed. I haven’t got any letters. Wth



    I have a dd for the 24



    @Lady1942, Tax Topic ‘151’ is not a good code. You should call to fimd out, or visit – IRS.GOV

    @Disappointed, Sounds like an adjustment to your refund was made negative or plus. Or, your routing info was added incorrectly/bank wouldn’t accept it.

    All the best ..



    @Andrea I, more than likely, your dd will be 2/24.




    @Alp, nothing except whatever the letter/IRS informs you to do. If after some time, no word back nor letters, then called irs. For now, just wait.

    All the best ..



    I never got the path message at all. Though I did have path credits. Filed 2/11 approved this morning ddd 2/26



    I got a letter saying I’m under review. 😭 what does this mean? What do I do?!


    Andrea l

    With Netspend does this mean I can get it on 2/24 I updated to approved date 2/26



    Just got ddr of 2/26 today yay



    My state refund was approved as of 2/21/2020 but I have a tax topic 151 on my fed.. will I still get my state? What does this mean



    WMR finally updated, but it says my refund should be mailed by February 28th and I chose DD. Anyone else have this or know why? I used the same bank account we use every year and the state was deposited just fine.



    @finally when did you change go still processing?


    Ant man

    Just checked wmr i have a ddd of 2/26






    I just looked and WMR that had the path message, then switched to being processed, finally just changed to DDD of 2/26!

    Filed and Accepted 1/27



    No update




    This will help :)

    I personally was not able to order online nor to the phone because my information has recently changed due to marriage, I am one of the people that had to order through the mail as well.

    There’s a link to the form you can print out fill it out and send it in. Though it is a slower process


    Tasha Bowling

    Also yes..wmr still says being process but transcript says refund date..


    Tasha Bowling

    Process date all 3 codes…checked transcript
    just now.. Refund issued 2.26.2020..cycle code 20200505..



    @satie by going online to request transcripts.



    I received a letter yesterday stating I was randomly chosen for review. What does this mean?



    Where is everyone getting a transcript message?



    Hi. Update: WMR still shows ‘being processed’ however transcripts updated to 846 for 2/26. Filed on 2/1/20. Good luck everyone.



    @InTheunknown, I read on another post, someone received their ddd today on transcript and that they had the “still processing ” currently on WMR.



    I got the 570 code today and the IRS won’t look at my return.



    Damn, can’t look at my transcript but I hope I’m 2/26 with the rest of you! Good luck everyone, especially anyone who’s held up in review.



    My transcript updated this morning with the 846 for 2/26. My wmr has not updated yet. I am assuming it will by tomorrow morning. Good luck everyone.



    Transcript updated this morning to code 846 2/26.
    Filed 2/10



    Anyone with “still being processed” transcript update with the 846



    Transcripts updated to 846 2/26 refund cycle code 20200605 fiiled 1/27




    Yes transcripts are right. 846 code has posted and WMR will update tomorrow morning.



    I filed 2/6 and accepted same day, never went to PATH message. Yesterday I went to the “still being processed” and am still there today BUT my transcript has an 846 code with date of 2/26. Please tell me the transcript is right over WMR?



    Same processing message….normal info with amount on the side. No tax topic hoping it changes to ddd tomorrow.



    Do you think @CDenae got her refund. Lol. I’ve noticed many of the OP, never post again. And, some were pathers!



    Eh! Back to the same still processing message



    Im getting, currently my refund tool is currently unavailable just now



    @Angela I thought it was 0X not X00, and I thought it meant you were either daily or weekly, 05 being the weeklies.

    I’m so confused.



    Still no damn update like seriously



    From what I understand those last 3 numbers on the cycle code indicate when how soon you will get your refund, and that the 400’s and 500’s will be the first cycle of refunds released. So if this is true, you’re in good shape! Post update and let us know when you can!




    I filed on January 9th was accepted on January 13th 2020. I stayed on path and until February 16th 2020 Now it says refund is being processed. My transcript page says February 10th it was the processing date with the cycle code 20200405 any idea when that refund will happen


    Help please


    Filed 1/29/20
    Never received path message
    Went from your return is BEING processed to your return is STILL BEING processed you will receive a refund date when available…i can see 152 code and my info on left…no bars.



    filed 2-6
    accepted , path message, then went to being processed & finally a update as of midnight refund reduced due to offset .

    so yes they do update during the week because I’ve been checking everyday.



    This is what I found out
    “Where’s My Refund?” will be updated Saturday February 22, 2020 with Deposit Dates I was told from and irs worker that this Friday updates will take place and you would see things moved on wmr site. The are running cycle codes ending with 505 and 605.


    Andrea l

    Sandy j irs said I was done processing days ago ughhh where is my money lmao do you have insight on things like this


    Sandy j

    I do taxes for a living. Where’s my refund does not update daily. Saturday morning is when they will always post the updates. Very rarely do they post any updates through the week. Especially for those that claim the eitc and child tax credits. Most of you should get an update and ddd early saturday morning.



    Also when I check transcripts it has the account transcripts but mo info on them. I’ve had a hard time with taxes every year because bars always go missing and a topic.



    I filled jan 31 accepted jan 31. It’s been 19 days so I called irs and they said minor error on my taxes but they fixed it. So give it 21 days from the 7th.

    No bars….still processing. Just my fyi.



    File and accepted on 2/1 ! No PATH, No Transcript! No change at all and on Friday is my 21 days since file and accepted. Every year by this time I already have a DDD.



    What does this mean

    No bars no topic

    Being processed 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️



    I had the PATH message over the weekend & then it went away so Now its just saying “ we received your tax refund and it is being processed “ but I have no bars. What does that mean ?

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