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Any Late Filers? I filled 3/15

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    Late filers who are still around lets meet up here and keep each other posted. I filled 3/15 Accepted 3/15 No CTC no EIC. No DDD yet but im monitoring my transcripts for a cycle code.

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    Oh well, I filed 3/18 no movement until today I know have codes 766,768 and 570 but no 846. Here we go. Does anybody know what the 570 means

    I think 570 means IRS placed a hold/freeze on your account.

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    Oh well, I filed 3/18 no movement until today I know have codes 766,768 and 570 but no 846. Here we go. Does anybody know what the 570 means

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    Filed 3/28
    Eic, ctc, etc
    Accepted 3/29
    State already came. No DDD on fed yet, WMR is down at the moment- still telling me I’m putting wrong info in. It’s been less than a week so I’m not going to get my hopes too high yet. Last year took FOREVER

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    Filed 3/18 still no updates for me

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    Mine says funded too!! Please update if you see any movement!! :)

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    Courtney 41, I haven’t received my direct deposit yet, but SBTPG says funded and sent to my account

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    Did anyone get their deposit yet with DDD 3/30??

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    Did you file with TT !?? I hope not everyone’s taxes are getting taken!! I’m freaking out

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    I filed on 3/14 got a DDD for 3/30 . Has anyone that gotten that DDD gotten their refund yet??? Ugh I need this so bad

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    My transcript updated today (I checked around 8am) with DDD 3/30….WMR still not updated but I think that happens overnight tonight per the IRS calendar.

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    I wasn’t super late, but not early either
    – MFJ on Feb.22 w/ TT
    – return accepted Feb 22
    – cycle code 20221005
    – 34 days processing (no updates)/ Child Tax Credit + expected offset
    – 3/26/2022, TC 846!! WMR finally at 2 bars!
    – DDD 3/30/2022!!!!!!

    NHB- Fingers crossed for early deposit with CHIME!!!
    *wats impatiently*

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    I filed on 3/12 accepted that day. Checked each day in WMR and have message “Still processing” and bars gone. Hope WMR bars comes back soon!

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    Me and my wife filed jointly for the first time this year on 3/18 with eic and ctc. Received and approved on 3/18 and just checked WMR and got a DDD of 03/30/2022! Usually never file this late but since our return was alot more complicated this year it took some time. Shocked that we already got a DDD!!

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    Filed 3/18 got 846 on transcripts today for 3/30 DDD.

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    I filed 3/17 no updates yet and nothing on transcript

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    I filed 3/17, both Fed and State accepted within an hour. Fed: currently only one bar on WMR, no updated transcript. State: says “processed” and to allow 2 weeks to receive the refund.

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    My DDD was 3/23 I got my deposit into my bank acct at 1am. See y’all next year.

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    I filled 3/15 and my DDD is 3/23. I checked on 3/21 and WMR had my date I couldn’t believe it. If I do get my deposit tomorrow I’ll let y’all know.

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    I filed on 3/16, still one bar as of today

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    Hi, it updated Friday on transcripts, then Saturday it updated on wmr. Last year I also filed mid March and got my refund within a week.

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    @ itsmymoneyandIwantit I’m hoping my DDD comes soon. Did yours update on WMR or on your transcript?

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    That’s awesome @taymomma I’m hoping I get my state also. It’s usually comes first.

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    Filed 3/14 transcripts updatted this AM with a DDD for 3/23

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    I filed 3/14 already got state on 3/17

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