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      apparently even though i filed the 29th and got an email that day saying i was accepted the 29th the irs tells me i was actually accepted the 2nd of feb. somehow.
      anyone else in the same boat or similar?

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          according to a few sources, if the date has changed there was some kind of small error on the return and that the irs fixed it internally. if you remained accepted but have a new date.

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            I was thinking that too but the irs is going by there date idk

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              Yeah I’ve had the accepted bar since the very beginning but my acceptance date changed twice apparently

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                For the ones who were told later dates, were u able to check wmr the original date u were accepted and have bars? I had bar the day I was accepted on the 30th. If u had bars that day, then they had to have accepted u.

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                  even my hrblock account says filed 1/25 irs accepted 1/25 with conformation number but irs said the 27th so what can i do

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                    yeah it says 29th at 5:05pm eastern time
                    checked h&r block my block page and it says i was accepted the 30th
                    and the irs is telling me the 2nd…

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                      i filed on 25 email saying the 25 called irs they got it 27 only two day but that a long time if u think u was accepted on 25 wth

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