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      So – filled and accepted on 1/20 HRB. Still no activity. Never had any issues and pretty simple return. Did itemize but not much and have oldest in college – but otherwise a simple return. Still one bar and 152.

      So – hoping that tonight will get an update of some type – anyone have any info to give me hope?? :)

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          Lets look at it this way everyone, we have to get our refunds by the 10th thts the 21 i believe. Ive never been in the first batch either ive been in the second batch. I filed 1/16 accepted 1/20 but the irs worker actually told me they started my return on 1/21 so honestly depends on when they actually started u guys return. Irs should really update us on our returns cuz accepted could mean we got it but have started on it or we have it and haven’t started it on the accepted day.

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            I owed in 2010 and filed them in 2013. That put me on a 05/weekly cycle (I can see older T’s but like the most of us here, not this years…)I suppose based on everything I read here. That’s fine, but oh boy, if I don’t see some form of update by Monday I’m scared they’re up to some trickery….

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            brown pennie

              I think we will see movement tonight. I’m never in the first batch so I’m really not concerned. My message on WMR has remained the same with TT 152 and when I checked all past three years return transcripts my cycle has always been 05. We should think of today as just a rest day for our minds to get actual things done instead of worrying. Besides worrying wont change the status of our refunds, whether the situation, if it’s coming it’s coming. Have a blessed day all.

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              no hope

                i doubt it, to be honest. i don’t really see any hope for any of us in the future. maybe you guys will get some hope, but i don’t see much out there or me. so far nothing positive has come up for me so fuck it.. i’m screwed

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                  I am hoping too. I been filing with taxslayer for 8 years with no problems. I filed 1/20 accepted 30 minutes later and not able to pull any transcripts and im at one bar with topic 152 still there. Lets pray there is something tonight

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                    I’m in the same boat as you, waiting patiently.

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